You want to inflate your car tyres after changing tyres or need to pump up a lilo at the beach? Then Einhell car air compressors are just what you need. The handy, mobile helpers for on the go can be operated with a Power X-Change battery or even supplied with power via the cigarette lighter of your car. In your home, you can use the electric compressors. There really is something for everyone here.

The different car air compressors from Einhell

Cordless compressors

Whether you have a car breakdown, want to inflate your bike's tyres on the road, or lie on an air mattress or lilo on the beach, the Einhell cordless compressors are just what you need. Equipped with the smart Power X-Change system, they are handy, powerful and mobile. They can be taken on bike rides in the boot of your car or in your backpack at any time and you are prepared for any situation. With the power of up to 2 x 18 volt batteries and a pressure of a maximum of 8 to 11 bar, the desired pressure can be precisely determined with the help of a digital pressure display or a pressure gauge.

Electric compressors

The cable-powered case compressors and hybrid compressors, which can be operated with both battery and a mains power supply, provide maximum performance despite their small size. The all-rounders are the perfect addition to your workshop or garage. The case compressor and the hybrid compressors are oil-free and maintenance-free. The accessories included, consisting of an adapter set, can be stowed safely and space-savingly on the device and are ready for use at any time.

Car air compressor with cigarette lighter connection

Convenient on the go – the Einhell car air compressors for the cigarette lighter in your car. With a power supply of 12V, a maximum pressure of 8 or 18 bar and an extra-long connection cable of just under 3 metres, they are the perfect companion for every car ride. Thanks to the integrated carrying handle and their low weight, they can easily be stored in the car boot or garage, meaning they are always ready to hand. The motors of the car air compressors are oil-free and therefore require little maintenance. They come with up to 4 additional adapters for your bike, inflatable ball or air mattress.

Take a deep breath! Find the right car air compressor for every situation. Whether you've broken down on the road, or need to change a tyre at home – we have just what you'll need. Einhell car air compressor guide

What to look out for when purchasing a car air compressor

You can find the right car air compressor if you know what you're going to use it for. Because not every car air compressor is suitable for every purpose. When buying a car air compressor, you should therefore pay attention to a few things.

Areas of application and equipment

The Einhell car air compressors have a wide range of applications. From inflating your air mattress to operating compressed air devices, there are hardly any limits to the air compressors. With the right accessories, such as a blow gun, a tyre inflation gauge and various adapters, the compressors can be used in a variety of ways with an operating pressure of up to 18 bar. Some devices not only work with high-pressure pumps, but can also deflate your inflatable boat using the low-pressure suction function. The low-pressure function is also helpful if you want to safely inflate a ball.

Mobile or stationary

Depending on the application, you can choose between a cordless model or one with mains connection. For maximum performance in your garage or workshop, a device with a mains connection is recommended. If you have access to a power outlet, you can work with the compressed air compressor without interruption, whenever you like. However, if you travel a lot with your camper or bike, the cordless or hybrid compressors are the better choice. With our proven Power X-Change batteries, you benefit from a limitless range of motion and can insert any battery into your electric air pump.

Construction and weight

The Einhell car air compressors could not be more versatile: Whether with a case design, the conventional compressor look even or in the form of a cordless screwdriver – there is something for everyone here. The smaller handy case or hybrid compressors weigh betwee 2 kg and 6 kg. The cordless air pump in the form of a cordless screwdriver weighs only 750 g. Our fly weight with a 12V cigarette lighter connection weighs as much as a water bottle and is easily stored away in your boot space. The slightly larger cordless compressor weighs just under 10 kg. All in all, the Einhell car compressors are ideal when on the move. They differ somewhat in their manoeuvrability.