The compressor test: Differences, features, and recommendations for everyday use

The compressor is a powerful pressure provider and can be used for various tasks in the garden, garage, and house. It's no wonder that more and more DIY enthusiasts swear by this little helper. Combined with the right tools or attachments, the compressor offers many advantages compared to working with conventional electrical appliances. With the strong pressure generated by a compressor, you can remove stubborn rust or even carry out painting jobs with a pneumatic paint spray gun. The high pressure allows for a particularly gentle application, especially in tasks that require a lot of physical strength with other devices.

The Einhell compressor in test: Differences, features, and tips.

To make your selection easier, we have subjected the best Einhell compressors to a compressor test and will show you below which models are available and what functions they offer. Additionally, we will explain to you how to use the air compressors correctly and what you must absolutely pay attention to when using the pneumatic compressors.

How does the compressor work?

Before we show you the different Einhell models, you should first know how a compressor works. The motor of the compressor drives a piston installed in the cylinder. This piston draws in air, compresses it, and then stores it in the so-called tank. This is where the pressure air is generated, kept constant, and allows you to continuously use tools and accessories.

Compressor operation: This is how the compressor works.
The advantage of a pneumatic compressor is that the device can store larger amounts of compressed air in the tank, providing sufficient air reserves for your projects.

Possible uses of a compressor

The compressor can be used for many tasks in the garage, garden, and hobby workshop. Combined with various tools, compressors provide maximum performance for different application possibilities. The main advantage of the compressor is that the mounted tool is operated exclusively with compressed air, eliminating the risk of overheating. Additionally, pneumatic tools are usually significantly lighter than comparable electrical appliances, making work - especially during longer use - much more comfortable. But for which tasks is the compressor suitable? We will show you that in the following.

Inflating and checking pressure

Whether it's bicycle tires, car tires, air mattresses, or balls, it's all very easy with the right tire inflator and the appropriate adapters. With the help of the built-in pressure gauge - a mechanical or digital pressure gauge - you always have the tire pressure in view. In addition, there are various attachments for inflating balls or paddling pools.

Garage, garden, or hobby workshop: the compressor is versatile and can be used for many different purposes.

Blowing out with the gun

The compressor is also very useful for blowing out, i.e., cleaning tools, workpieces, and hard-to-reach corners in the hobby workshop. With a blow gun, you can reach places that are difficult to access with a conventional vacuum cleaner tube. You can get blow guns in various lengths, with a curved or straight nozzle, made of lightweight plastic or sturdy metal.

Compressor for blowing out: Cleaning tools, workpieces, and hard-to-reach corners in the hobby workshop.


Excentric and straight grinders can be optimally operated with compressed air. In contrast to their electrically powered counterparts, they generally have a lower weight and are also more durable due to the simpler mechanics. Annoying cables are a thing of the past with compressed air-powered models.

Drilling with the impact and ratchet wrench

In the automotive field, pneumatic impact wrenches are very common, as they are much more overload-resistant than electric impact wrenches. With these tools, you can loosen stubborn nuts and bolts made of any material. Pneumatic impact wrenches are also used for tasks such as changing tires or replacing spark plugs on cars. For these tasks, your compressor should be capable of generating at least 6 bar of air pressure. Please also ensure the use of an air hose with a sufficient inner diameter to ensure that an adequate amount of air reaches the impact wrench at all times.

Stapling and nailing

Even for woodworking and crafting tasks such as stapling, pinning, and clipping, a compressor can save you a lot of time. Additionally, you can pin foot and decorative moldings without the nail being too prominent. Upholstery work is a breeze and, above all, quick.

Stapling and nailing with the compressor.

Sandblasting and Grinding

When sandblasting with a compressor, sand particles hit the workpieces at high speed. This method is particularly effective for thoroughly cleaning rusty fences. If you want to prepare your workpiece cleanly and precisely for painting, i.e., matte the surface, then sandblasting or sanding with a compressed air compressor is the most effective method. In this area, a compressed air hose with sufficient inner diameter is also recommended.


The powerful air of the compressor proves to be particularly helpful when chiseling. Mounted on the right tool, the compressor provides you with sufficient air reserves for chiseling work. The main advantage over the electric counterpart is again the safe operation in potentially explosive work areas. A compressed air hose with a sufficient inner diameter is also recommended for this application.

