Einhell grinders are the perfect tool for any project: Whether wood, plastic or metal - our grinders will help you get aything smooth. From interior design to renovation and restoration, to carpentry and handicrafts, the areas of application are as varied as the range of materials that can be tackled. Einhell offers a wide selection of belt sanders, orbital sanders, rotatings sanders and delta sanders, along with the associated accesories. So you will find exactly the tool you need for your home improvement project. And those who are looking for a tool that is as flexible as possible can use the practical multi-sander. The range even includes grinding and engraving tools for delicate work. So there are practically no limits when it comes to any kind of general application.

The various grinding machines from Einhell


The Einhell all-rounder for grinding jobs: Whether you need a tool for more precise work and fine sanding corners, edges and hard-to-reach areas, or a grinder for larger surfaces - the Einhell multi-sander, which combines the strengths of orbital sanders and delta sanders, is sure to be the right choice. Equipped with a hook-and-loop system for quick sandpaper changes, a dust collection box or filter bag with active dust extraction, and appropriate abrasive paper, the Einhell multi-sander is a true all-rounder. With its integrated connection adapter it is also easy to connect an external extractor with a 36 mm connection diameter. This keeps your work area clean. Thanks to its soft grip and ergonomic handles, the tool sits comfortably in your hand, leaving you to put the perfect finishing touches to your project. The Einhell cordless multi-sander is ideal for applications where you don't have an electrical socket nearby. With the TE-OS 18/150 Li cordless model, if you want to use the dust collector, you can use slim Power X-Change batteries with capacities between 1.5 Ah to 2.6 Ah. If using the extraction adapter, you can also use a larger battery with a higher capacity.

Orbital Sanders

A traditional orbital sander uses a flywheel to drive the rectangular grinding plate, making it move in a circular motion. This makes it particularly suitable for flat surfaces and large workpieces. All Einhell orbital sanders include at least one abrasive pad that attaches to the robust base plate via a hook and loop fastening. The base plate oscillates in circles of up to 2.5 mm in diameter. You can also use sanding pads without hook-and-loop backing, thanks to the integrated clamping system. This makes changing the abrasive quick and easy. Our Expert tools are equipped with speed electronics that allow you to adjust the sanding speed according to the material you are working with. The integrated dust collection bag and the collection box with integrated dust extraction ensure dust-free work, which keeps your workbench clean during grinding. All Einhell orbital sanders can be connected to a separate Ø 36 mm vacuum cleaner by means of the connection adapter. Our range offers a choice of mains-powered and cordless orbital sanders, with the cordless versions forming part of the Power X-Change family, which means they can be used flexibly and without cables.

Rotating Sander

Einhell rotating sanders, also known as random orbital or excentric sanders, are designed for sanding uneven workpieces and relatively large surfaces. Their eccentric motion, in which the circular grinding disc is driven in a circular path by a flywheel while the disc itself is also rotating, enables them to remove particularly large amounts of material. At the same time, the material is sanded very finely. The speed control electronics, with adjustable speeds of up to 26,000 vibrations per minute, allow these hand tools to be adapted to the work surface. This ensures that no matter whether the job involves sanding wood, metal or stone-like surfaces, this sander is always suited to the material and task. The abrasive paper, some of which is included with the sander, attaches to the Ø 125 mm grinding disc via a hook-and-loop system. These sanders oscillate in large circles of up to 2.5 mm. Some of our electric random orbital sanders are equipped with an additional handle. This makes longer jobs more comfortable and helps you control the tool with ease. Active dust extraction, which traps the fine material dust in a collecting bag or box, helps keep your workshop clean. An external Ø 36 mm vaccum can also be connected to the extraction adapter. In addition to mains-powered random orbital sanders, the lineup also includes cordless versions. The Power X-Change system means these cordless tools can be used flexibly anywhere.

Delta Sander

Are you looking for a tool to effortlessly grind angled, narrow and hard-to-reach areas? Then an Einhell delta sander is just what you need. The pointed sanding plate helps you reach small corners such as narrow window frames or mouldings with ease. Some delta sander models are equipped with electronic speed control, which can be adjusted between 12,000 and 22,000 oscillations per minute, allowing the motor to start smoothly and ensuring that the sanding speed is matched to the material. The wide range of accessories, including a selection of grinding pads with grit sizes ranging from P60 to P120, can be easily and quickly attached to the delta grinders via a hook-and-loop system. Keeping the workshop clean is essential for any DIY enthusiast. That is why all our delta grinders are equipped with a Ø 36 mm adapter for an external dust extractor. The 90 x 90 x 90 mm sanding shoes of these tools oscillate in an circle of approx. 2 mm. The power tools' mains cables, up to 3 m in lengh, mean you can move around your home workshop freely.

