Pruning, maintenance, felling – the FORTEXXA cordless chainsaws in comparison and helpful tips for use

Cutting down trees, sawing off thick branches or chopping tree trunks: with a chainsaw, you have the best equipment for these tasks. Models with a battery are more comfortable and easier to handle because they not only weigh less, but, unlike petrol chainsaws, they also work without emissions, i.e. without emitting exhaust gases. As an extension of the Power X-Change system, the FORTEXXA cordless chainsaws are now part of the Einhell range. We took a closer look at the FORTEXXA 18/30 and the "Top Handle" model, the one-handed cordless chainsaw FORTEXXA 18/20 TH, in the Einhell test and explain the differences between the two models. In this article, you will also find which features the two cordless chainsaws impress with and what you need to pay attention when working with wood.

The Einhell FORTEXXA cordless chainsaws differ in size, performance and handling.

These are the Einhell FORTEXXA cordless chainsaws

Smelly exhaust gases or starting problems due to a wrong petrol/oil mixture are a thing of the past with the FORTEXXA cordless chainsaws. Fill with oil, plug in the battery and you can start working! Thanks to the powerful brushless motor and smart battery technology, the cordless chainsaw delivers maximum power to cut through even thick branches and tree trunks without any problems.

In addition to the large FORTEXXA 18/30 cordless chainsaw with a blade length of 30 cm, you will also find a more compact model in our range – the one-hand chainsaw FORTEXXA 18/20 TH. With a cutting length of 14 cm, the handy chainsaw is especially suitable for sawing thicker branches, even in hard-to-reach places. As the name suggests, the 2.54 kg lightweight device can be used with just one hand. Because of their use in tree care, these top handle or one-handed chainsaws are also called tree care saws. WARNING: This chainsaw may only be used by qualified tree surgeons. Use without appropriate training may result in serious injury.

The larger model with a 30 cm cutting length: the cordless chainsaw FORTEXXA 18/30.
The compact power pack: the cordless one-handed chainsaw FORTEXXA 18/20 TH.

The FORTEXXAs impress in the Einhell test

  • Power: Both FORTEXXAs are equipped with a brushless motor. This brushless motor technology ensures maximum performance and long battery life. In addition, no maintenance work is required for brushless motors because, in contrast to brush motors, they are not subject to any wear. In addition, the cordless chainsaws are equipped with overload protection, which protects the motor from damage during intensive use and prevents overheating.
  • Light battery power: Wireless and yet environmentally friendly; this is the reality for the FORTEXXAs thanks to Power X-Change batteries. You not only avoid noise and exhaust fumes, but also save money by using reusable batteries instead of petrol. And the batteries can be combined with all Power X-Change devices and chargers. What's more, you benefit from the low dead weight, because at this point the cordless chainsaws are clearly superior to petrol devices.

The large chainsaw vs. the compact one-handed chainsaw


Despite their obvious differences, the two FORTEXXA models are similar in many features. Most importantly, both cordless chainsaws are equipped with a powerful and durable brushless motor.

In addition, the two chainsaws are distinguished by simple assembly and handling. The chain can be mounted and tensioned on the sword without tools. While working, the chain is also lubricated by the automatic chain lubrication. This means it is always optimally lubricated, which prevents overheating in order to achieve perfect cutting results. The oil tank also has a practical sight glass to check the fill level.

Like all Einhell chainsaws, these two models are also equipped with important safety precautions. The anti-kickback protection with automatic chain brake ensures that the chain stops immediately as soon as the saw hits upwards. This minimises the risk of injury and enables safe, comfortable working. The chain catch bolt located on the underside of the chainsaw protects you from being injured by the chain if it should tear: The bolt catches the chain under the engine block before it can reach you. The solid claw stop also ensures safe handling. It allows you to exert pressure on the wood when sawing and has a secure grip so that the saw does not slip.


If you compare the two FORTEXXA models with each other, you will find that they differ in some technical details and functions. For example, the one-handed chainsaw operates at a chain speed of 7 m/s, while the FORTEXXA 18/30 can actually be adjusted using two power modes: In ECO mode it operates at 6 m/s, saving battery power, while in BOOST mode the speed increases to 8.9 m/s for maximum performance.

