Conditions for take-back

The ElektroG3 regulation is a national law that only applies in Germany - for this reason, only customers with a place of residence or delivery address in Germany are entitled to use this service.

Please note that you can only use this service if you have previously purchased heat exchangers (oil radiators) or large appliances with an edge length of more than 50 cm from our online shop. Purchases of Einhell small appliances with edge lengths of less than 50 cm do not entitle you to use this service.

1:1 take-back – i.e. you are only entitled to return old electrical equipment of a similar nature. For example, if you bought an electric lawn mower in our online shop, you could have us take back and dispose of your old electric lawn mower free of charge. This would not work with a washing machine, as this is not a similar appliance to the electric lawn mower.

0:1 take-back – i.e. you can send up to 3 smaller (with an edge length of less than 25 cm) used electrical appliances of a different type and we will dispose of them free of charge.

Please ensure that the edge lengths are correctly specified (longest edge of the appliance). This information is required for subsequent processing of your WEEE return.

Please note that rechargeable batteries and light sources (e.g. light bulbs) must be removed for disposal.