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Cordless Planer TE-PL 18/82 Li-Solo

"The cordless planer is very well made. It really has a lot of power, even at 2mm it pulls through without any problems. I can highly recommend the battery planer to anyone who uses the Power X-Change system!" - Leon M

Cordless Hot Air Gun TE-HA 18 Li-Solo

"Great product, easy to use. Ideal for on the road." - Einhellfan93

Cordless Orbital Sander TE-OS 18/230 Li-Solo

"The orbital sander lies well in the hand, runs smoothly and quietly - very pleasant. No annoying cable thanks to the rechargeable battery." - FA61

Cordless Surface Brush PICOBELLA

"Good handling because you are spared the annoying cable. The work result is impressive, the completely dirty and neglected planking of the balcony looks like new!" - Schrubbi

Cordless Angle Grinder TE-AG 18/150 Li BL-Solo

"The Axxio is a top angle grinder that doesn't have to hide. It has mastered all my requirements so far. Concrete, stone, steel and thin sheet metal with the 5.2Ah a great combination." - Palettendealer

Cordless Impact Drill

"Insanely robust and an extreme endurance! An absolute workhorse!" - JOTT

Cordless Circular Saw TE-CS 18 Li

"Saw to recommend! Do not regret the purchase ... On the contrary, it saws and lies well in the hand." - Anonymous

Cordless Angle Grinder AXXIO

"It's just awesome! The angle grinder is extremely light and very handy, it starts slowly, which makes it easy to handle." - Xaver24

Cordless Impact Driver TE-CW 18 Li

"I bought the impact driver a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with it, it has a tremendous power and compared to other gadgets, there's no big difference. " - Martin91

Cordl. Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner TC-VC 18/20 Li S

"Great performance, just bought a week ago and already fully proven, you do not believe in the performance of the device, just great for the price." - Staubi110

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