2.0, 4.0 or 8 Ah – in the Power X-Change family you will find different batteries with different capacities. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries are compatible with all chargers and any Power X-Change device. Whether you're working with a cordless lawn mower, cordless hand-held circular saw or cordless vacuum cleaner, you can use the same battery for all these devices – and many more. For cordless devices that work at 36 V, thanks to Einhell Twin-Pack technology, any two 18 V batteries can be combined.

Einhell Power X-Change Batteries

Power X-Change Plus batteries

Capacity is not the only characteristic that distinguishes between different versions of our Power X-Change batteries. They also differ in terms of their size and weight. Power X-Change batteries featuring our Plus technology are 13% more compact and 12% lighter than a standard battery. This is made possible by the 5 powerful cells incorporated into the Plus batteries. They deliver just as much power as the lithium-ion cells in a conventional Einhell battery. Thanks to this cell technology, the battery packs offer double the performance and are just as powerful as a standard battery.

Multi-Ah Power X-Change

Two batteries in one? Why not?! With the Einhell Multi-Ah battery, you have two options: either 300% longer lifespan or 60% higher runtime. We currently offer two Multi-Ah models in our range. Whether you opt for the 4 to 6 Ah battery or the 5 to 8 Ah version is up to you. Both models can switch between the respective capacities at just the touch of a button. Using the lower capacity reduces the strain on the cells and increases the battery lifespan by a factor of three. The higher battery capacity, on the other hand, provides a longer runtime, so you can work with the battery for longer before needing to recharge.

SEALED technology

A battery that won't be damaged by water? Is that possible? Yes, it is! Power X-Change batteries that include our SEALED technology comply with protection class IP57, meaning they are waterproof and dustproof. Whether it falls into the pond while gardening or is exposed to sawdust or metal dust in the workshop – the SEALED battery with the blue ring will withstand everything you throw at it and can even survive 30 minutes submerged in 1 metre of water. A special short-circuit protection system automatically disconnects the electronics when the extra contact on the battery receptacle comes into contact with water. This protects the battery. Once the battery is dry again, it can be used as normal.

With us, you are guaranteed to find the right Power X-Change battery for your project in the workshop, garden or home. Einhell battery guide

What makes Einhell Power X-Change batteries special

Our Li-Ion batteries are the heart of our cordless tools and garden equipment. To ensure that they are up to the challenges in the workshop and garden, they can withstand a range of harsh conditions. Good grip and high impact protection are just two of the many features that distinguish our batteries.

Grip recess & Softgrip

The batteries in our battery system all feature an integrated recessed grip that makes them easier to handle. This recessed grip and the large release button on the top of the battery mean the battery is easy to grip and pull out when it is installed in the cordless tool or garden equipment. The special Softgrip surface and the compact design of the battery also ensure comfortable handling with optimal grip.

Safe, Shockproof & Robust

The Active Battery Management System ensures maximum safety for the internal components of our Power X-Change batteries, while the robust housing provides protection from the outside to ensure a long service life. A rubberized shell provides effective impact protection in case the battery is dropped. Furthermore, the housing also resists corrosion. Our SEALED batteries with the blue ring featured a sealed housing and meet protection class IP57. This means that they are optimally protected even against jets of water and dust.

LED or LCD display

All Power X-Change batteries are equipped with a 3-LED indicator so that you can check the state of charge of your battery at a glance at any time. This shows you at the push of a button whether your battery is full (all 3 LEDs light up) or has discharged from use – the LEDs go off one-by-one and the status can be shown again with a simple press of a button. If the battery is not being used, you can activate the LEDs and display the state of charge just by pressing the button. In place of this, our Multi-Ah batteries feature a convenient LCD display that shows the current charge remaining in percent. In addition, this LCD display also serves to switch the capacity. You can find out more in our blog post on Multi-Ah batteries.

Battery accessories

Of course, suitable accessories for our Power X-Change batteries are also important. It's not just our cordless tools and cordless garden equipment that give you freedom from cables, but also our batteries when used in combination with the appropriate accessories. Our range of battery accessories includes, for example, a USB battery adapter, battery wall mounts and a battery belt, which can be used to redistribute the weight of the batteries. Simply insert the battery into the belt and connect the belt's receptacle to the tool. For example, when trimming hedges, your arms won't be so heavy and the work will become more comfortable.