Gas Appliance Accessory

Indoor regulator 50mbar

Item no:2332399EAN: 4006825585735
Gas Appliance Accessory

Indoor regulator 50mbar

Item no: 2332399 EAN: 4006825585735
  • Original Einhell 50 mbar internal pressure regulator accessory for gas heaters
  • Suitable for Einhell ceramic gas heater KGH 4200 (DE/AT)
  • Suitable for Einhell Blue Flame gas heater BFO 4200/1 (DE/AT)
  • Inlet pressure: 0.3 to 16 bar
  • Outlet pressure: 50 mbar
  • Integrated pressure gauge for leak testing of the system
  • Overheating protection with thermal shut-off device
  • Regulator with overpressure safety device
  • Certified to EN 12864 and DIN 4815 F1-t
  • For use in private homes and commercial settings
  • Suitable for gas cylinders of 5 and 11 kg
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Article description

The Original Einhell 50 mbar internal pressure regulator is used with gas appliance such as a gas cooker or a gas oven in enclosed indoor spaces. The domestic regulator is suitable for connecting Einhell BFO 4200/1 Blue Flame gas heaters (DE/AT) and KGH 4200 ceramic gas heaters (DE/AT) in Germany and Austria. With EN 12864 and DIN 4815 F1-t certifications, it is suitable for indoor use in private households according to the German Liquefied Gas Regulations (TRF) and for gas appliances in commercial applications with hose lines longer than 400 mm, in accordance with the relevant German Occupational Health and Safety Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV BGV D34) §11 para. 3 and 4. The gas-tightness of the system can be checked using the integrated inspection pressure gauge. The thermal shut-off device stops the gas supply when the temperature rises above 100 °C. The overpressure safety device ensures that if one of the two regulator stages fails, the other regulator stage will take over and limit the pressure to a maximum of 100 mbar. The internal pressure regulator is suitable for 5 and 11 kg gas bottles. The inlet connection features a KLF (W21.8 x 1/14") left-handed thread and the inlet pressure corresponds to 0.3 to 16 bar. The regulator works at inlet pressures of 0.3 to 16 bar. The outlet connection has a G1/4 LH-KN DIN 8542 thread and the outlet pressure is 50 mbar.

Technical details

Input connectionKLF (W21,8 x 1/14“)
Max. input pressure16 bar
Min. inlet pressure0.3 bar
Outlet pressure50 mbar
Output connectionG1/4 LH-KN
Suitable for gas bottle size5 and 11 kg
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