Want to lay the tiles in your new bathroom yourself or, as an ambitious DIYer, even dare to cut the natural stone slabs or paving stones for your garden yourself? Then you should also buy the right tools for these demanding tasks! If you simply want to cut tiles accurately, you can choose between portable tile cutters and stationary tile cutters. Facing even tougher challenges? For very hard materials it is best to use a powerful stone cutting machine! Integrated water pumps and water cooling systems in the stone cutting and tile cutting machines ensure clean results, reduce dust generation and protect against overheating. Hard tiles such as terracotta or natural stone are cut through easily and precisely with the turbo diamond cutting disc or full-edge diamond cutting disc. And in the end, you'll really be able to show off your stone and tile floors!

The range of different stone cutting machines and tile cutters from Einhell

Small, mobile tile cutters

Equipped with a smaller support table that is perfect for cutting tiles, our more compact, mobile tile cutters like the TC-TC 800 are more portable compared to larger tile cutters. In the middle of renovations and want to tile several rooms? You can place our tile cutters exactly where you need them – all you need is a stable surface so that the tile cutter stands securely and you can get cutting precisely.

Radial tile cutting machines

Our radial tile cutting machines can help you when cutting large tiles and marble. With a large work table that you can work on while standing thanks to a sturdy base, a tile cutter is the perfect tool for your home construction or renovation projects. Thanks to the pull function, even very large tiles can be cut without any problems and the electric water cooling system ensures clean results and dust-free working.

Stone cutting machines

Have bigger challenges waiting for you than just cutting tiles? It's a good thing that our stone cutting machines are a match for even the hardest material! Whether tiles, concrete slabs, granite or concrete block paving – our stone cutting machines cut all building materials to size. With the powerful stone cutting machines, you can not only master your upcoming bathroom renovation, but are also equipped for the paving work of your driveway.

Tile cutting machines and stone cutters offer you many features that make working with hard building materials easier. Here you can find out what these features are, and what you should look out for when making a purchase. Einhell stone and tile cutting machine guide

What to look out for when purchasing a tile cutting or stone cutting machines

The various models of tile cutting machines and stone cutting machines differ in performance, equipment and price. To help you choose the right machine for you, we explain the differences below.

Performance and work table

As with virtually any machine, you can also take a look at the motor performance of stone and tile cutting machines. With up to 2,200 watts of power, our stone saws are suitable for even the hardest building materials, while the radial tile cutters and the tile cutters are also handy with up to 900 watts. The larger the stones you want to saw, the larger the work table should be. The quality is also important: Steel work tables are very robust and corrosion-free, additional rubber pads provide a non-slip and stable working surface for cutting large tiles or slabs of concrete.

Precise cuts

In order to be able to cut your tiles and stone slabs precisely, certain functions can be of great help to you. A cutting line laser, for example, provides an optical cutting aid, but precise cuts can also be made with the parallel stop. A tilting work table or a swivelling motor or cutting head also make mitre cuts, double mitre cuts, jolly cuts or plunge cuts possible, for example. A sturdy aluminium angle stop also helps with precise mitre cuts. Combined with a turbo diamond cutting disc, you are well equipped for any challenge!

Effective water cooling

Electric water cooling is another feature you should look for when making a purchase. With the help of a powerful pump, the material and the turbo diamond cutting blade are permanently cooled by the water supply in the cutting head. In this way, you not only achieve an optimum cutting pattern, but can also work without creating a lot of dust. Depending on the model, a stable water tank or a water tray made of sheet steel is installed. In some models, you'll also find a multi-filter system that filters out fine particles to keep the water pump clean.

Secure standing and transport

The secure standing of the machine is incredibly important, both for stone saws and tile cutting machines. In order to achieve straight, precise cuts, your machine must be stable. This is why some of our models come with a robust base frame that can be mounted without tools. If the frame is also foldable, you can even store the machine in a space-saving way. A carrying handle and transport wheels on the machine help you to easily transport the devices which can be quite heavy.

Professional tips from DIY experts

In the blog, our DIY experts explain what you need to look out for when working with tile cutters and stone saws.