Handy, practical and versatile – the all-rounder of tools

Grinding, sawing, scraping or milling – Einhell's multifunctional tool is, as the name suggests, truly multi-talented! An ideal tool that supports you in all your DIY projects: from interior design to renovation and refurbishment work. With the multitool from Einhell, you can easily work with materials such as wood, metal, plastic and plaster. For maximum flexibility and freedom of movement in everyday DIY life, there's also the multifunctional tool with powerful battery drive. Discover the multitools and their accessories now and make things happen in your own home.

The different multifunctional tools from Einhell

Cordless multifunctional tools

Whether quick repairs or long DIY projects, the compact and ergonomic multitool from Einhell offers you a wide range of applications. The cordless multifunctional tools are equipped with a 12-pin tool holder for flexible positioning of accessories. Without a cable, you can work independently of sockets or power cables and move around freely. The performance can be optimally adapted to the respective material and application with the aid of speed electronics. For comfortable and tool-free accessories changes, some Einhell multifunctional tools are equipped with a quick-release fastener and a magnetic tool holder. The cordless multitools integrate a vibration-decoupled battery holder, which enables low-vibration work and increases the longevity of the battery by reducing vibrations.

Wired multifunctional tools

The multifunctional tools from Einhell are not only available as cordless models, but also with corded connections. The speed electronics ensure material and application appropriate work. In addition, thanks to softgrip, you always have your compact multitool safely and comfortably in your hand. Depending on the model, the power cable is 2 or 3 metres long. Thanks to the power connection, you can also do tedious work without battery charging times. Both the cordless and the corded multifunctional tools are already supplied with various accessories such as a delta sanding pad, a scraper, sandpaper, segment and plunge saw blades.

The multifunctional tools from Einhell offer you many practical functions and applications. Here you can find out what functions the multitools have in store for you. Einhell multitool guide

What to look out for when purchasing a multifunctional tool

You can now choose from a wide range of multifunctional tools. When selecting a multifunctional tool to buy, there's a lot to take into account, because the power tools sometimes differ considerably in their functions, in the accessories and in the price. In the following we show you what to look out for when purchasing a good multifunctional tool.

Electric and cordless power

In order for you to have maximum power for all your projects, the performance capacity of your multifunctional tool should be sufficiently high. Especially when working with hard material, a high wattage or sufficient battery power for the multitool is essential. Whether you are better off using the electric or cordless model depends on which different projects and work you want to tackle in the home, garden and workshop. Connected to the mains, the wired multitool always provides you with maximum performance and reliability. With the efficient cordless multifunctional tool, however, you benefit from a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement during DIY work. Of course, you can also use the cordless multifunctional tool at any time on the go, as you can easily insert a second battery if necessary.

Accessories and tool changes

You can use the multifunctional tool for a wide variety of DIY projects. Therefore, the multifunctional tool should be equipped with a quick-clamping system for quick tool changes. This allows you to change the attachments on the multitool quickly, safely and without special tools. A magnetic tool holder is also very helpful for convenient accessory changes. Einhell multitools are also already supplied with extensive accessories and, depending on the model, are coming with segment saw blades for tiles, wood and plastic, with plunge saw blades for wood, plastic and metal or with abrasive paper in different grain sizes.

Easy to use

Make sure that the multifunctional tool is easy to operate, as this will prevent early fatigue of the hands and arms. All switches on the device should be easily accessible with one hand. Ergonomically preformed handles and a low weight of the device also enable safe and comfortable handling during work. The more compact and lightweight the multitool, the easier it is for you to work. The multitools from Einhell are also equipped with a locking function of the switch, which means that you can work ergonomically with every application and protect your hands. By the way, a flexible tool holder also helps with optimum handling. The multifunctional tools are equipped with either a 4-pin or a 12-pin tool holder, allowing the accessory to be positioned flexibly.