We support climate protection!

Power X-Change as a sustainable energy source

Sustainability at Einhell: Innovation meets climate protection

Climate protection projects and the role of Power X-Change batteries

We don't just focus on well-thought-out innovation, but are also striving for an environmentally friendly energy future! At the heart of our commitment to sustainability lie our Power X-Change batteries – the key to mobile energy with Einhell. We support a range of climate action projects through ClimatePartner. This means that we are taking proactive measures to offset the CO2 emissions arising from the manufacture of our batteries, and thus making a positive contribution to protecting the climate.

What does ClimatePartner do?

ClimatePartner GmbH is a company that specialises in solutions for climate action in business. Its main objective is to help companies measure, reduce and offset their CO2 emissions. To achieve this, ClimatePartner offers innovative tools and services that enable companies to calculate their environmental footprint and take targeted measures to reduce emissions. Einhell AG is supporting a range of climate action projects through ClimatePartner and is therefore ClimatePartner-certified. Our Power X-Change batteries have been specially certified as a "CO2 compensated product". This means that all CO2 emissions associated with the 3.0 Ah Plus, 4.0 Ah Plus, 4-6 Ah Multi-Ah Plus and 5-8 Ah Multi-Ah Plus batteries, from manufacture through to sale, are offset.

Our certified batteries

3.0 Ah Power X-Change

4.0 Ah Power X-Change

4-6 Ah Power X-Change

5-8 Ah Power X-Change

We support the following climate protection projects:

Einhell AG & ClimatePartner GmbH

Learn more about our involvement with ClimatePartner now.
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Solar energy Surel & Indien

We support climate protection projects for the generation of sustainable energy. This includes promoting the expansion of wind and solar energy in India, Aruba, and the Philippines.
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Wind energy Nong Wang, Thailand

The project in Thailand contributes to reducing CO₂ emissions by injecting clean power from wind energy into the national grid. This helps increase the share of renewable energy in the country and improve energy security.
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Climate protection project + Marine conservation

With ClimatePartner and Plastic Bank, the oceans are freed from plastic and waste. For every tonne of CO2 saved, 10 kg of plastic are removed from the seas.
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Our recycling program

Even though the CO2 emissions associated with our Power X-Change batteries are already offset from manufacture to sale, we do not want to lose focus on sustainability far beyond the life cycle of our batteries. For that reason, we will recycle your old Power X-Change battery for free. For the actual recycling process, we rely on the European market leader in battery recycling, Redux GmbH. The company draws on 20 years of experience and also boasts the largest industrial Li‐ion recycling plant. Thanks to modern recycling techniques, valuable materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, plastic, and the active components of the cells can be recovered from each lithium-ion battery.

Einhell recycling process

Step by step guide to recycling your Einhell battery

1. Collecting your details

2. We'll send you a shipping box

3. We'll recycle your battery for you