Whether water or dust – the wet-dry vacuum cleaner ensures cleanliness.

Do you want to remove dirt from all kinds of surfaces quickly and with as little effort as possible? Then a wet-dry vacuum cleaner from Einhell is the perfect tool for you. With these hoovers, you can not only remove dust, crumbs and dirt, but also vacuum up wet dirt and liquids very easily. In addition to the corded vacuum cleaners, the cordless vacuum cleaners are real all-round talents, as they guarantee maximum efficiency and power at the best price thanks to the powerful Power X-Change system. With a wet-dry vacuum cleaner from Einhell, you can take on any challenge. Whether it's the wet-dry vacuum with rechargeable battery or the corded wet-dry vacuum for extra long and extensive cleaning jobs, the vacuums guarantee maximum suction power and clean wet and dry dirt thoroughly and reliably, even in hard-to-reach places. In the Einhell range you will find vacuum cleaners in various sizes with a capacity of between 10 and 50 litres.

A huge range of different uses

Wet vacuum cleaning
wet / dry vacuum cleaner in use

Dripping wet wellington boots, a knocked-over glass of water, damp dirt and even larger puddles, all of which would pose a challenge for conventional vacuum cleaners, are no problem at all for the wet/vacuum cleaner. With capacities of up to 40 litres, these talented cleaners undo minor mishaps in an instant.

man with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall. There can be various different types of dirt in a workshop, from wood chips and dust to spilled liquids and coarse dirt. With a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, all of these can be eliminated with just one tool. And thanks to the different nozzles, the device is ready for all eventualities.

Car cleaning
man cleaning with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Upholstery and carpeting, narrow joints and hard-to-reach openings, fine, coarse and sometimes even wet dirt – these are the challenges a car-owner faces when cleaning their vehicle. Thanks to its extensive range of different nozzles and attachments, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner is always perfectly kitted out for the job. Long hoses, flexible wheels and convenient carry handles make the vacuum cleaner flexible and easy to clean with.

Blowing function
blow connection of a wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Dust and splinters often settle on a workpiece. With the wet/dry vacuum cleaner's blowing function, it is easy to remove this kind of light and dry dirt in the workshop. But this function is also a practical feature for outside areas too, as terraces, gardens and driveways can easily be cleared of leaves.

Extraction system
ash filter

If you want to save tedious cleaning after home improvement work, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner is best used while you work: as an extraction system, the vacuum cleaner can be connected directly to many tools and sucks up the resulting dirt immediately. In many wet/dry vacuum cleaner models, a power socket is also integrated on the device. By being able to connect the tool directly to the vacuum cleaner, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner replaces the need for an additional power socket and an extension cable that may be required.

Our cordless and electric wet/dry vacuums offer many practical functions that make work in the workshop and at home even easier and simpler. Find out which special functions our individual models have in store for you. Einhell advisor

How does a wet/dry vacuum cleaner work?

All-round cleaning.

Our two-way system for suction and cooling air ensures separate motor cooling with optimal suction and filter performance of the device.

The motor remains free of dirt, and thus has a longer service life and also ensures less noise.

Suction power

The suction power provides information about the suction force of a vacuum cleaner. This is measured in mbar (millibars) or mWS (metres of water column). This expresses how high you could theoretically suction up the water. Example: 220 mbar = 2.2 MWS = water could be suctioned up approx. 220 cm.

Blowing function

More than just a vacuum cleaner: All of our wet/dry vacuum cleaners are fitted with a special blowing connection. This allows even hard-to-reach places to be blown out easily and thoroughly. In addition, it can also help with many other activities, such as leaf blowing in the garden.

Which filter for each application?

Pleated filter
pleated filter of a wet / dry vacuum cleaner

for dry vacuum cleaning

With the pleated filter, the exhaust air is cleaned when switching on and during use of the wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The pleated filter is suitable for use when dry vacuuming.

Synthetic dust bag
synthetic dust bag for wet / dry vacuum cleaner

for dry vacuum cleaning

A synthetic dust bag has more layers than a paper filter bag and therefore has an impressive increased filter performance. This accessory is also therefore perfect for allergy-sufferers. Other advantages include the water-repellent and tear-resistant material, as well as the longer service life of the vacuum cleaner.

Dirt bag filter
dirt bag filter for wet / dry vacuum cleaner

for dry vacuum cleaning

The Einhell dirt bag filter is suitable for all Einhell wet/dry vacuum cleaners. It is perfectly matched to every application and has an impressively high tear resistance and excellent filter performance.

Foam filter
foam filter for wet / dry vacuum cleaner

for wet vacuum cleaning

The Einhell foam filter protects the wet/dry vacuum cleaner's motor from coarse dirt. The foam filter is suitable for use when wet vacuuming.

Ash filter
ash filter

for ash vacuuming

Connected to the wet/dry vacuum cleaners, the ash filter is suitable for vacuuming cold ashes or cold dirt and dust from furnaces, fireplaces and grills. It prevents coarse contamination of the vacuum cleaner and its filter system. Only the fine dust is sucked in by the wet/dry vacuum cleaner, and the coarse dirt remains in the ash filter.

Which nozzle for each application?

The combi or universal nozzle is the real allrounder of wet/dry vacuum cleaner accessories. Whether coarse or fine materials, wet or damp dirt or even liquids, with this accessory, the vacuum cleaner can face any dirt.

Whether for kitchen units, hard-to-reach corners in the workshop or gaps between car seats, with the crevice nozzle, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner is optimally equipped for these narrow use areas.

In the car in particular, the sensitive carpet is exposed to a variety of different soiling. The carpet brush is therefore ideal to draw out even deep-seated dirt from the carpet fibres. In addition, the carpet brush is also suitable for gently dusting dust-sensitive objects.

Daily use and minor mishaps can accumulate dust, crumbs and other dirt on upholstery or car seats. Depending on the material of the upholstery and the type of soiling, the soft or hard upholstery nozzles are the ideal accessory for the wet/dry vacuum cleaner.