Whether it's a garage especially for your robot mower, a repair kit, or spare blades – the range of practical robot mower accessories from Einhell means your FREELEXO will be optimally equipped for its trips through your home garden, and won't be left out in the rain when it's not in use. The repair kit comes in useful when a wire breaks, while the spare blades can be swapped in when the cutting edges have gone dull. With the additional magnetic tape, you can mark other excluded areas that your FREELEXO CAM should not mow. Once the job is done, the cleaning set can be used to remove stubborn grass residues and clean the robot mower. This will leave it gleaming like new.

Robot mower accessories at a glance

A home for your robot mower: the robot mower garage

Don't want to leave your robot mower out in the rain? A matching garage for your robot mower will ensure that the hard-working robot always has its own shelter. The "garage" is a matching roof that can be mounted on the robot's charging station, offering protection from rain and UV rays. The Einhell robot mower garage has been designed to guide water in a specific way as it drains off the roof, and allows optimal air circulation. The foldable roof provides easy access to the robot mower when it is in its charging station. The garage also includes the necessary screws for quick installation.

Equipment for repairs and installation

To ensure the robot mower mows the right areas of the garden as it cares for your lawn, you must define its mowing zones in advance. Our FREELEXO robot mowers already come with boundary wire, connection blocks and fixing pegs. However, after installation, it can happen that a boundary wire is damaged, or just that the garden has been redesigned and the boundary cable is no longer sufficient to mark out the new zones that have been added to the mowing area. If this is the case, our range includes the accessories you need, both bundled as a repair kit or available individually. By the way, the Einhell FREELEXO CAM lawn robot does not use any boundary wire at all. Instead, you can exclude specific areas from the mowing zone using a magnetic tape. So you can also dedicate a corner of your garden as a wildflower meadow for bees.

Accessories for robot mower maintenance

Day in, day out, your robot mower does its job automatically and reliably. But to keep it that way, it needs a little bit of attention from time to time. To ensure the blades of grass are cut precisely, the blades of the robot mower need to be sharp. If the blades of your FREELEXO are dull, you will find suitable spare blades in our range. To care for your lawn robot, especially before putting it into winter storage, you should have a closer look at our cleaning kit. As well as brushes, a microfibre cloth and abrasive pads, it also includes gloves and screwdrivers for changing the blades.

We are sure you will find the perfect accessories in our range to keep your robot mower fit for unstinting use in your garden. Einhell Robot Mower Accessories Guide

Tips and tricks for handling robot mower accessories

A green, healthy and regularly mowed lawn is the centrepiece of a well-kept garden. A lawn robot can do the mowing for you and save you a lot of work in the garden. The right accessories and proper maintenance from time to time will help it do its job even more efficiently. Here we'll explain what you can do to keep your automatic lawnmower running smoothly.

When is a garage for your robot mower a good idea?

The robot mower garage not only provides a safe shelter for the robot mower, but also protects the charging station from environmental factors such as rain, strong sunlight, wind and dirt. Ideally, when setting everything up, you should place the charging station in a central position, but ensure it is still protected from rain and UV rays. For even more protection and to extend the service life of your robot and charging station, you can simply attach the roof of the robot mower garage to the charging station. This means you can create a safe shelter for your automatic lawnmower, even in gardens without canopy cover.

How to define the mowing area for the robot mower

While our FREELEXO CAM robot mowers automatically detect their mowing zone using cameras and sensors, the other FREELEXO models work with a boundary wire that you lay in the garden. The wire defines the limits within which the robot mower works as it makes its way around your garden. You can either bury the wire in the ground or fix it to the ground with the hooks provided. The hooks are used like pegs and are driven into the ground by hand or with a hammer. If the wire is too short or has been damaged in any place, the connection blocks make it easy to extend or repair by bringing the ends of the two wires together.
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Tips for caring for and maintaining your robot mower

We recommend that you clean your robot mower before putting it away for the winter, but also even during the gardening season. This will keep it working without being affected by accumulated grass residue, and will mean it is ready for immediately use again in the spring. Our cleaning kit includes everything you need to get it sparkling again. You can remove grass residues with the supplied brush, wipe the housing clean with the damp cloth, and replace dull blades with new spare blades using the screwdriver provided. If the charging contacts on the charging station have corroded, they can be cleaned using the abrasive pads included in the set.
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