3-Year Einhell Product Warranty

Our free additional service especially for you

Register your new Einhell product within 30 days of purchase and benefit from the extended warranty. After registration the warranty for your Einhell product is extended by an additional year to a total of 3 years.

The service is only available for the following brands: Einhell Red, Einhell Classic, Einhell Car Classic, Einhell Car Expert, Einhell Home, Einhell Expert, Einhell Expert Plus, Einhell Professional. You will find the brand name on the packaging, in the operating instructions and on the nameplate of your product.

3-2-1 and get going - pick up the serial number on your Einhell product and go to the registration form!

How it works

Buy and inform

Buy one of our Einhell products and inform yourself about our warranty conditions.

Register or log in

Create your MyEinhell account or log in with your personal data.


Apply for warranty extension

Register your Einhell product - in one step with the battery warranty. Fast, easy and for free. 

Get your certificate

After successful registration, you can download your guarantee certificate.

Straight to the warranty extension Register your new Einhell device online and benefit from one full year of additional warranty. Just log into your account and follow the instructions.

Your advantages

  • Benefit from an additional year warranty on your Einhell device
  • Registration of Einhell Professional devices also possible for commercial customers
  • Free and easy registration
  • Warranty certificates available online at any time


Einhell Professional

More power, more endurance, that's what Einhell Professional promises. We develop our products so that you can make everything possible.

With Einhell Professional, Einhell offers now also products for professional use. These products are no more tools only for the DIY sector. They promises more functionality power, longer running times and longer service specialized for professional usage.

For this reason, it is now also possible for professionals to register their Einhell Professional tools for the warranty extension. 

Warranty Conditions

With the Einhell product warranty you get a three years warranty on your Einhell device. The Einhell product warranty starts from the date of purchase and requires online registration. If the online registration is not completed, the warranty is valid according to the legal regulations. 

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to register online.

All other Einhell warranty conditions we summarised short and simple for you. 

The Einhell device no longer works? 

In case of service, we won't leave you on your own. 

Open a service case simply and send us the device together with your warranty certificate and the purchase receipt. All information, for example how to open a service case or our address for sending it in, can be found on our service page. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Centre.


Do you still have questions about the Einhell product warranty? We have summarised the most frequently asked questions of our customers for you. 

How does the registration work?

The registration is done in the same form as the battery and Pure Power brushless warranty registration. 
By entering the serial number and the date of purchase, we will tell you right at the beginning whether the device can be registered or not. 

In order to be able to conclude the warranty extension, we need the following information. 

  • Information about the device (serial number, date of purchase) 
  • Information about you (last name, first name and address)
  • Information about the dealer (dealer name, receipt number) 

How long do I have to register the warranty?

As with all other warranties, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to register your Einhell product warranty. 

Which products can I register?

The service of the Einhell product warranty is only available for products of the following Einhell brand:

  • Einhell Red
  • Einhell Classic
  • Einhell Car Classic
  • Einhell Car Expert
  • Einhell Home
  • Einhell Expert
  • Einhell Expert Plus
  • Einhell Professional

When does the warranty claim not work?

Einhell products sent in without a type plate or proof of purchase cannot be considered, nor can 2nd choice products from Einhell factory sales. Resold Einhell products via third-party suppliers or private individuals are excluded from the warranty claim. 

There is no warranty claim in the following cases: 

  • Improper use, storage, use of unsuitable operating materials.  
  • Wear and consequential damage (also to the motor) due to lack of maintenance, care, lubricants 
  • Damage to the unit due to wear and tear that is unusual or normal in use.
  • Damage to the engine caused by non-observance of the installation instructions.
  • In the case of Einhell Classic or Expert products used for commercial, manual or professional purposes (exception: Professional units may be used for this purpose)

Where do I find the serial number?

On your device there is usually a sticker next to the nameplate with a 2D bar code and the serial number (7-digit alphanumeric, i.e. numbers and capital letters).

Do you have questions?

The service hotline of our partner iSC GmbH will be glad to assist you.

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