Clean all summer: Clean patios and balconies with the surface brush!

Are you ready for warm summer nights on the patio or relaxing evenings on the balcony? Then it's time to give your patio a clean with the PICOBELLA surface brush from Einhell to get it ready for your next BBQ! So that you can also walk barefoot over wood or stone and enjoy gleaming surfaces, the brush helps you to remove dirt from practically any floor. Enjoy the summer and autumn thanks to the surface brush!

Whether with or without water – thanks to the PICOBELLA surface brush you can clean your floors around the yard, patio and balcony with ease.

When is the right time to clean the patio or balcony?

Green coatings and moss – especially after a long winter, the patio in your garden or your balcony can look anything but inviting. There's only one thing for it: Grab the brush! So that you're ready for the longer days of spring and summer, it's time to get to work. With the surface brush and optionally a little water, you can easily remove weeds and dirt from stone or wood, for example.

To make full use of your balcony in summer, cleaning is usually necessary as early as spring. But there is also another good reason to clean your balcony or patio: If you remove dirt and residues regularly, the floor will last longer and you will ensure that the surfaces always look attractive. Especially when working in grooves, you should be thorough so that no organic matter is left behind, which can quickly regerminate.

Are weeds growing out of the grouting in your patio? To clean grouting effectively, you should take a look at the joint cleaners from Einhell. With the corded or cordless tools, you can remove weeds and dirt from grouting in an environmentally friendly way that is easy on your back.

Surface brush or chemical agents: a question of environmental friendliness

Want to get your balcony ready for summer? Does your patio need a deep clean? There are many reasons to choose the surface brush for cleaning your patio or balcony! And top of the list is environmental friendliness. Unlike chemical products, brushes protect the flora and fauna of your garden and allow you to clean without worrying about your plants. Many stains can be removed just with water using the surface brush.

The PICOBELLA is also perfect for gently brushing up artificial turf. This will make your artificial lawn look like new again!

While home remedies give very uneven results, you can achieve good results with the Einhell PICOBELLA surface brush, even without additional cleaning agents. It is better not to use household remedies such as vinegar or citric acid! The acid in these at-home solutions dissolves the lime from some natural stones and can damage them. Working with the surface brush combines multiple advantages: Environmentally friendly and practical.

Surface brushes or pressure washers: Ground-protecting working

Both surface brushes and pressure washers have the advantage that they do not discharge harmful substances into the environment. But when working with high pressure, sensitive surfaces in particular can be attacked. What about wood? Cleaning with a high-pressure device makes the wood fibres stand out, which causes dirt and algae to settle again more quickly. It is advisable to work with a surface brush, and always clean the wood in the longitudinal direction, i.e. in the direction of the grain.

Do you have stubborn dirt on your balcony? Residues from flower pots or parasol stands in particular often cannot be completely removed using a pressure washer. Reaching for the surface brush helps with detail work: With precise brushing and water, all edges can be brushed away completely – and especially gently for the floor!

With the surface brush you can clean even delicate floors, such as wooden floors, easily and gently.

Which floors is the surface brush suitable for?

The PICOBELLA surface brush is a real all-purpose weapon! Gentle cleaning methods are particularly beneficial for softer surfaces on balconies. Where a pressure washer can only be used to a limited extent, the surface brush is a good choice, because not every surface is resistant enough to remove dirt with pressure. Special care should be taken with:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Basalt
  • Shell limestone
With the different PICOBELLA brushes you can clean both sensitive and more resistant floors.

What is the most effective way to clean your patio or balcony?

The first step is tidying things away! In order to remove the dirt from your patio or balcony, you first need space to work. Therefore, all garden furniture, barbecue utensils and equipment must disappear from the patio slabs. It can also be useful to first roughly clear the floor of loose dirt with a broom. Tip: It is also essential to clear away parasol stands, as this is where a lot of dirt is hidden that would otherwise remain untouched by cleaning.

Then the approach depends on what kind of surface you want to clean: Wood or stone? Lots of weeds or discolouration? Or is the starting point completely different? For gentle cleaning, all you need is water, the surface brush and the right brush. With the Einhell PICOBELLA surface brush, you have a choice of three brushes that are suitable for different surfaces:

  • SOFT brush: The soft brush is specially suited to sensitive floor surfaces such as wood or composite materials such as WPC and BPC. With the SOFT brush you can clean surfaces particularly gently and protect the subsoil below. You can also use the SOFT nylon brush to brush up flattened artificial grass.
  • MEDIUM brush: Unsealed paving and stone surfaces, paving and concrete stones or concreted surfaces are best cleaned with the robust MEDIUM nylon brush. It is also equipped with an integrated side brush for simple cleaning of edges and bases.
  • ULTRA brush: The ULTRA metal brush is suitable for more hardy surfaces such as paving and concrete stones, concreted surfaces, as well as granite and porphyry. Even the most stubborn dirt doesn't stand a chance against this powerful brush.

Basically, the best way to clean is in three steps:

  • First remove any deep-seated dirt from the floor: Many balcony or patio floors have recesses and these are often the place where most dirt accumulates. You should start there and, if necessary, also at the edge of the patio slabs!
  • Brush stubborn dirt from tiles: Simply scrub off discolouration and algae deposits on the balcony with a brush. Even stubborn dirt can be removed with water and circular movements. If necessary, you may have to work a little with water in certain areas and only clean up after a little time has elapsed.
  • Detail working and thoroughly remove organic waste: Once you have finished the floor of your patio or balcony, it's time to clean up the waste. Be sure to remove all organic waste thoroughly, as this is the only way to ensure that it does not quickly grow back.

Summary: How to keep patios and balconies thoroughly clean

Want to get your patio or balcony ready for exciting BBQs or game nights? With the PICOBELLA surface brush from Einhell, you can become an enabler yourself and clean any surface in an environmentally friendly and effective way without having to worry about your plants. So nothing stands in the way of a nice cold drink while relaxing on your patio or balcony!

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Written by Monika Aigner
Published on 29.06.2021

Monika Aigner is a Project Manager for Media & PR at Einhell. Through regular internal product training, she possesses extensive knowledge of the functionality and application of various Einhell tools and garden equipment. Combined with clear instructions, she imparts this knowledge in her blog posts.