Scarifying the lawn should be as much a part of regular gardening as mowing and aerating the lawn. What do you need for that? A powerful scarifier-aerator with a high-quality blade roller, aerator roller, and a collection basket. While you use the scarifier roller once or twice a year to remove dead grass, thatch, and weeds, you can collect these residues directly in the catch bag. Aerating the lawn, also called aerification, is a regular task during the gardening season. For this, an aerator roller with thin tines that penetrate the soil is required. You can find all the accessories and spare parts you need for your scarifier here.

Overview of Accessories for Scarifiers

Blade Rollers

The rotating blade roller performs arguably the most important function in scarifying: it works the lawn surface to remove moss and thatch and improve the lawn's aeration. Therefore, an intact and high-quality blade roller is an indispensable accessory for the use of a scarifier. In the Einhell range, you will find blade rollers with working widths from 28 to 40 cm for different lawn sizes. They fit the respective petrol, electric, or battery-powered scarifiers. The rollers are made of high-quality stainless steel and are equipped with 8 to 20 blades, depending on the model. These sharp scarifier blades cut thoroughly and efficiently into the lawn to improve aeration, leading to a healthier, denser-growing lawn.

Aerator Rollers

With an aerator roller, you can transform your scarifier into a combination device, namely a scarifier-aerator, and thus scarify or aerate depending on the roller used. An aerator roller loosens the soil, improves aeration, and promotes the root growth of your lawn. In the Einhell range, you will find suitable rollers with working widths between 28 and 40 cm, compatible with electric, petrol, or battery-powered scarifier-aerators. The high-quality aerator rollers are made of robust stainless steel and are equipped with 24 to 48 aerator tines, depending on the model. This way, with a lawn aerator and the appropriate roller, you ensure optimal lawn care and a healthier, greener lawn.

Collection Bag

A collection bag can expand your scarifier and make gardening easier by collecting lawn debris directly in the collection container during scarifying and aerating. This way, moss, thatch, and other residues do not have to be laboriously gathered with a garden rake but can be conveniently disposed of directly from the catch bag. The high-quality nylon collection bags in the Einhell range are durable and robust. They can be easily attached to the device and emptied without difficulty. With a capacity of 20 to 28 litres, they offer ample space for grass clippings and weeds. With a catch bag as an accessory, the scarifier is thus perfectly equipped for quick and clean garden maintenance.

With us, you are sure to find the right accessories to get your scarifier and aerator ready for enduring use in your garden. Einhell Guide for Scarifier Accessories

Tips and Tricks for Handling Scarifier Accessories

Do you want to get the most out of your scarifier-aerator? No problem with the right, high-quality accessories! We explain what you need to consider when selecting and using your accessories and spare parts. Also, learn why an adjustable working depth is important and what to look out for when using your scarifier to make gardening easier for you.

Scarifying and Aerating: When and How

Scarifying and aerating are essential maintenance steps for a healthy and robust lawn. With a scarifier-aerator and the appropriate roller, you can efficiently perform both tasks with just one device. Scarifying removes moss and thatch, improving soil aeration and nutrient uptake. Aerating, on the other hand, loosens the soil and promotes root growth through better oxygen supply. The optimal time for this lawn care is in spring or autumn, once or twice a year, depending on the condition of your lawn. A compacted, heavily mossy lawn requires more frequent care than a healthy, well-aerated lawn. Find more tips in our blog post on proper scarifying and our guide to aerating.

Roller Change and Settings

Changing the blade or aerator roller can be done with just a few steps or even without tools, depending on the model, for particularly easy handling. Before you start scarifying and aerating the lawn, it is crucial to set the working depth correctly to treat the lawn surface gently but effectively. With Einhell scarifiers, the working depth can usually be adjusted tool-free using an integrated lever. You should regularly check the scarifier blades and aerator rollers for damage or wear to achieve optimal results. For effective lawn care and a long service life, you should regularly clean the rollers with water and remove any residues. This is best done during roller changes or immediately after lawn care.

When is a Catch Bag for the Scarifier Useful?

A collection bag for scarifiers is especially useful when maintaining large lawn areas, and you do not want to laboriously collect lawn debris. The advantage of a collection bag is that it collects thatch, moss, and other organic materials directly during scarifying, preventing them from spreading over the surface. However, with larger areas or heavy thatch, a collection bag can quickly fill up and needs to be emptied more frequently. If you work without a collection bag to avoid frequent emptying, you can gather the lawn debris afterwards with a garden rake or garden fork, and then compost it or dispose of it in the organic waste bin.