Applications for the cordless drill driver

A cordless drill driver offers many different and sometimes unusual applications. We'll show you them today in the Einhell blog.

The cordless drill driver is one of the most used tools for DIYers. The different applications are diverse. Perhaps more diverse than you might think.


This is perhaps an obvious one from the name. Whether in metal, wood or plastic. With a cordless drill driver, that’s no problem. If you also have a hammer drill function, you can drill holes in concrete, stone or brick.


This one can also be deduced from the „driver“ part of the tool’s name. With the right bit, almost any screw can be screwed in or out, depending on the performance of the cordless drill driver.


With metal, but also with wood, you can achieve great effects with a round steel brush or simply remove dirt and rust. As you’re doing this with a cordless drill driver, you are free in your movements, as you are not reliant on a cable. With a polishing attachment you can polish metal parts perfectly and let them shine in new splendour.

Dowel cutting

This is quite an unusual application. For this you will need a dowel template. But this is simply a piece of flat iron, in which you, for example, drill an 8 mm hole and use a small file or an engraving machine to magic teeth into the surface. Now you take a strip of spare wood, e. g. 10x10 mm, slightly sharpen it at the front, put the other end in your cordless drill driver and insert it with the tip into the firmly fixed dowel template. Now turn this rod at full speed and some pressure through the hole with the teeth. You won’t believe how quick it is! The finished dowel comes out at the back.

Additional functions

Sawing holes

Yes, really! With the cordless drill driver and a hole saw, you can saw large holes in wood, metal or plastic.

Winding cords

Whether it is a kite string or a mason cord, winding can be quite annoying, depending on the length. With a wooden roller, like the self-made sanding roller, you can clamp the threaded rod in the cordless drill driver and have the cord wound up comfortably.


With a purchased or self‐made sanding roller, you can enlarge holes or sharpen curves.

Stirring paint/paste

With a stirring attachment, freshly mixed paint or wallpaper paste can be stirred very easily. You will save yourself sore muscles the next day.

Creative functions

Peeling apples

At our last apple pie marathon, heaps of apples had to be peeled. With my cordless drill driver and a homemade apple holder, things got done quickly.


There are small pumps for cordless drill drivers that can pump up to 5,000 litres per hour. Simply clamp the cordless drill as a drive and off you go! In no time at all you can pump out small garden ponds or paddling pools.

Drives for racing cars

There are official races where the vehicles are powered by cordless drill drivers instead of real motors. No joke! The drivers, however, are children and the people at the pit stop are their parents… obviously.

Your imagination knows no bounds. I think after reading this list, which is certainly far from exhaustive, you will certainly agree with me when I call the cordless drill drivers one of the most useful appliances/tools.

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Written by Frank Rath
Published on 13.09.2018

Whether it's drilling, hammering, or sanding, our professionals in the workshop and DIY field will show you how it's done. Frank Rath is a freelance blogger and a passionate craftsman. With his tips and tricks about Einhell tools, you will not only become an absolute DIY expert but also learn how to safely use each device.