Lawn Trimmers

The lawn trimmer is the perfect helper for edges, tight spots and corners that the lawnmower struggles to reach. Depending on the model, you can cut the grass to your desired height using a plastic blade or a convenient trimmer line. Our light, quiet and cable-free Power X-Change cordless lawnmowers and our mains-powered electric lawnmowers give you maximum flexibility while working. Together with the cordless lawn edger, they make the perfect duo for a clean and well-maintained lawn. With its metal blade that cuts in both directions, it trims the overgrowing grass and thus ensures a flawless lawn edge. These light and practical garden tools are your indispensable helpers, whether trimming the lawn in areas that are hard to get at, but also when cutting the grass in front of the flowerbed while your flowers are protected by the Flowerguard.

The Einhell lawn trimmer range

Freedom from cables with the cordless lawn trimmer

The battery makes it possible: Cordless freedom into the furthest corners of your garden! With Einhell cordless lawn trimmers, you can cut overhanging grass with precision and ease, no matter where you are. The unique Power X-Change battery system gives you maximum mowing power exactly when you need it. Forget about long cables and loud petrol engines – thanks to the powerful battery, you can trim your lawn with total freedom of movement. There's no quicker and easier way to get the job done than with a cordless garden trimmer!

Endurance with the electric lawn trimmer

Full electric power for hobby and professional gardeners: thanks to its powerful electric motor, Einhell electric lawn trimmers deliver all the trimming performance you need for medium and large gardens. The precise nylon line effortlessly removes unwanted grass, right up to the furthest edge. A long cable and light motor make the electric trimmer especially flexible and easy to handle.

Full power with the petrol lawn trimmer

These lawn trimmers are recommended for the real pros: petrol lawn trimmers combine maximum mowing performance with high flexibility. The high-quality and low-vibration 2-stroke engine delivers its power with little loss to the precise double-line spool, which ensures an even and efficient cutting pattern at over 8,000 revolutions per minute. Despite their high power output, Einhell petrol lawn trimmers are particularly easy to handle and user friendly. 

Cordless lawn edger for cleaner borders

For precise lawn edges, a conventional trimmer is often not enough. Instead, you need a lawn edger. These cut vertically into the lawn, and even slightly into the soil, ensuring a clean separation between lawns, driveways, paths and edges. Due to its specialised function, the cordless lawn edger is not suitable for larger areas or tall grass. As it is part of the Power X-Change family, you can use the same 18-volt battery that you already use with your other garden tools.

Whether it's a spool of filament or a plastic blade, cordless or mains-powered: we have the right tools for you to achieve a perfectly trimmed lawn. Find out now which lawn trimmer is right for you. Einhell lawn trimmer guide

What to look for when buying an Einhell lawn trimmer

Consider in advance what you want to use your lawn trimmer for. Is it just for small jobs, or for a larger lawn? Or do you actually just need a specialised lawn edger? Here we will explain the most important criteria.

Different cutting edges

Nylon line or plastic blade - you decide. With a maximum cutting width of 30 cm, a garden trimmer with a thread spool is impressive. Thanks to the fully automatic line feed mechanism the strong filament can be easily adjusted at any time. The maximum cutting width for grass trimmers with plastic blades is 24 cm. The tools come with spare blades that can be easily exchanged when required. The cordless lawn edger has a metal blade that cuts on both sides, allowing it to cut up to 45 mm into the ground. The cutting depth can be adjusted to 3 positions with a minimum of 36.5 mm.


Of course, your safety comes first for us. The line guard on the trimmer and the blade guard on the lawn edger protect you from small flying debris as you trim and cut. Other plants such as flowers, small shrubs and even tree bark are protected from possible damage when using the tool by the Flowerguard. Our electric tools feature cable strain relief to prevent the power cable from being pulled out accidentally, which at the same time prevents damage to the device.

Comfortable working

Effortless lawn trimming without straining your back is everything: this is ensured by the low weight of the tools and a second handle with Softgrip that can in some cases be freely adjusted on the guide bar. In addition, a curved handle facilitates trimming in hard-to-reach places. The guide rod is continuously telescopic so it can be perfectly adjusted to your height. What's more, some models feature a motor head which can be tilted and rotated so you can cut under hedges and bushes, as well as trim neat edges. The tools can also be stored easily and compactly thanks to their removable handles.

Flexible use

Mow the lawn with a grass trimmer? Of course you can! One of our cordless lawnmowers comes with an additional trimmer cart, so you can convert it into a stylish city mower without requiring any additional tools. The rollers on our lawn edger guide the tool smoothly in the direction of travel to ensure precision cutting results. Some of our garden trimmers include a convenient compartment for storing replacement blades, so you always have a spare to hand when you need it. Many of our models are equipped with a 5-positions tilting motor head, which helps when trimming beneath other plants. In addition, some motor heads can be rotated up to 90° to the left or right to facilitate perfect edge cuts.

Tips and tricks: The best way to use your lawn trimmer


Perfect lawncare starts with the lawnmower. Work carefully through every area of your garden so that only the areas that are inaccessible with the mower remain. These are exactly what your lawn trimmer was designed for, and can be reached with ease. For borders or transitions to edging stones, flowerbeds or your terrace, the cordless lawn edger is the best choice.

Properly using your lawn trimmer

It is best to trim your grass when it is dry. Always start the trimmer on the part of the lawn that has already been mowed and hold it with both hands. Then swing the mowing head from left to right and vice versa. If the trimmer line or blade spins in a clockwise direction, always start working from the left-hand side of the area to be mowed so that the clippings do not get in your way. Take care never to touch the string when the motor is running.


Before using your trimmer, we recommend that you check it is working properly. This includes inspecting the spool or plastic blade, checking the petrol and oil tanks, and the status indicator of your Power X-Change battery. In addition to the technology, you should also pay attention to the right protective clothing. Eye and hearing protection as well as long (and ideally cut-resistant) trousers are standard equipment when using your lawn trimmer.