Have you ever planed a workpiece by hand? If so, you must have been dreaming of an electric planer to make that strenuous work easier for you. The battery-powered and electric planers from Einhell are suitable for a variety of planing jobs around the home, garden and workshop. Processing wood, folding and chamfering of edges is easy with these handy devices. Our electric planers work with a blade roller in which there are two blades per roller rotating and removing chips from the workpiece. They are faster, more precise and more powerful than a conventional hand-held planer. So, what are you waiting for? An electric or battery-powered planer is what's missing in your workshop so you can work efficiently with wood!

The different planers from Einhell

Cordless planer

The Einhell cordless planer enables an infinitely large range of action thanks to cordless battery power. It is the ideal tool for processing large wooden workpieces or furniture that cannot be moved. The lightweight cordless tool is also very low-maintenance and comparatively quiet in operation. A powerful motor drives the large blade shaft so that large fold depths are possible. The cutting depth of the powerful hand-held planer can be adjusted individually. With three large V-grooves in the aluminium base plate, you can optimally chamfer edges, and so that you can start working immediately, a set consisting of two ultra-sharp, durable TCT planing blades is included in delivery. The necessary safety and durability of the planer is ensured by the overload protection, which protects the high-quality components from damage.

Electric planers

Do you prefer an electric planer that works without having to rely on battery charging cycles for lengthy planing work? Then you should take a closer look at our corded planers, because they work with high wattage. Depending on the model, the 2 or 3 metre long, buckle-proof power cable allows you to move within a wide range of action. The powerful electric hand-held planers have adjustable cutting depths of up to 3 mm and can create deep shoulders with large folding depths, for example for precise connections of pieces of furniture. For precise chamfering of edges, the planers are equipped with three V-grooves in the flat base plate. Depending on the model, you can switch the dust ejection to the right or left to work on both sides.

The electric planers from Einhell are equipped with many functions that can be useful for you at work. Find out here what these are and what you should look out for when selecting your planer. Einhell electric planer guide

What to look out for when purchasing a planer

Whether you use cordless or electric planers, you can achieve flat surfaces with all Einhell planers. In the following, we will explain how you can fully use the planer, why a cutting depth setting and a fold depth stop will come in handy, and what else the devices have to offer you in addition to a good price-performance ratio.

Precise results

In order to get a smooth surface when planing, you should adjust the cutting depth according to your requirements and the type of wood. With a small cutting depth, you plane thin chips from the workpiece and get a finer surface texture. The higher the cutting depth, the thicker the chips are cut – so you can remove a lot of material in a shorter time. A fold depth stop helps you if you want to produce heels precisely, for example to create connections in furniture construction. If the planer is equipped with a rip fence, you can plane the wood precisely and straight if you place the fence on one edge of the workpiece.

Optimal handling

Have a lot of work ahead of you? Then the planer should be comfortable to hold! The devices from Einhell are equipped with an ergonomic handle with softgrip. Our hand-held planers also have a high-quality base plate, which is equipped with one or three V-grooves for easy edge chamfering, depending on the model, so that you can plane flat. An automatic parking rest, which is integrated into the back of the plane sole, protects the workpiece and the knives when you are not using your device.

Clean work

When planing, chips fall – but so that they do not obstruct your view of the wood, our devices are equipped with suction adapters. You can connect all Einhell wet/dry vacuum cleaners to this for automatic dust extraction. Depending on the model, you can even redirect the chip ejection to the left or right so that you can work with your device on both sides without being hindered by the suction hose. Incidentally, our cordless planer comes with a set of two high-quality, durable TCT planing blades – so you can get started right away!