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Circular table saw – the handy all-rounder

Cord connection and cordless circular table saws for your DIY projects
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Circular table saws from Einhell: Your must-have tool for DIY projects

With a circular table saw from Einhell you can cut wood precisely and effectively. Thanks to its fixed, secure base, the circular table saw works significantly more precisely and quickly than hand tools. Precise and speedy working with both vertical and horizontal cuts in large workpieces are this saw's speciality. And thanks to the practical settings options, there are virtually no limits on your DIY creativity. Einhell offers the right circular table saw for all your needs. Discover all models from Einhell now!

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The different circular table saws from Einhell


The corded circular table saw

With the corded circular table saw, you can cut and process wooden workpieces effortlessly. The hard metal precision saw blade makes particularly precise cuts in wood possible. The height and angle of the saw blade can also be optimally adapted to the corresponding cutting plans. The cutting width of the saw blade is up to 65 mm with an inclination of 45° and up to 85 mm with an inclination of 90°. The stationary circular saw also has a parallel and transverse stop for even more precise cutting. Depending on the model, the parallel stop is either fitted with a single or double-sided fixing so that you can work particularly cleanly and securely. The transverse stop in the circular saw also has a detailed angle scale for precise mitre cuts.

On some models, it is possible to expand the work table to easily saw bigger workpieces in a flash. Depending on the model, the foot of the base frame is often height adjustable. Thanks to the dust extraction connection on the housing you can work with a vacuum to always have a clean workspace and a good view on the workpiece. Never has working with wood been that easy!

man uses corded circular table saw from Einhell


man works with cordless circular table saw from Einhell

Cordless circular table saw

With the cordless circular table saw TE-TS 36/210 Li-Solo from Einhell you can cut both hard and soft wood workpieces with no problem. As the device is fitted with the efficient and powerful Power X-Change system, you get limitless freedom from cables and can easily add a spare battery for even more cutting power. Two 2.5 Ah Plus batteries are recommended for optimal results.

Thanks to the parallel stop, you can achieve precise vertical cuts and the angle stop makes mitre cuts of up to 60° possible. The HM saw blade developed specially for cordless saws can be tilted steplessly up to 45° for mitres. The saw blade is also height-adjustable for an even more precise and clean cut. The stable 480x467 mm aluminium table is particularly resistant and can be extended up to 625 mm for larger workpieces. The model is optimally suited for DIYers working in their basement, garage or workshop.


The saw for mobile use

The small, compact saw TC-TS 200 is much smaller than other circular table saw and is particularly well suited for mobile use. The tool also impresses with its powerful sawing cuts thanks to the HM saw blade. The left-tiltable saw blade and the angle stop make mitre cuts of up to 60° possible, and the parallel stop takes care of even more precise cutting work.

Thanks to the induction motor, the device requires very little maintenance and is quiet in operation. Safely stored during transport thanks to the accessories holder, you can use the powerful tool whenever and wherever you want!

man uses compact cordless circular table saw from Einhell


Einhell circular table saw guide

The stationary Einhell circular table saw offers many useful functions that will support you with your individual tasks in the garage, basement and workshop. Find out which special features each model can provide for you and your DIY projects.

What to look out for when purchasing a circular table saw

So that you can find the right circular table saw for you, when purchasing your future stationary circular saw it should certainly meet a few important criteria. You should also make sure to consider the projects you are planning. For projects with easy-to-process workpieces, a stationary circular saw with low wattage should perfectly adequate. On the other hand, for projects with heavy, bulky workpieces you would be better off with a model with a higher wattage.


  1. Precision and cutting capacity of the table saw

The most important criteria when purchasing a stationary circular saw are precision and cutting capacity. Therefore, the device should be able to achieve the highest possible cutting heights at 90° and at 45° so that you can perform particularly precise cuts, even in hard wood. The cutting height ultimately determines how hard the material you are cutting can be. It is also important that the cutting angle and height can be manually and steplessly adjusted. This means that the saw blade can be adapted to the thickness of the material and you can also achieve exact and precise mitre cuts.

man works with circular table saw from Einhell



Einhell circular table saw

  1. Sufficient wattage

The performance of the motor and the idle speed are also very important. Therefore, it is important that you think about which projects you want to use your saw for before making a decision as the devices sometimes differ considerably in their wattage. The saws from Einhell are some of the most powerful devices in the DIY segment. The more power the motor provides, ultimately the more expensive the saw is.



  1. Parallel and angle stop

You should also make sure that the stationary circular saw is provided with a parallel and angle stop. The parallel stop ensures that you can cut pieces of the exact same size from a material. For example, you can cut several small strips from a large piece of wood with the parallel stop without having to mark and measure the wood again before each cut. With the angle stop you can easily perform precise mitre cuts – even at an angle of 60° with the Einhell circular table saw.

man uses parallel stop on Einhell circular table saw



dust extraction of Einhell circular table saw

  1. Safety and comfort in the workplace

It is particularly important that that you opt for saw with a stable and big enough work table that can withstand loads. And a stable underframe is just as crucial! It is also an advantage if you can adjust the height and width of the table so that you can saw large pieces without a problem. For clean, fine work with the saw, dust extraction on the housing and saw blade protection is essential. On the one hand, this has the advantage that you always have a clear view of your workpiece, and on the other hand it is also good for your health as you are not breathing in as much fine dust. It is required in accordance with standards that the device is fitted with a push stick, riving blade and saw blade protection. Therefore, for your own safety, when purchasing a circular saw you should ensure that the saw meets these requirements and is also fitted with an overheat switch.



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