Belt sander

Wooden floors, planks, tabletops and other large, flat surfaces made of wood, plastic or even sheet metal can be smoothed quickly and easily with Einhell belt sanders. They can also be used to easily sand off layers of paint or varnish. The sanding belt is driven with up to 800 watts of power and at speeds of up to 400 meters per minute. The speed electronics integrated into some models ensure that the grinding action is tailored to the material and job in hand. Furthermore, certain belt sanders have a hinged front cover, which is ideal for sanding curves and near the edges of workpieces. No tools are needed to attach the included P80-grit sanding belts to the 126-142 mm long sanding surface, as they are held in place with the help of a locking lever. The belt run adjustment allows fine-tuning of the abrasive belt, ensuring perfect sanding results. The additional handle, which can be adjusted without tools, gives you extra control in your DIY projects. To save on cleaning your workshop afterwards, the tools include an integrated dust extraction system and a dust collector, so less dust is released when sanding. In addition to mains-powered belt sanders, our range also includes cordless belt sanders. As part of the Power X-Change family, they can be used with any compatible battery or charger from that range. As a result, there is no limit to the possible applications.

Grinding & Engraving Tool

Grinding, engraving, milling – even drilling, polishing and brushing: with the Einhell grinding and engraving tool, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. They are currently available in cordless and mains-powered versions. Both devices come in a practical storage case which contains an extensive set of accessories, so you can start immediately with your model making or other intricate projects. The various attachments are easy to exchange via the spindle lock system, and the speed electronics ensure you can start gently and then proceed according to the material and task at hand. The cordless version is also equipped with an LED light ring to illuminate your workpiece and guarantee perfect results for your grinding or engraving projects. The mains-powered tool has a hook to hang it on the supplied telescopic stand, converting it into a stationary machine for creative craftsmanship, such as precision work with the flexible shaft and a fine stylus.

Whether large sanding jobs or smaller workpieces – Einhell grinders are the perfect tool for any project. Find out here what advantages your new grinding tool can offer. Einhell Grinding Tools Guide

What to look out for when buying a grinding tool

The choice is huge – that's why we want to help you with your decision as much as we can. We explain the advantages Einhell grinders can offer, and some criteria to consider when choosing your tool.

Attaching the abrasive

Quick and straightforward – that's how it should be, and that's our speciality! Almost all Einhell grinders are equipped with a hook-and-loop system, which makes attaching or replacing any compatible hook-and-loop backed abrasive paper a breeze. The orbital sanders also have a clamping device which can be used to clamp sandpaper that does not have a hook-and-loop backing. This allows you to select your abrasive and use it with our orbital sanders regardless of the attachment method. The sanding belt for the Einhell belt sander is also easy to change: you replace it and fix it in place with a locking lever, no tools required!

Speed electronics

Delicate material? No problem! Thanks to the built-in speed electronics, you can adjust your orbital, rotating, delta or belt sander to your workpiece perfectly. By regulating the speed from a relatively gentle 12,000 up to 26,000 oscillations per minute, you can fine-tune the grinding process to suit the task at hand. In addition, the oscillation speed control guarantees the tool starts smoothly, so that you can gradually find the right approach to sand your workpiece. With the combination of electronic speed control and the appropriate abrasive, you can achieve the perfect sanded finish.

Extraction and collecting bag

Each Einhell grinder – except for our grinding and engraving tools - is equipped with a dust extraction system. These come in two types: integrated suction with a dust collection bag, and external extraction via the supplied adapter, which fits Ø 36 mm suction devices. Some grinders, such as our rotating sanders and multi-sanders, offer both features. You can either connect an external vacuum cleaner, or the tool can automatically collect the sanding dust in a dust collector box or bag. Whichever option you choose, your work space will remain dust-free during the work.

Cordless vs. Mains tools

Cordless sander or mains-powered tool? The choice is entirely up to you. All our cordless grinders are part of the large Power X-Change family. With the Power X-Change system, every battery fits every device. So if you already have one or another Power X-Change battery at home, the cordless models are definitely a good choice: Powerful, and offering up to 100 minutes of working time on a 6 Ah battery, they offer you flexibility for sanding jobs in your workshop or even the garden. The mains-powered orbital sander, for example, has a 3 m long mains cable and puts out 250 watts of power. Although a mains-powered grinder does tie you to an electrical outlet, it does mean you can expect more power and endurance from it. Flexible power or plugged-in endurance? You choose.


So that you can start sanding right away, we decided to provide abrasive paper for your sanding disc or sanding plate out of the box. You will find at least one piece of P60, P80 or P120 grit sandpaper with your sanding tool. In many cases, the accessories include all three grades of abrasive. The accessory kit for our grinding and engraving tools could not be more extensive. Up to 189 parts can be found in the storage case: Whether it's grinding, engraving, milling, drilling, polishing or brushing – with the right attachment, there is no limit to your imagination.