Chiseling with the compressor? Here's how to do it!

Cleaning surfaces

Whether it's a patio, the interior of your car, or dusty areas under the stairs, with the right compressor, you can clean a variety of surfaces sparkling clean. Even hard-to-reach and tight corners are no match for the power of compressed air.

Which compressor to choose?

You are probably wondering which compressor is best suited for you. We'll make the choice easier for you and explain the applications of the different types of air compressors from Einhell.

For compressors with a power supply, you have the advantage that some models are so-called silent compressors. These have a low operating noise and are therefore significantly quieter than conventional compressors without sacrificing performance.

The hybrid compressor is a true all-round compressor. The essential feature of this compact compressor is that it can be operated with both a battery and mains power via a power cable - truly hybrid. It is significantly smaller than average models in the hobby workshop and is usually suitable for inflating footballs and air mattresses at the beach or as a car accessory for regulating tire pressure. Due to its transport handle, this "mini-compressor" is easy to carry and store.

The Einhell "mini-compressor".

The battery-powered compressor and the Einhell portable compressors are used wherever the compressor needs to be carried to its place of use – in other words, where it needs to be mobile. They are mobile and flexibly applicable, super handy and lightweight. Thanks to the intelligent Power X-Change battery system, you can quickly replace the battery with the battery-powered version and continue working. You can optimally store the portable battery compressors and suitcase compressors in the car, saving space.

One of the Einhell cordless compressors.

Oil-free or oil-lubricated: Which motor delivers more power?

In addition, you have the choice between oil-free and oil-lubricated compressors. Since the pump of an oil-free compressor logically does not need to be oiled, you save a lot of maintenance costs and time. The oil-free compressor is also better suited for paint processing, as contamination with oil is excluded.

The oil-lubricated compressor, on the other hand, requires regular maintenance, which takes some time and incurs costs. However, compared to the oil-free device, this type has a longer lifespan and more power.

How much compressed air is sufficient for different types of work?

In our compressor test, we have tested various tasks with the devices and will tell you how much air your projects will approximately require and which compressed air compressor you should choose. In short, it can be said:

  • For a painting job on a car, you typically need 4 bar of air pressure.
  • To inflate a bicycle tire, your compressor should be able to produce 6 bar of air pressure.
  • And for filling car, truck, and (racing) bicycle tires, you need up to 11 bar of air pressure.
Here's how much compressed air you need for your tasks!

We therefore recommend a compressor that can generate at least 10 bar of air. With Einhell air compressors, you can configure the bar using the pressure regulator on the compressor, so you can always reduce and increase it again. Depending on the device, our compressors have a maximum output of up to 11 bar and are among the best compressors on the market.

The proper application of a compressor

What you need to consider when working with the compressor will be explained in the following section.

  1. Before using the compressor, be sure to check the equipment for any damages and verify the oil level. Only operate the equipment on a stable and level surface, and adjust the necessary pressure using the pressure regulator.
  2. When working with the compressor, always wear a mouth, eye, and hearing protection. The powerful air can cause serious injuries to the body. Therefore, sensitive body parts such as eyes and ears are particularly at risk when working with the compressed air compressor.
  3. Always keep in mind that even after shutting off the device, there is still a significant amount of pressure stored in the air hoses. This pressure can be released suddenly when connections are loosened. To mitigate these hazards, safety couplings can be used to interrupt the airflow when opened.
  4. Regularly drain the condensation that has accumulated in the pressure system and allow for sufficient cooling periods before the next use. This will significantly increase the lifespan of the compressor in the long run.

In the following video, we will show you exactly how the Einhell compressor is structured and what functions it offers.

Conclusion: With tools powered by strong air, you become a Enabler!

In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all compressor for all projects. The choice of device always depends on your requirements and desired areas of use. In general, all compressors from Einhell are perfectly suitable for home use and are already among the best devices in the DIY segment. With a little practice and fun, you can realize almost all of your plans. Click here to check out our different models.

The best compressors from Einhell

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Written by Tom Weber
Published on 03.03.2021

Tom Weber is a product specialist at Einhell. In his blog posts, he not only shares his in-depth expertise in using various Einhell devices but also provides inspiration and instructions for DIY projects that every home improvement enthusiast can tackle at home.