While the larger cordless chainsaw has a 30 cm long sword and thus a cutting length of 27 cm, the one-handed chainsaw with its 20 cm long sword and 14 cm cutting length appears much more compact. This great difference is created by the different areas of application, because the one-handed or mini chainsaw is intended more for tree maintenance and less for sawing large branches or for cutting down trees. With a weight of only 2.54 kg, the compact chainsaw is also lighter in the hand than the 4.03 kg heavy FORTEXXA 18/30. Compared to petrol chainsaws, however, both cordless chainsaws impress with their low weight and ease of use.

The large FORTEXXA is equipped with a rear handle and a classic drop handle, i.e. the front handle for flexible holding and attachment of the device. The one-handed chainsaw, on the other hand, has a rear handle and a top handle, with which you can use the mini chainsaw perfectly balanced, even one-handed – for example, for pruning. By the way, there is a tip guard on the compact chainsaw. It cannot penetrate into the wood, which prevents possible kickback. This is all the more important in the case of one-handed use, since less control can be exercised on the saw here than with two-handed use.

Expert tips for handling the cordless chainsaw

Easy installation of the sword and chain

Before you can use the cordless chainsaws for the first time, you have to assemble them first. In our test, the tool-free and fast assembly was a big plus. The best way to get started is to read the operating instructions first. In just a few steps, briefly summarised here, the devices are ready for use:

  1. Pull the chain onto the sword: Pay attention to the correct running direction of the drive members! A note with a diagram on this can be found on the sword.
  2. Attaching the sword: You can easily tighten the sword with the internal rotating wheel.
  3. Attach the cover: The black cover is easy to put on and can be tightened with the black twist grip.
  4. Adjusting the chain tension: With the help of the red rotating wheel, you can adjust the chain tension without tools. Caution: When someone pulls on the chain, it should be released from the sword to such an extent that the links remain just in the guide of the sword. The chain must not be too tight on the sword!
  5. Fix securely: With the black twist grip you can now finally tighten the sword and the cover. Check the chain tension again to adjust, loosen or tighten it with the red spinning wheel.
  6. Fill with oil: Add bonding oil to the oil tank and check the oil level through the integrated sight glass.
  7. Plug in the battery: Plug in the charged Power X-Change battery and you're ready to go.
Get started right away: Mounting the sword and chain of the cordless chainsaws is done quickly.

Also make sure to do the following:

  • Check the chain tension before each use
  • Check the oil level regularly, e.g. before plugging in the battery
  • Wear protective equipment: protective helmet with face and hearing protection, protective gloves, cut protection trousers, safety shoes
  • When using the chainsaw, ensure that it is firmly in place and held securely
  • Take special care with single-handed chainsaws: The kickback can be very dangerous if used with one hand due to the lack of control from the second hand
If you follow our handling tips, you can work safely and reduce the risk of injury.

Safety first: Chainsaw course for skilful handling

Did you know you can get a chainsaw license? For chainsaw work outside of your own private property, this is already mandatory in many areas, also for one-handed chainsaws. In principle, however, this course is useful for anyone who wants to work with a chainsaw, because ultimately you will learn how to use it safely and professionally. You can protect yourself from injuries and at the same time learn how to use, care for and maintain your device properly. These special training courses are offered by various organisations and associations, as well as schools, but also by DIY stores such as Obi or Bauhaus.

When working with one-handed chainsaws or tree care saws, a chainsaw licence is required.

Summary: Light, quiet and powerful

Want to cut down trees and saw off branches without using petrol? No problem for the Einhell cordless chainsaws. With the FORTEXXAs, the Power X-Change system is being expanded with two new, powerful devices. We are convinced of both chainsaws, because they are not only handy and easy to use, but also deliver maximum power thanks to the brushless motor. Whether it's the large chainsaw or the small one-handed chainsaw for tree care – both cordless chainsaws are a real asset when working in your garden.

photo of Tom Weber
Written by Tom Weber
Published on 12.10.2022

Tom Weber is a product specialist at Einhell. In his blog posts, he not only shares his in-depth expertise in using various Einhell devices but also provides inspiration and instructions for DIY projects that every home improvement enthusiast can tackle at home.