Loosen up (your soil)! The motor tillers from Einhell are perfect for properly loosening the ground. You can use them to dig your garden in no time at all and keep the soil well cared for. With more air and water in the soil, your garden is ready for you to plant vegetable beds. Our tools let you work particularly efficiently and save a lot of energy when cultivating the soil. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between powerful petrol tillers, flexible tillers with Power X-Change battery power and classic electric tillers. Discover motor tillers from Einhell and become an enabler in your garden!

Overview of the different motor tillers

The flexible cordless ground tillers

Thanks to their freedom from power sockets, cordless tools with the smart Power X-Change system and a flexible range of movement are ideal for small and medium-sized garden areas. Four robust, rotating blades give you a working width of up to 300 mm and a working depth of up to 200 mm. The cordless ground tiller's powerful motor allows you to effortlessly dig up your ground.

A foldable guide bar and height-adjustable transport wheel ensure particularly space-saving storage and easy transport to and from the place of use.

The handy electric ground tiller

The electric ground tiller is light and easy to move, making it a particularly handy garden tool for any soil. Equipped with a two-point safety switch, the blades are immediately stopped when the switch is released.

For particularly comfortable work in your garden, these models are equipped with ergonomic guide rails. When the work is done, these can even be folded away to save space when the tool is stored.

The powerful petrol motor tiller

powerful four-speed motor and a height-adjustable brake spur provide high power for all your garden projects. Crankshafts mounted on both sides of the engine make it possible to work particularly quietly with the petrol motor tiller.

Safety is also an important consideration. The integrated blade stop ensures that a dead man's switch immediately disconnects the unit when it is activated.

Whether it's a petrol motor tiller, an electric ground tiller or a cordless ground tiller, Einhell has the right type tiller for all of your garden projects. They're guaranteed to really loosen up your soil. Einhell tiller guide

What to look out for when purchasing a ground tiller

The range of different tiller products on the market is huge. If you want to work a lot of garden area, then the petrol motor tiller is the right tool for you. For small to medium beds near the house, you should use an electric ground tiller. The battery-powered ground tiller is also perfect for small to medium-sized garden areas. In addition to their powerful motors, our tillers are equipped with many practical features and are comfortable to use. Features such as ergonomically shaped guide rails and safety switches also make your motor tiller the perfect and safe working tool. We have summarised some of the important features for you here.

Working depth and working width

When purchasing a motor tiller, make sure that they have sufficient working depth and working width. The larger the working width and working depth, the faster you can work through your garden.

A working width of 300 mm and a working depth of up to 200 mm should be more than enough for most projects.

Maximum power

The more power the motor tiller delivers, the harder ground you can work with it. Up to 2.5 kW, 1,500 W or 36 V of power makes it easy to work through most ground, even if it has been used to store heavy loads or been driven over by construction site equipment.

Setting options

The steering bar should be ergonomically shaped and ideally height-adjustable so that it is comfortable to operate. Strong metal blades should also be provided so that you can easily manoeuvre through vegetable and flower beds. The variable depth adjustment of the spur also makes it easy to reach deeper layers of the garden soil without having to bend or stoop.


Additional features

Large, stable transport wheels, a foldable guide bar and transport handles attached to the tool contribute to the flexibility of the ground tillers.

When making a purchase, always make sure that the tool is equipped with a blade guard and a blade stop. These safety measures prevent you from being hit by flying stones and mean you can operate the garden tool safely.