Charging with Precision: The World of Einhell Charging Technology

Power X-Change represents wireless freedom and flexibility in combining batteries and devices. However, not only the batteries are an essential part of the Power X-Change family – equally innovative and crucial for the use of the batteries are our battery chargers! The Einhell Power X-Change chargers are indispensable when it comes to optimal power supply for battery-operated devices. They quickly and gently charge every Power X-Change battery, ensuring it is ready for use again. In our blog post, we'll show you which chargers are available and the benefits they bring. We'll also clarify the differences between the Boostcharger and the Fastcharger, and why the Quattro-Charger looks like a suitcase.

Discover in our blog post which chargers are available for the Power X-Change battery and what differences they have.

How do chargers work?

Plug the cable into the socket, insert the battery into the charger – done! As simple as the operation may be, the technology behind it is somewhat more complex.

Fundamentally, a charger acts as a type of converter or transformer between the socket and the battery. A battery charger converts the electrical energy from the socket into energy suitable for the battery. For clarification: a standard European household socket provides electricity with a voltage of 230 volts. However, a Power X-Change battery is designed for a charging voltage of 18 to 20 volts. If one were to connect the battery directly to the socket, the Power X-Change battery – and any other 18-volt battery – would immediately overheat and become damaged.

Our Einhell Power X-Chargers have been specifically designed for PXC batteries and can only be used for our batteries. The integrated intelligent charging management ensures the highest safety during the charging process.

Fundamentally, a charger operates like a transformer between the socket and the Power X-Change battery.

How do chargers charge?

Our chargers are exclusively Li-Ion chargers, designed specifically to charge Einhell 18V batteries with lithium-ion technology. The charging process for Li-ion batteries can generally be divided into two phases:

  • Charging Phase 1 (CC = constant current): In this phase, the Li-Ion battery is charged with a constant current until its voltage reaches a certain value. Typically, the battery is charged up to approximately 80%.
  • Charging Phase 2 (CV = constant voltage): In this phase, the battery is gently charged with decreasing current until it reaches 100% of its capacity.

After the completion of Charging Phase 2, the battery enters the maintenance mode. In this mode, the battery is charged with a very low current to maintain its charge state.

Our chargers have been exclusively and specifically designed to be compatible with Einhell Power X-Change batteries.

Which chargers are available for the PXC battery?

For every application and charging behavior, we have the suitable battery charger. From Fast to Boost chargers – even chargers with multiple slots – we have it all. All our chargers are equipped with internal control modules. These ensure that the cells of the battery packs are charged flawlessly and uniformly. This not only extends the lifespan of the batteries but also provides additional safety factors. For example, it recognizes whether a battery is defective or has too high or too low a temperature for a safe charging process – and immediately terminates it. Each of the Einhell Power X-Change chargers is compatible with a Power X-Change battery.

Power X-Charger 3 A

The classic among Power X-Change chargers: the 18 Volt Battery Charger 3 A. Equipped with a 6-LED display and intelligent charging management, the smallest of our chargers is quite impressive. It charges with an output current of 3 amperes. A 6.0 Ah battery is fully charged in approximately 2 hours. Not only does it display the current charge level or battery status, but it also ensures the highest safety during the charging process.

Power X-Car Charger 3 A

You are constantly on the road with your car or camper van and want to charge your Power X-Change batteries independently of any regular power outlet? With the Power X-Car Charger, this is no longer a problem! The charger, with its 12-volt plug, fits into the cigarette lighter of any camper or car, offering a convenient alternative to the traditional battery charger. Thanks to a 2-stage protection system, the fast charger also ensures that the charging process is halted when it detects that the car battery is weak and low, ensuring that the vehicle can still be started at any time.

Power X-Twincharger 3 A

Double your time savings with the Einhell Power X-Twincharger. This battery charger features two slots, allowing it to simultaneously charge two PXC batteries. This undoubtedly saves time, especially when the batteries are part of a Twin-Pack compatible device. The two batteries are monitored throughout the charging process to ensure optimal charging at all times. With the built-in Refresh function in each charger, even deeply discharged batteries can be gently reactivated.

Power X-Quattrocharger 4 A

If you have many Einhell batteries with Li-Ion at home, the best choice for you is likely the Power X-Quattrocharger with 4 slots. You can simultaneously connect up to 4 Power X-Change batteries to the charger. Two of them charge simultaneously with 4 amperes charging current each. Once these two are full, the device charges the other two. Since the charger looks like a suitcase, it can be easily transported, takes up little space, and only requires one socket in your workshop or garage.

Power X-Fastcharger 4 A

Another suitable charger for your batteries is the Fastcharger with a 4-ampere charging current. The charging time is reduced by 25% compared to the Power X-Charger 3 A. A 6.0 Ah battery then only takes 90 minutes to charge fully, instead of the 2 hours with a 3-ampere charger. Additionally, the fast charger – like most other Einhell battery chargers – can be conveniently wall-mounted using hanging eyes, saving space. You can monitor the current charge level and check your Li-Ion battery at any time through the 6-LED display.

Power X-Boostcharger 6 A und 8 A

With our Boostchargers, you have access to our fastest battery chargers. They can charge your Power X-Change battery with 6 or 8 amperes. This means a 6.0 Ah battery can be charged in just 45 to 60 minutes (depending on the charging current). You can activate the Boost function as needed by pressing a separate button. So, if you need a battery quickly, simply press the Boost button. When the blue LED indicator is lit, the mode is activated. If you don't press the button, your battery will be charged gently at the normal speed (3 A). The Boost mode can be used with the Boostcharger 6 A for batteries of 2.5 Ah or higher. With the 8 A Boostcharger, the full Boost charging current can be used for batteries of 5.2 Ah or higher. In other cases, the batteries are automatically charged with a lower Boost charging current to protect the cells from overheating.

The difference between Boost & Fast Charger

It is often said that fast charging is harmful to a Li-ion battery. In essence, fast charging, which involves a high charging current, is not necessarily detrimental to your battery. The dose makes the poison, as the saying goes. The higher current can indeed cause your battery to become warmer during charging, compared to a gentler charging process for the Li-ion battery. This can potentially increase the stress on individual cells. To avoid this, all our Power X-Chargers are equipped with safety systems that prevent the battery from overheating. The integrated charging management system terminates the charging process if the battery or the charger itself becomes too warm.

Therefore, our Boostchargers are not harmful to your Power X-Change battery, especially if you use the mode only occasionally. Additionally, the Boost mode is optional and can be activated as needed. This is also the difference compared to the Fastcharger: while the Fastcharger consistently charges the battery with 4 amperes, the Boostcharger typically charges with "only" 3 amperes. Only by manually pressing the Boost button does the Boostcharger then charge with 6 or 8 amperes, depending on the model.

While the Fastcharger consistently and gently charges the battery with a 4 A charging current, the Boostcharger typically charges with 3 amperes in the regular mode.


The selection is vast. Finding the right battery charger is certainly not easy. Ideally, you started with one of our Starter Kits and already have a charger at home. However, not only is the range of chargers extensive, but also the selection of Einhell devices compatible with Power X-Change is extensive. The more devices you have in your workshop or garden, the more batteries you will own. In that case, a fast charger with multiple battery slots certainly makes sense. The option of the switchable Boost mode is becoming increasingly attractive for quickly getting back to work. It's best to explore our website to find out which charger suits you and your applications best.

Here you can find all Einhell Power X-Chargers:

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