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Water is one of the most valuable resources we have. It is high time we optimise our consumption. Especially in summer. The large quantities of water we need for our garden come quite often straight from the water mains. It is more environment friendly to use natural rain water or ground water, either from cisterns, wells or rainwater tanks.

Our water pumps help you use these natural sources in an efficient and sustainable manner. Whether it is a garden pump to water your plants or a domestic water supply system for the flushing toilets etc.: The Einhell pump advisor will find the right pump that meets your requirements.

Advantages of Einhell water pumps

  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Environment friendly
  • Versatile
The right pump for the right purpose One pump does not fit all. Your needs and requirements form the basis for selecting the right pump. Watch this video to see the different ways in which pumps are used.

Einhell pumps presented

Discover our pump highlights for your applications.

Cordless Garden Pump AQUINNA
Garden Pump PLUS GC-GP 8042 ECO
2-in-1 Dirt- and Clearwater Pump GE-DP 5220 LL ECO
New Surface Pump Range
GE-SP 18 Li Cordless Clear Water Pump
GE-PP 18 RB Cordless Clear Water Pump


For hobby gardeners

To avoid wasting precious drinking water on watering the garden, alternative sources of water such as rainwater or water from cisterns can be used instead.

  • Uniform garden watering
  • User-friendly and safe handling
  • Conserves resources and saves drinking water


True all-rounders

Repumping/pumping out water – quicker and easier than ever. Pumping both clear water and dirty water with a high delivery rate is no problem with Einhell drainage pumps.

  • Delivery of large quantities of water quickly
  • Prevention of the worst water damage as far as possible by pumping out quickly
  • High level of operational safety and reliability

Domestic water supply

Fully automatic

Fully automatic and with constant pressure. With the domestic waterworks, automatic waterworks or automatic submersible pressure pumps from EINHELL, you can put collected rainwater to use in the home, for example for toilet flushing, in your washing machine or for outdoor uses.

  • Water supply for the home and garden from alternative water reservoirs (cisterns, wells)
  • User-friendly and safe handling
  • Conserves resources and saves drinking water

Main facts about pump technology

Suction height
drawing of a water basin showing the intake height

Suction height

The suction height defines the height difference that can be overcome between the component at the heart of the pump, the paddle wheel, and the surface of the water. The suction capacity is based on the atmospheric air pressure under real conditions, as a result of which pumps generally face a physical limit of around 10 meters.

Service water
drawing of a water basin with a tube

Service water

Service water is water that is pumped by means of a pump from a well, shaft or cistern. Service water is not potable and must not be used for drinking water or for the preparation of food. In private households, service water can be used in separate outlets away from the drinking water supply as a supply for toilet flushing systems or washing machines, or as cleaning water.

Delivery pressure
scale of delivery pressure

Delivery pressure

The delivery pressure describes the pressure with which the pump acts on the fluid being pumped. The higher the force of the pump used for pumping, the higher the pressure. Pressure is generally measured in bar, occasionally also in pascal. 100 kilopascal corresponds to a pressure of one bar.

Delivery head
drawing of a water basin showing the headroom

Delivery head

The delivery head describes the difference in height between the pump and the outlet of the water from the connected hose/sprinkler (caution: in the case of pumps that are submerged in water, the position of the pump is not used, but instead the height of the water surface).

Delivery rate
drawing of three water basins

Delivery rate

The delivery rate, also referred to as the pumping capacity or suction capacity, describes the pumping capacity of a pump and is normally stated in 'liters per hour' (at Einhell). The delivery rate can also be described as a volumetric flow or flow rate, where the units 'cubic meters per second' are used.

Clear water
drawing of a water basin

Clear water

Clear water is slightly contaminated waste water with no particulate content. This includes waste water from personal hygiene, but not kitchen waste water, which is excluded because of the high levels of oils and bacteria from food waste. Clear water is not potable and must not be used for drinking water or for the preparation of food.

Dirty water
drawing of a water basin with dirt water

Dirty water

Dirty water is the combined total of all waste water in the household and in commercial or agricultural operations, and it is heavily contaminated with bacteria. Dirty water must be purified via mechanical, chemical or biological means before it can be fed back into the water circuit.

prefilter of a water pump


Pre-filters prevent the ingress of contamination into the pump. Their use is always recommended if the pump is expected to pump water that may be contaminated and may contain sand or dirt particles.

einhell water pumps

Everybody knows it: finding the right pump is not easy at all. That's the reason why we have shown you different options and variants of our Einhell water pumps. Discover for yourself our entire range of pumps!