A electric lawn mower
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Electric lawn mower

Light and quiet

They are quieter, require less maintenance and produce cleaner cutting than their petrol-powered counterparts – the electric lawn mowers. In addition, lawn mowers are always ready for use with this type of power, as they do not need to be filled with fuel before use. Thanks to their comparatively low weight, electric lawn mowers can also be moved with less effort. This makes electric mowers a more environmentally friendly alternative for small to medium-sized lawns.


  • Low noise level
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful

The right product whatever your needs

Lawn area Model Cutting width Power
250m² GC-EM 1030/1 30 cm 1000 W
300m² GE-EM 1233 M 33 cm 1250 W
600m² GE-EM 1536 HW M 36 cm 1500 W
700m² GC-EM 1742 42 cm 1700 W
800m² GE-EM 1843 HW M 43 cm 1800 W

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