Compatibility – Not only do all Power X-Change batteries fit into all devices of the system family, but that they can also be charged with any PXC charger. All Power X-Change chargers impress with very short charging times. Depending on the charger and battery type, the battery can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes. The different charger types have one, two or even four battery slots. For even faster charging, there are also fast chargers with higher output currents, such as the Fast or Boost charger.

The Einhell charger range

Power X-Charger 3 A

The Einhell Power X-Charger 3 A is an exceptionally reliable battery charger that can be used with any battery from the Power X-Change family. Whether you're just getting started with our battery system or you need a workhorse charger for the workshop: with its 6-LED charging indicator, intelligent charging management and 3 amps of output current, this reliable charger will supply any Power X-Change battery with energy. It only takes around 75 minutes to fully charge a 4.0 Ah battery. The device doesn't just include impressive features such as displaying the current charge level or battery status, but also ensures maximum safety during the charging process. This makes the universal Power X-Change battery charger an indispensable companion for every DIY enthusiast and hobby gardener.

Power X-Car Charger 3 A

The Power X-Change family offers an innovative solution for everyone – even if you are often away from home with the car or motorhome and still want to recharge your Einhell batteries away from conventional sockets. The Einhell Power X-Car Charger does just that! With a 12-volt plug that fits easily into the cigarette lighter of any camper or car, this battery charger is in no way inferior to the classic versions. The Car Charger also features 2-stage protection electronics to ensure that charging is stopped automatically if the car's battery is weak or flat. This means the vehicle is always ready to go.

Power X-Twincharger 3 A

Twice the time savings with the Einhell Power X Twincharger. This battery charger has two slots and can charge two Power X-Change batteries at the same time. This saves you a lot of time, especially if the two batteries are being used in an Einhell tool that supports Twin-Pack technology. The two batteries are continuously monitored during charging to ensure an optimal state of charge. The Einhell charger also includes a refresh function that can gently reactivate even deeply discharged batteries. Incidentally, this refresh mode is built into every Einhell Power X-Change charger.

Power X-Quattrocharger 4 A

As an Einhell fan, you may well have accumulated quite a few Power X-Change batteries. To avoid having to charge them all separately, we offer a battery charger with 4 slots: the Einhell Power X Quattrocharger. This intelligent battery charger allows up to four Einhell batteries to be connected at the same time. Two of them are charged in parallel, each with 4 amps of charging current. When these two batteries are fully charged, the charger automatically switches to charge the other two. The charger's compact suitcase design makes it easier to transport and saves space, while only taking up a single socket in your workshop or garage.

Power X-Fastcharger 4 A

For when you need to get things done quickly: our Power X Fastcharger charges Einhell batteries with 4 amps of current. This reduces charging time by 25% compared to a 3 A battery charger. A 4.0 Ah battery can thus be fully charged in just 60 minutes, instead of 2 hours of charging with a 3 A charger. What's more, just like most other Einhell battery chargers, this quick charger offers the option of space-saving wall mounting thanks to its integrated hanging slots. The 6-LED status indicator means you can not only see the current charge level at a glance, but also monitor the Li-ion battery at all times.

Power X-Boostcharger 6 A und 8 A

Those who are really in a hurry can choose the fastest battery chargers we currently offer: the Einhell Power X-Boostcharger 6 A and 8 A. These will charge your battery in boost mode with 6 or 8 amps of charging current, depending on the model. It takes just 45 to 60 minutes to charge a 6.0 Ah battery (depending on the charging current). Boost mode can be activated as required with a simple push of a button. A blue LED indicator will light up when the boost function is active. With boost mode is off, both chargers provide 3 amps of charging current to charge your Power X-Change batteries. The boost function can be used with batteries of capacities 2.5 Ah and higher for the 6 A charger, and 5.2 Ah and higher for the 8 A version. Other batteries will be charged using lower boost charging currents to avoid overheating.

Whether one slot or several, for the car or the socket – you will find the right charger for your Power X-Change battery here. Einhell guide for chargers

What makes Einhell Power X-Chargers special

Which charger do you prefer: our standard charger, Fastcharger or Boostcharger? Or do you prefer a charger with multiple battery slots? We offer a wide range to choose from, but all of our battery chargers include the same safety features to ensure your Einhell Power X-Change battery lasts as long as possible.

Safety & performance

Every Einhell battery charger is equipped with an intelligent charge management system that provides a high level of safety. This ensures the battery is constantly monitored throughout the entire charging process, and can significantly extend the battery life by adjusting the charging cycles according to the conditions. In addition, the chargers feature a refresh mode which can breathe new life into deeply discharged batteries. The Power X-Car Charger also includes two layers of electronic protection, ensuring the battery charger protects the car's battery from deep discharge so that the vehicle is ready to start at any time.

LED indicator

The intelligent charging management system works in the background to ensure maximum safety, while various LEDs indicate the current status of the charger and the battery on the device itself. The 6 or 8 LED status indicators (depending on the model) light up green or red, or even flash, according to the status of the charger and battery. Here's what the display can indicate: Whether the battery is being charged or is full, if there is a temperature fault or other malfunction, or a setting is currently being changed. The specific meanings can be found in the user manual. The Boostcharger and the Car Charger both feature an additional LED, which indicates either that boost mode is active (blue LED) or that the car's battery is weak, respectively.

Wall Mounting & Storage

To keep your workshop or garage tidy, all our battery chargers are equipped with integrated hanging slots. This enables the devices to be mounted compactly on a wall or a shelving rack and plugged in to a socket. This allows you to charge your Einhell batteries at any time. The Quattrocharger, on the other hand, has a convenient suitcase shape and is equipped with a carrying handle for easy transport. This means it fits on any shelf and can be quickly put away again after charging.