Packaging Guidelines

Normal products

If possible, please pack your product in the original packaging. Otherwise, choose an appropriate shipping package. Please make sure that your product is protected against sliding around. Attach the transport document (e.g. return label) visibly on the outside of the shipping package.

  • If you pack the original packaging into an additional package, please use the outer packaging label and attach it on the outside of the package.

Lithium ion products

General information

Please note that you as sender and packer are responsible for the correct declaration of dangerous goods and their identification on the package. If the shipping conditions are not complied with regulations according to official dangerous goods (for example defective or missing identification), you can be prosecuted directly as sender and packager. You may also be held liable in case you explicitly exclude the shipment of defective or damaged batteries, in case of a damage (eg. fire, accident). We therefore ask you to observe the following requirements:

All products that contain flammable, pressurized, corrosive, environmentally hazardous or dangerous chemicals are marked as dangerous. These products are therefore only allowed under certain conditions for commercial transport. A hazardous product is subject to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This means that the risk of transportation of these products is higher than for others. Therefore, when returning you have to fulfill the conditions of ADR and GGVSE.

Following you will find instructions on how to return products with lithium ion batteries.

What is important in the packaging?

For returning your product, please use the original packaging. If the original packaging is damaged, please use a new package. Be especially careful that the packaging is solid and stable and the product cannot move around. The inner packaging must completely surround the batteries. As well, it is important that a switch on of a product is not possible during the transport. If possible use the original filler to fill the clearances.

If a return is no longer possible, you can find here notes on the battery disposal.

What must be considered when label the package?


On the package the following label shall be applied in any case. Please note that this image should be at least 120 mm wide (print the image in original size) and in color on the package.

Damaged dangerous goods

Please note that returning damaged lithium batteries is completely prohibited. Such batteries should be disposed on the local hazardous collection point, because of safety reasons. In this case, remove the damaged battery from your device. Please return only the device without the battery. If removing of the damaged battery is not possible, or the sending back item is the battery itself, dispose the battery on the local hazardous collection point. In addition, please inform our service. In this case, we reserve the right to demand a proof of disposal. Make sure that you have the supporting evidence available by the hazardous collection point.

Petrol devices

To ensure a safe and frictionless transport we ask you to apply the following

General procedure:

  • Remove any accessories that you applied yourself to the device, since that accessories won't be send back to you in cas of repairing your device or warranty cases.
  • Remove any liquids (e.g. oil, petrol, water) out of your device to prevent possible leakage during the transport
  • Pack the item carefully. Use (if possible) the original packaging. Alternatively use any other fitting carton. Assure yourself that the device cannot slip within the carton.
  • Close the carton firm and securely.