Woodworking with a multifunctional tool: Tips, attachments, and other applications

The Einhell multifunctional tool is the perfect machine for woodworking. The many functions of the multitool make it a popular and practical tool for both home and professional craftsmen. Whether you need to saw, sand, or scrape, with just one device, you have countless possibilities. In our blog, we provide you with the best tips for working with the multifunctional tool and show you which accessories and attachments are particularly useful.

Compact, red, and incredibly versatile: Multifunctional tools from Einhell.

They are compact, they are red – and they are incredibly versatile: The multifunctional tools from Einhell are indispensable when it comes to spontaneous, easy, and fast work in the house and garden. A powerful motor oscillates an attachment, allowing you to saw, sand, and scrape with the tool. From renovation to interior design to repairs, you can use the devices in many application areas. Truly a real multifunctional tool, where the name lives up to its promise!

The best cordless multifunctional tools

The best cordless multifunctional tools come from the Power X-Change system by Einhell. Here, you will find not only particularly compact and lightweight devices with high maneuverability, but also the latest technology around the battery, charger, and motor. For instance, a brushless motor inside the cordless multitool provides high performance and durability. The tools, batteries and chargers of the Power X-Change system are compatible with each other. Therefore, you can use the battery and accessories in many other Einhell tools, making it very practical and convenient!

You can also use the battery and accessories of the Power X-Change system in all other devices of the series!

The best multitools with power-cord

For demanding tasks around sawing and sanding, the multifunctional tools with up to 300 watts of power provide maximum performance. They are perfect tools for ambitious DIY enthusiasts who regularly tackle heavy and diverse applications throughout the house, working with wood, plastic, and metal. The oscillating multi-tools are ideal for such tasks.

Working with wood using the multifunctional tool

The multi-tool is the perfect tool for both small and large applications involving wood. Whether it is sawing, sanding, or scraping, we will take a closer look at the various possibilities of this versatile tool.

Sawing with the multitool

The most important function of the multifunctional tool is undoubtedly its sawing ability. Just like the tool itself, the saw is also flexible and versatile. Depending on the selected attachment or saw blade, it can be used as a plunge saw or a cutting saw. What's special about the saw is that its oscillating motion allows for particularly deep and clean cuts with the plunge saw. This makes it easy to saw rectangular cutouts, recesses, and holes in boards, plastics, and even non-ferrous metals.

In addition, the multitool can also be used to cut boards, pipes, metal rods, or nails, adjust door frames, and perform small repairs on parquet or hardwood floors.

The multitool can be used as a plunge saw or as a cutting saw.

Grinding with the multitool

With the appropriate attachment, the multifunctional tool can be transformed into a high-quality hand-held sander within seconds. The fast, oscillating movement of the triangular sanding pad ensures quick and clean sanding results. Especially in hard-to-reach areas such as corners, angles, or niches, the multifunction tool is ideal for precise sanding.

The multitool is a high-quality hand-held sanding tool for hard-to-reach areas.

Scraping with the multitool

The third function of the multitool is scraping. With this function, you can remove even stubborn material residues from wood, such as adhesives, coatings or other residues. The scraping attachment is powered by the motor and takes over the work that would otherwise have to be done laboriously with a file or plane. Without much effort, you can achieve perfect results quickly.

The right attachments for woodworking

To make optimal use of your multitool for woodworking, there are various attachments available. Many saws, sanders, and scrapers are already included in the Einhell devices' delivery package. The best part: attachment change is even possible without tools in Einhell machines. Genius! We will now show you which attachments are available and which ones you definitely need.

Particularly practical: The tool-free attachment change.

The saw attachment for the multitool

There are two types of saws for the multitool: the cutting saw and the plunge saw. The saw blades are available in different sizes and with different teeth, so you can choose the attachment that best suits your needs depending on the application.

Grinding attachments for the multitools

Just like saws, grinding attachments come in different sizes. However, it is much more important to choose the appropriate grit! To remove layers of paint or varnish, use a particularly coarse grit. To smooth boards nicely, a fine grit is used. For metal, there are additional grinding papers that have specific grits.

Scraping attachments for the multitool

The scraping attachments are also available in various sizes and designs. The stainless steel scrapers are particularly well suited for removing paint or adhesive residues, stickers, or prints from wood. They work like a putty knife, which, as you surely know from your own experience, would be extremely laborious by hand!

Multifunctional tool: Which materials is it suitable for?

In general, a multitool is suitable for almost all materials. The key factor here is the right accessories, especially the appropriate attachment. As just described, there are attachments that are only suitable for wood, plastics, or metals.

Especially saw blades and sanders need to be precisely matched to the material. A wood saw, for example, will not be able to cut pipes or nails. This is why accessories play a particularly important role in the use of a multitool.

Conclusion: The multifunctional tool replaces many individual tools and quickly makes you a doer!

A saw, a sander, and a planer: these three tools can be easily replaced by the multitool. The attachments, accessories, and wide range of applications with wood, metal, and plastics make the multifunction tool particularly popular among DIY enthusiasts who value practical functions and ease of use!

The best multifunctional tools from Einhell

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Written by Tom Weber
Published on 04.02.2021

Tom Weber is a product specialist at Einhell. In his blog posts, he not only shares his in-depth expertise in using various Einhell devices but also provides inspiration and instructions for DIY projects that every home improvement enthusiast can tackle at home.