A garden lawn that is always green and healthy? Why not?! With our lawnmowers and compatible accessories, you can achieve the perfectly groomed garden. Whether it's a grass catcher, spare blade, or combi blade – our extensive range of accessories will ensure you are perfectly equipped when mowing your lawn, while at the same time catching the grass clippings.

Einhell lawnmower accessories for a well-groomed lawn

Sharp spare blades

Petrol lawnmowers, electric lawnmowers and cordless lawnmowers – we have the perfect spare blade for any Einhell lawnmower. The high-quality steel blades each have two sharpened cutting edges, cutting the grass precisely and ensuring perfect cutting results. With cutting widths between 30 cm and 56 cm, we have suitable spare parts for every model of mower. The multi-purpose blades can be used for mulching as well as mowing. The interplay between the blade and the specially designed shape of the lawnmower housing means that the blades of grass are not only cut, but also shredded in several stages and can then be left on the lawn as mulch.

Grass collector for manual lawnmowers

For our GE-HM 38 S and GE-HM 38 S-F manually operated reel mowers, our range of spare parts and accessories includes a grass collection box. The large grass collector has a volume of 26 litres, is made of robust and durable nylon, and is particularly easy to handle. If you have an Einhell reel lawnmower at home without a collection sack, meaning you have to mulch your lawn directly as you mow, this accessory is the perfect enhancement. It makes it easy to collect the clippings so they can then either be disposed of or used for compost.

Spare blade, combi blade, or grass catcher - we are sure to have the perfect accessory for your lawnmower. Einhell Lawnmower Accessory Guide

Matching accessories: Optimise your lawnmower

Whether it's a spare blade, combi blade, or a grass catcher – here we have put together everything you need to know about lawnmower accessories. Here you can find out what you should look out for to ensure your lawnmower is always in perfect condition ready for use, and what role the proper accessories play in this.

Why should you change the blade regularly?

The rotating blade is the heart of the mower and is decisive for ensuring the grass is cut cleanly. If it is dull or has been damaged by stones, the quality of the cuts can suffer considerably. A blunt blade tends to tear the grass rather than slicing through it, which results in unclean cut edges and damages the blades of grass, impairing the lawn's regrowth. To obtain a lush green lawn, it is therefore recommended to check the blade of the lawnmower at the start of each season for sharpness, cracks and nicks and, if necessary, to resharpen or replace it. If the cutting surfaces are badly damaged, it is usually not worth repairing the blade, in which case the only solution is to replace it.

Grass collection box or catcher bag?

The Einhell lawnmower range includes a wide variety of mowers with a wide variety of grass collectors. The capacities of the collectors vary between 25 and 75 litres. This is closely related to the size or cutting width of the mower; the larger the cutting width, the larger the collection bag needs to be to have enough space to collect the grass clippings. The different collectors are also made of different materials. While our flexible collection bags made of rugged nylon are very light and can be stored without taking much space, our sturdy grass collection boxes are made of plastic, making them extremely resistant while at the same time easy to clean. Our range also includes collection bags made of a combination of materials. These are reinforced by a plastic lid, while the collection bag itself is made of nylon.