Garden Shears / Saws

Whether you're working with hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, shrub shears, pruning shears, a chainsaw or pole saw – with the right tool, you give the shrubs and trees in your garden some well-deserved care and maintenance. While you can use garden saws to get to grips with both thin and thick branches, you can use grass and shrub trimmers or shears to get bushes, shrubs and the edges of your lawn into shape. With sharp blades or knives and a powerful motor, operated by battery, power cable or petrol depending on the model, Einhell shears and saws are a must-have for all enthusiastic gardeners.

Overview of the different garden shears & garden saws

Cordless grass and shrub trimmer shears

Einhell grass and shrub trimmer shears are all wireless. This allows you to enjoy the limitless freedom that the cordless grass shears offer you in the garden. Whether an integrated 3.6V battery or a powerful 18 V Power X-Change interchangeable battery – with the Einhell grass shears, shrub shears and the lawn edge cutter you are well-equippedequipped for every eventuality. Laser-cut and diamond-ground blades ensure flawless results, while the telescopic handle on our 2-in-1 devices, which combine grass shears and shrub trimmer shears, are gentle on your back. With the cordless lawn edge cutter, you can easily clear the adjacent paving of your patio or walkway of overgrown grass.

Hedge trimmers

Are the hedges in your garden in need of some attention again? We have just the hedge trimmer for you: Whether powered by the powerful Power X-Change battery for maximum flexibility, connected via power cable to a power source for high efficiency or fuelled with petrol for sufficient endurance – in the Einhell range you will find cordless hedge trimmers, electric hedge trimmers, petrol hedge trimmers and electric and cordless telescopic hedge trimmers. With the hedge trimmer models' diamond-ground and laser-cut blades with cutting lengths from 40 cm to 67 cm, you can cut any hedge, shrub or bush into the desired shape or neatly trim them. Our devices with telescopic handles can easily reach even tall hedges.


Whether cordless chain saw, electric chain saw, petrol chain saw, pole saw or cordless branch saw – with an Einhell chain saw you are ready for any occasion. With the proven Power X-Change technology, you can work completely freely and unburdened with the cordless chainsaws. A powerful motor awaits you in the electric chainsaws, which saw with more than 1,800W without a break. The high, consistent performance of the petrol devices actively supports you when sawing thick branches or tree trunks. The cordless pole saws are small chainsaws attached to the end of a telescopic handle. They are also operated with a Power X-Change battery, power cable or petrol. The handy pruning saws and pruning shears are part of the Power X-Change battery family for wireless, flexible use.

Multitools & pole saws

Einhell multi-functional tools are real all-rounders. Powered by a durable petrol engine or a Power X-Change battery, the devices come with various accessories, meaning they can combine several functions in a single device. Accessories include a hedge trimmer attachment, an attachment with a small chainsaw or pole saw, and even an attachment with a threaded spool and 3-tooth blade for grass trimming. The pole saw is available as an electric and battery version from the Power X-Change series. Telescopic or extendable, the handles can also reach high branches without you having to climb a ladder. The chain of the small saw can be easily tensioned and changed without tools.

Our garden shears and saws include many convenient features that make working in your garden even easier. Find out here which special features our different models have in store for you. Einhell garden shears & saws guide

Advantages of Einhell shears & saws

So that you always have the right garden shears or saw at hand for your gardening work, you can find out what advantages the Einhell tools offer and why you should choose one of our tools here.

Various drive types

We offer a variety of secateurs, including battery, electric and petrol models. Our cordless devices impress with high performance, endurance and flexibility. The cordless garden devices are powered either by our Power X-Change lithium-ion batteries or by an integrated 3.6 V or 12 V battery, while the electric devices can be connected to conventional sockets. The powerful petrol devices have a 2-stroke motor and work extremely efficiently. Our garden devices are safe, easy to use and deliver precise cutting results.

Precise cutting

The Einhell garden shears and saws are all equipped with high-quality blades and cutting edges: Whether small hedges, large, thick wood or thin branches, whether lawn edges or tall grasses – with the laser-cut and diamond-ground blades made of steel you can trim any greenery. OREGON quality blade and chains are also installed in some Einhell chainsaws or multifunctional tools. This ensures optimal cutting for every project.

Easy to use

Many of our cutting tools for the garden are ergonomically designed to be gentle on your back, so that you can work with them with ease. The handles are equipped with softgrip, which gives you extra hold when gripping. The garden devices are particularly easy to handle thanks to an additional handle, which can be continuously adjusted on the shaft. With the pole saws or multifunctional tools, you can reach even higher branches thanks to the telescopic handle. The lawn edge cutter and the cordless shrub trimmer shears are also equipped with a telescopic extension, so you can cut the lawn or trim smaller shrubs upright and without damaging your joints.

You can find even more tips on how to use your garden shears or saws correctly in our blog