The Einhell battery advisor

Now integrated in the new, easy-to-use Einhell product advisor

We're the battery experts! We have created a unique battery platform with our Power X- Change battery system that not only ensures tangled cables are a thing of the past, but also puts an end to different batteries getting mixed up. So that all of your Power X-Change tools get the power they need, Power X-Change batteries are available in different capacities and power levels. And all batteries can be used in any Power X-Change device! 

With our battery advisor, which has now been integrated into the product advisor, we can help you to find the right device for your requirements. Batteries, chargers and accessories are then suggested to suit the device and product you have selected. With the specific battery running and charging times for your selected set, you can find out what you can expect from your Power X-Change set before you even buy it! We help you to find the perfect combination of tool and battery for maximum performance and efficiency.

Our product advisor: Advantages

  • Flexible combination of batteries and products
  • Tested: Your battery and device combo running time
  • Easy selection of the right charger
  • Recommendations of practical accessories
  • Your choice goes straight to the shopping basket

Start the Einhell product advisor now

Simply pick an area and off you go!

How the Einhell product and battery advisor works

Step 1

Find your product

Already know which device you want? Then use the product page to start the advisor to find the battery and accessories you need. Still unsure which device is best for you? Then start the advisor from the very start and view a selection of the right Power X-Change devices for your needs.

Step 2

Select the battery

If you have chosen a specific Einhell battery-powered device, the battery adviser integrated in the product advisor suggests the Power X-Change batteries that are recommended specifically for the selected device. Tailored to your device, you will be shown the specific battery performance, capacity and power.

Step 3

Select the charger

To match the Einhell battery selected, you will be shown the different Power X-Change chargers with the respective charging times for your battery. If you have chosen a charger, the next step is to suggest suitable accessories for your device. This way you can put together your own individual set!

Step 4

Purchase your set

Happy with the personalised Power X-Change set you've put together? Then the Einhell product and battery advisor will tell you the calculated total price (RRP) of your set. Once you have decided on it, you can add the set to your shopping basket in the online shop in just a click – and it will be on its way to you in no time!

Power X‐Change battery features So that all of your Power X-Change tools get the power they need, Power X-Change batteries are available in different capacities and power levels.

3 sizes make the difference

Ampere hours (Ah)

Battery features

The ampere hours (Ah) indicator shows what operating power is possible with the device used. In a car, this would correspond to the tank capacity – the bigger it is, the longer you can drive for.

Volts (V)

Battery features

The volt (V) indicator shows what voltage the battery has. When compared with a car this would be the engine size, i.e. the displacement and thus the power of the engine.

Watts (W)

Battery features

The watt (W) indicator shows what power the battery can provide. If you compare that to a car, it corresponds to the engine power, i.e. the horse power.

Product advantages and battery advisor

A clear selection instead of a jumble of products

Find the right device with just a few questions

Looking for a cordless lawn mower for your garden? You’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection! However, so you don’t have to click through our extensive selection one by one, the product advisor is the faster solution. Once you’ve chosen between the workshop and garden areas and the right application area, your needs are determined with the help of a few questions. The size of your lawn, for example, is an important criterion by which suitable products are made available to you.

Optimal battery power for your device

The battery advisor helps you make a decision

So you don't have to spend any time finding out about battery life, the batteries recommended for your device are recommended in the battery advisor. But that's not all! To give you a relevant comparison, we will show you the different battery performance specifically for this device. This means: For example, if you choose the Einhell cordless lawn mower GE-CM 36/41 Li-Solo, you will need two batteries for 36 V power. With a 2.5 Ah twin pack you can mow about 330 m², with two 4.0 Ah batteries that increases to 500 m², and with two 5.2 Ah Power X-Change Plus batteries you can even achieve up to 700 m². Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Matching chargers for your batteries

Comparable overview and charging times

What is the difference between the Power X Fastcharger, Power X Twincharger and Power X Boostcharger? Our product advisor is the expert in this! Our advisor will explain how many batteries you can charge at the same time and how long the battery from your Power X-Change set will take to charge with the respective charger. So that your 5.2 Ah battery is fully charged again within an hour, it is best to use the Power X-Boostcharger, for example. Want to charge your battery Twinset at the same time? Then the Power X Twincharger is the charger for you!

With accessories for the perfect result

Selecting additional devices and accessories

A powerful and reliable cordless lawn mower is the first step towards the perfect lawn. Our product advisor knows which accessories could be a useful addition to your product. While you need the right saw blades for a saw,  you'll for example see fewer accessories for the cordless lawn mower, but more additional garden devices. For example, cordless grass shears help you create clean lawn edges and a cordless lawn trimmer is the must-have device for rough terrain.

Check out with the shopping basket!

Purchase an individual Power X-Change set

Finished with the Power X-Change set you've individually put together? With just one click, you can add your selected products to the shopping basket in the online shop. By the way, don't be put off by the calculated total price (RRP), as prices may vary, and are usually below the recommended retail price (RRP). So, maybe you'll get a nice surprise and your shopping cart will be a lot cheaper than expected – find out in just a click!