Automatic Water Works


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  • Smart: App control makes watering possible from anywhere
  • Manual switching on or off via app
  • Schedule irrigation via the app for set watering times
  • Smart watering with the help of weather data via the app
  • Coordination of multiple smart devices via the app
  • Automatic function in case of pressure request or pressure loss
  • Large water filler screw facilitates pump filling
  • Frost protection thanks to water drainage screw
  • Dry-running protection prevents damage due to dry-running
  • Thermal protection prevents overload damage to the motor
  • Pre-filter protects the pump from contamination
  • Non-return valve prevents backflow / drop of the water level
  • High-quality mechanical seals ensure less wear
  • LED display provides information about jams and possible errors
  • Durable suction and pressure connections with brass inserts
  • High-quality stainless steel look
  • Incl. adapter 1" (33.3 mm) OT suitable for 1" hose connections
  • No WLAN or Bluetooth required
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Article description

The smart Einhell automatic domestic waterworks GE-AW 1144 SMART makes it possible: Thanks to app control, watering is possible from anywhere – completely without Bluetooth or WLAN and completely without range restriction. Via the Einhell Connect app, the pump can be switched on or off manually, with a high-quality stainless steel look. And if you want added convenience scheduled watering for fixed watering times can also be set via the app. Smart watering is also possible via the app with the help of real-time weather data at the pump location. Several smart Einhell devices can be coordinated via it. With 1,100 W, up to 4,400 litres per hour can be delivered. The device can also be used as a classic automatic domestic waterworks (not via app): The automatic function switches the pump on or off in case of water demand or a pressure drop. A large water filler screw facilitates the filling of the pump. Thanks to the water drain screw, the pump can be made "winter-proof", so that it is protected from frost. Further protection is provided by the dry-running protection, which prevents damage due to dry-running, and the thermal protection against overload damage to the engine. The pump is protected from contamination by a pre-filter. Thanks to the non-return valve, backflow and drop of the water level are prevented and a fast suction process is ensured. High-quality mechanical seals ensure less wear. The LED display on the pump provides information about the status of the pump and possible errors. Quality and durability offer suction and pressure connection with brass threads. The delivery includes an adapter 33.3 mm (R1OT) suitable for 1" suction hose connections, key for pre-filter cap and an additional antenna.

Technical details

Max. delivery height48 m
Max. delivery pressure4.8 bar
Max. delivery rate4400 l/h
Max. suction height8 m
Max. water temperature35 °C
Power1100 W
Power cable length1.5 m
Pressure connection type33,3 mm (R1 IG)
Product weight11.4 Kg
Suction connection type42 mm (R11/4 AG)

Controllable via the app

Smart and connected: The smart automatic domestic waterworks

The Einhell automatic domestic waterworks GE-AW 1144 SMART brings smart technology to the garden! The pump can be controlled manually or automatically with fixed irrigation times via app control. Smart watering, automatically adapted to the current weather data, is also possible thanks to the SMART function. In addition, other Einhell smart devices can also be networked and coordinated in the app.


LED status indicator

The central LED display indicates the status of the automatic home and garden pump and indicates errors.


Simple transport

With the help of the integrated carrying handle, the automatic domestic water dispenser can be easily transported and used flexibly.


Suction & pressure connection

The pump is equipped with a 42 mm suction connection (R1 1/4" AG) and a 33.3 mm pressure connection (R1" IG) made of brass.


Durable & protected

The motor and pump are protected from damage by protective mechanisms such as dry-running protection, thermal protection and scald protection.

Powerful and reliableAutomatic water supply for home and garden

The Einhell automatic domestic waterworks GE-AW 1144 SMART delivers up to 4,400 litres of water per hour with a max. delivery pressure of 4.8 bar. With the 1,100 W pump, the house and garden can easily be supplied with clear water from nearby wells, cisterns, etc.

Robust automatic domestic waterworks

High-quality equipment for optimal use of the pump

The automatic domestic waterworks GE-AW 1144 SMART is equipped with many high-quality and practical features. The large water filling screw and a separate drain screw, for example, make it easy to fill and empty the pump in order to make it ready for use or winter-proof and to protect it from frost. A non-return valve prevents the backflow and the drop of the water level and a pre-filter protects the pump from contamination.

Is a WLAN or Bluetooth connection required to control the pump via the app?

No, neither WLAN nor Bluetooth is necessary for controlling the pump via the app. The pump communicates directly with your smartphone via the mobile network. There are no additional costs.

Can the pump only be controlled via the app?

No, the pump can also be used as a classic automatic domestic waterworks without an app.

Does the pump have an automatic function so that it switches on automatically when water is required?

Yes, the pump has an integrated pressure switch, which automatically switches the device on and off.

Do I need an additional pre-filter to protect the pump from contamination in the water?

No, the pump already has a pre-filter installed.

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