Has the first Einhell battery-powered cordless device found its way into your workshop? You will find PXC starter kits to go with it as part of our range. A starter kit always includes a charger and one or more Power X-Change batteries. Our Twincharger kits are particularly suitable for 36 V devices: two batteries and a charger with two slots provide sufficient power – even for powerful devices, such as cordless lawn mowers, which need enough stamina for longer tasks.

Our Battery sets for Power X-Change fans

Starter Kits for Beginners

Are you still a bit green when it comes to Einhell red? Then our Starter Kits for Beginners are just what you need! To complement your first Power X-Change power tool or garden tool, we have put together special sets, each of which consists of a battery and a charger. The selection includes sets with, for example, 2.5 Ah or 4.0 Ah batteries, along with our 3 A charger. With these 18 V batteries, you will be perfectly equipped for cutting your first hedge free from cables, sinking your first screw, or finally getting your windows streak-free. When the battery is empty, you can quickly and easily recharge it using our Power X-Charger providing 3 A of charging current.

Multiple batteries in a single set

For our more ambitious DIY enthusiasts who need twice the power for their cordless power tools and cordless garden equipment, we offer Einhell Starter Kits with up to two batteries and a suitable charger, such as the set with two 4.0 Ah batteries and a Twincharger. A set with several batteries is especially suitable if you have tools at home which use 36 V Twin-Pack technology, or want to add more. For these devices, you need two 18 V Power X-Change batteries to provide the necessary power. With the Twincharger included in this set from Einhell, for example, the two batteries can be recharged simultaneously with 3 amps of charging current each. This saves you a lot of time so you can get straight back to work!

Sets including Quick Chargers

To get you started extra quick, we offer Einhell Starter Kits including a quick charger, such as our 4 A Fastcharger or 6 A Boostcharger. The two quick chargers significantly reduce the time required to charge the batteries included in the set. The Boostcharger also features a boost mode, which can be activated easily at the push of a button. Only then will the charger apply a 6 A charging current. Otherwise, the battery will be charged gently with 3 A. These starter kits include different batteries, such as our 5.2 Ah Power X-Change battery, which you can use to run even the most power-hungry devices, such as hammer drills, saws and angle grinders. For sets containing a Multi-Ah battery, such as our 4-6 Ah Multi-Ah battery, you can switch between the two capacities as needed and thus increase the runtime or extend the service life.

We have the right set for you to get started with the Einhell Power X-Change system. Einhell Starter Kits

What makes our starter kits stand out?

Easy entry into Einhell technology

We have put together our starter kits to make it as easy as possible for you to get started in the world of Einhell cordless tools. There is something for every use case. Each set includes either one or two batteries and a perfectly matched charger. This makes them the best foundation for getting started with your new Power X-Change device right away. Building off this, your personal Einhell collection can be expanded at any time, as all components of the Power X-Change family, whether batteries, tools, garden equipment or chargers can be combined with each other without limits.

Save money & get started right away

The focus of the Power X-Change system and our starter kits is on compatibility with all associated batteries, chargers and tools. This advantage, that a single battery can be used for more than 300 devices, also brings other bonuses: You save money by not having to buy several different battery systems! Plus, with an Einhell Starter Kit at home, you can always get started on your project right away. At the same time, the use of a single battery system is also better for the environment.

Flexibility & organisation

Want to get rid of the cable chaos in your workshop? Then switch to the cable-free Power X-Change system from Einhell and get going with one of our starter kits and a cordless tool of your choice. This not only gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to using the tools, but also helps keep your workshop, garage or basement tidy. With one system for all tools and garden equipment, there is no more cable clutter or risk of mix-ups. Because a single battery fits every tool, and one charger suits every battery.