Grinding triangles

5 Q-Stick Delta sheets 287 mm

Item no: 49491075 EAN: 4009314910759
  • Original Einhell 5-piece sandpaper set for drywall sanders
  • For the drywall sander TE-DW 225 X
  • Set of 5x delta sandpaper with 287 mm edge length
  • Ideal for smoothing filler and uneven surfaces
  • Removing wallpaper residue, paint, etc.
  • Handling corners and edges with to the triangular grid
  • Incl. 2x grid lines (P80) for putty and acrylic varnish
  • Incl. 2x sandpaper (P80) for wood, metal, plastic
  • Incl. 1x sandpaper (P80) for paint, hardwood, softwood
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RRP 8.99 EUR
Article description

The original Einhell 5-piece delta sandpaper set is a suitable accessory for drywall sanders with 287 mm delta sanding disc, especially for the Einhell drywall sander TE-DW 225 X. The set includes 2x sanding grids for putty and acrylic paint, 1x sandpaper (red) for wood, metal and plastic and 2x sandpaper (white) for paint, hardwood and softwood. All sandpaper has a granulation of P80 and can be easily attached to the sanding plate using Velcro. The dimensions of the triangular sandpaper are 287 x 287 x 287 mm. The sandpaper set is ideal for smoothing filler and unevenness on drywalls, both on walls and on ceilings or floor coverings. It can also be used to remove wallpaper residue, paint and adhesive residue.

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