Whether a garden pump, submersible pump or domestic waterworks, at Einhell you'll find the right accessories for your water pump! With a pre-filter, you can protect your pump from dirt if it does not have an integrated filter. With an electronic flow switch, you can convert your garden pump into automatic domestic waterworks in just a few simple steps. Hoses of different lengths with plastic or brass connections complete your pump equipment.

Accessories for pumps at a glance

Suction Hoses

Suction hoses are an essential accessory for the efficient pumping of water with various water pumps. The hoses come in different lengths, such as 4 meters or 7 meters, allowing for flexible use of the pumps. The suction hoses are available in various durable materials and feature connectors made of plastic or brass, depending on the model. Plastic connectors are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for mobile use. Brass connectors, on the other hand, are robust and durable, making them particularly suitable for permanent installations. Both variants ensure a secure and reliable connection to the water pump.

Pump Adapters

Adapters for water pumps provide an easy way to quickly and securely connect garden hoses, even if the integrated connection on the pump does not fit. These adapters are available in various sizes, usually specified in inches, and feature internal or external threading. For effortless connection of garden hoses, adapters with a plug nipple are particularly practical. Einhell offers a special quick connector for submersible pumps, allowing for a rapid hose connection via a click system. These practical adapters not only simplify handling but also ensure a reliable connection between the pump and the hose. So, if you are looking for suitable accessories for your water pump, adapters are an absolute must-have.

Retrofittable Pre-filters

To increase the lifespan and efficiency of your water pump, you should definitely take a look at Einhell pre-filters. These filters can be easily retrofitted to water pumps, domestic water systems, and automatic water works, provided the pump is not already equipped with an integrated pre-filter. The pre-filter is simply mounted between the suction hose and the pump, and its integrated fine filter removes dirt particles from the water. This prevents contaminants from entering the pump's interior, ensuring your pump operates as long and reliably as possible. The pre-filter is also easy to clean: just rinse it under clear water, and it's ready for use again. Invest in the longevity of your pump and ensure clean water with a pre-filter!

Electronic Flow Switch

An electronic flow switch is a practical accessory for garden pumps that enables the pump to be automatically switched on and off via a pressure switch. When water is required, the pressure drops and the pump switches on; when no more water is needed, the pressure inside the pump increases and the pump switches off. This allows the garden pump to be used efficiently and energy-savingly, similar to a domestic water system. The flow switch can be easily connected via an adapter and is equipped with a non-return valve and dry-run protection to prevent damage to the pump. An electronic flow switch is therefore an ideal accessory for the efficient, long-lasting, and automatic use of your garden pump.

With us, you are sure to find the right accessories to make your water pump ready for reliable and tireless garden irrigation. Einhell Guide for Pump Accessories

Tips and Tricks for Handling Pump Accessories

Do you want to get the best out of your water pump? We explain how you can optimally use your garden pump or submersible pump with the right accessories. Learn how adapters, hoses, and filters can help you use your pump efficiently and what you need to pay attention to when maintaining your pump to increase its longevity.

Pump Adapters: All about the most common connections

Garden pumps have various connections that are crucial for efficient operation. Water is drawn in through the suction side, while it is pumped to the application site through the pressure side. The connections are often made of durable materials like brass or stainless steel and are equipped with either internal threads (female thread) or external threads (male thread). Common sizes for pump connections are given in millimetres and inches, such as 1 inch (25.4 mm) or 1.5 inches (38.1 mm). If the hose and pump connections are not inherently compatible, you can still connect them with a suitable adapter. Therefore, it is important to know the dimensions of the connections to avoid leaks and to utilize the pump's maximum performance and flow rate.

Complete pump accessory set: What's included?

The garden pump is ready and just waiting to be connected? If you don't want to search for the right accessories individually, you can opt for a convenient Einhell complete pump accessory set. Depending on the set, it may include a high-quality garden sprayer, a suction hose with a filter insert, a pressure hose, and a hose adapter. The individual components are perfectly matched to each other and ensure smooth operation of your garden pump. For example, you can specifically water your plants with the garden sprayer, while the necessary water is first sucked in through one hose and then pumped through the other to the sprayer. Both hoses are already included in the set, and the respective adapters ensure a secure and tight connection of the individual parts.

Proper maintenance of water pumps

To ensure that your water pump always runs reliably, regular maintenance is essential. An important step is cleaning the pump, which should be done at least once a year. Usually, you can simply rinse the filter with clear water. If your garden pump does not have a pre-filter, we recommend installing one to extend the life of your pump. Suction and pressure hoses should also be cleaned regularly and cleared of debris to ensure optimal water flow. Additional tips for maintaining your water pump can be found in our blog post. There you will find detailed instructions and more information to help keep your pump in top condition.

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