Weed-free: Easily clean paving joints!

Clean deep in the joints! With an Einhell joint cleaner you can clean your paving stones in an environmentally way without breaking your back: with a telescopic holder on the device and without chemicals! Instead of struggling with an old toothbrush, you can work easily on large areas with a grout cleaner and remove dandelions, moss and lichen. This means that unwanted greenery will soon not be a problem in your yard and garden.

The grout cleaner will help you to clean your driveway or patio effectively and in an environmentally friendly way.

Effective cleaning with a grout cleaner

Paving joints can be found everywhere in your garden — the paved path around your house, your driveway or patio.  They are only beautifiul to look at if you clean them regularly. Then the overall view of your garden is orderly and inviting: garden parties, mild summer evenings or simply a coffee on the patio are such pleasant pastimes, times when you don't want to worry about weeds.

So there are several reasons to declare war on weeds! However, when working on your joints, household remedies and emergency tools such as kitchen knives are not effective tools. Instead, you need a grout cleaner to make your work easier. Many aids should be used with caution: Although salt is often recommended as a home remedy, you should not use it to clean your paving stones. You'll dry out the earth and damage nearby plants.

A tip: When soil is damp, moss can be removed particularly easily. Therefore, ideally you should work on your joints after a rain shower. Of course, you can just help yourself with a little water. Boiling water in particular helps, because it weakens the roots of the weeds and at best destroys them. Work easily with a battery-operated or electric grout cleaner from Einhell on damp earth.

With an Einhell grout cleaner weeds between paving stones have no chance. No matter whether you decide on a cordless or electric grout cleaner, you'll clean your joints effectively.

Remove weeds: Advantages of a grout cleaner

For many garden owners clean joints are a must: for your garden and yard to look good, the details must be right. Visually, joints without weeds are satisfying, but safety also plays a part: no plants between the paving stones are not a problem, but overgrown scrub can become slippery, particularly when wet and be a trip hazard. It's time to attack that greenery.

Tackle weeds at the root: with a grout cleaner you work effectively.

In contrast to a gas-operated flame device the grout cleaner is cheaper and scores more with a lower risk of injury. In addition you can pinpoint your work: where a high pressure cleaner often washes out grout as well as the moss on it with water, with a grout cleaner you simply tackle the problem at the root. Grout cleaners are particularly suitable for getting to grips with the weed and also have other advantages.

  • Time-saving removal: With the grout cleaner you work twice as quickly: you can accurately target weeds and remove them as a whole. On the one hand you really only work on the places that are affected by weeds and moss. On the other, large areas are no problem, because the grout cleaner is fast and effective — the cordless device will help you to remove weeds quickly without restricting your movement.
  • Ergonomic work: Nobody likes to work on their joints with kitchen knives or toothbrushes! Especially not your back: if you are bending for long periods or kneeling trying to scrape moss from the joints, you'll get stiff muscles. That's why working with a grout cleaner is the best choice. Because with the adjustable telescopic arm and interchangeable brushes you can adjust heights individually. Your back will thank you!
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning: Aggressive chemicals in a domestic garden? Many people rightly say: no thanks! Chemicals not only attack unwanted greenery, but also plants, shrubs and trees in the vicinity. In addition, the use of weed killers on paving stones is generally prohibited and punished with high fines. These cannot be dissipated properly and in the worst case end up in the water course.

For sustainable results: what to look out for when cleaning

For clean joints and a beautiful garden! Working with a grout cleaner has many advantages, such as accurate working in an environmentally friendly way. So that you are immune to weeds for the long term you should observe the following tips.

Work with additional resources

Thorough cleaning is rewarded! So, if you work with boiling water to remove moss, the roots of the weeds will be weakened. Prior cleaning with a hard broom and loosening particularly firm roots from gaps with additional equipment can also help to achieve good results with the grout cleaner.

Remove as much organic material as possible

Make sure to thoroughly dispose of all organic material after cleaning with the grout cleaner, otherwise shoots can remain and the greenery will come back. It can be helpful to double-check your patio or driveway for any remaining roots with the grout cleaner. This way you'll prevent weeds from sprouting after the next rain and ensure a cleaner driveway or patio for longer.

Use additional grout material or jointing sand

After working you should fill the cleaned joints, to make it more difficult for dandelions and the like to grow back. Especially when removing a great deal of greenery, you may scrape out some of the grout. Special jointing sand helps if the joints are only slightly filled and ensures a longer-lasting cleaning effect.

By thoroughly removing organic material and additionally using jointing sand you ensure a long-lasting result.

Summary: Declare war on weeds!

Goodbye weeds! Become a facilitator with Einhell grout cleaners and clean your joints effectively for the long term. With a cordless or electric device you can easily remove any type of weed from a large patio or driveway. This turns your garden into a neat, relaxing place with a clean patio and a weed-free entrance.

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Written by Monika Aigner
Published on 14.07.2021

Monika Aigner is a Project Manager for Media & PR at Einhell. Through regular internal product training, she possesses extensive knowledge of the functionality and application of various Einhell tools and garden equipment. Combined with clear instructions, she imparts this knowledge in her blog posts.