Whether trimming lawn edges, cutting down woody grasses, or serving as an alternative to worn-out cutting line spools – Einhell's replacement blades and spools are the ideal complement for your grass trimmer or scythe. From individual brushcutter blades to blade sets or robust cutting line spools, your garden tools can be optimally equipped. With these accessories, you can not only tackle tall grass and overgrowth but also ensure optimal care for your lawn areas in the garden.

Appropriate accessories for trimmers & scythes

Spare blades

Trimmers and motor scythes require a functioning cutting tool to work effectively. Therefore, it is particularly important to replace or sharpen dull or damaged blades in a timely manner. Depending on how frequently and intensively the brush cutters are used, it is advisable to replace the blades at regular intervals. The plastic blades for trimmers come in a box of 20 to 50 pieces. They can be quickly replaced via a simple click system. For motor scythes, thicket blades, replacement steel blades, and grass blades are suitable. They are equipped with 3 sharply ground teeth. The special grass blade even has four teeth to mow tall grass more quickly. The blades are equipped with a 25.4 mm bore and fit all Einhell scythes with this mount.

Line spool

In addition to using blades, Einhell trimmers and motor scythes can also work with a line spool. A robust nylon line rotates so quickly that it precisely trims many grasses. These replacement spools with line are ideal for trimming grass along stones, walls, or other obstacles. Since the mowing line is flexible and easy to replace, it withstands hard materials to a certain extent without wearing out or breaking. Plastic or metal blades would quickly be damaged by hard objects. Thanks to the practical advancement of the trimmer line, the defective part can be easily removed, and a new line can be advanced. Our range also includes double spool heads, which are mainly used with scythes.

Replacement Line

While you can replace the entire cutting tool with a spool head, you can also simply change the cutting line of your battery trimmer. If the line in your trimmer spool runs low, you can easily replace it with a new one. Each 15-metre length ensures a sufficient supply. Pay attention to the shape of the line – a round line is suitable for universal use, while a square line with sharp edges provides an especially clean cut. A twisted line reduces noise and has less air resistance. Additionally, lines vary in their thickness. A thicker line is more robust, wears out slower, and can even handle stubborn weeds or thicker grasses.

Replacement blades, spool heads, or replacement line – we certainly have the right accessories for your trimmer or scythe. Einhell Guide for Trimmer / Scythe Accessories

Tips & Tricks for Using Trimmer / Scythe Accessories

Whether plastic blades, sharp steel blades, or trimmer line – each cutting tool has its advantages. We will show you how to use your cutter correctly and for which types of grasses they are particularly well-suited.

Cutting Brush & Thickets with the Metal Blade

Metal blades are typically used in motor scythes, while trimmers usually work with lines or plastic blades. For cutting tough and stubborn grasses, sharp metal blades are indispensable. These blades with 3 or 4 teeth effortlessly penetrate dense brush and persistent weeds. Blades with three teeth are particularly agile and offer high-impact power. They are excellent for quick, precise cuts – ideal for overgrowth, thickets, and tall grass. Our four-tooth blade, on the other hand, is perfect for grass and light vegetation. Available in various thicknesses between 1.4 mm and 2.5 mm, they allow for precise work depending on the need and nature of the cutting material. With these versatile blades, any challenge in the garden is quickly and effectively mastered.

Trimming Lawns & Grasses with Line

As the name suggests, trimmers are specifically designed for lawn care. For trimming lawns and grasses, the trimmer line is the ideal choice. It cuts precisely and cleanly without damaging the lawn. Trimmer lines are flexible and can easily be manoeuvred around obstacles like trees and flower beds. Instead of being immediately damaged, the line gradually wears down during use. With the bump feed mechanism, the correct line length can be restored with just a push of a button. When the spool runs out, you can either wind a new line or insert a replacement spool. Replacement lines are available in various thicknesses, ranging from 1.3 mm to 3 mm, allowing adaptation to different lawn types and working conditions.

Cutting Lawn Edges

For cutting lawn edges, two devices are recommended: a trimmer or an edge trimmer. You can find both devices in our range, along with the respective replacement parts. The lines of cordless trimmers are flexible and cut precisely along the edges without causing damage or suffering significant wear. However, only trimmers with a rotatable motor head can be used for edge trimming, as this is the only way to achieve the correct angle. For the Einhell cordless edge trimmer, there is a robust, double-sided steel replacement blade that is particularly durable and efficient. This blade cuts up to 45 mm deep into the lawn and “digs” out the grass along with the roots. This creates a clean lawn edge, keeping your lawn well-maintained.