Weed eradication, watering and disinfection: The cordless pressure sprayer in the Einhell test

A fine spray that spreads evenly on plants, shrubs, leaves and surfaces: Spraying liquids makes it much easier for you to work; for example, when watering delicate plants, fertilising, eradicating weeds or disinfecting larger areas. Cordless pressure sprayers are much more useful than manual garden sprayers. We put our cordless pressure sprayers to the Einhell test and were able to determine that they are even more versatile than they initially seem. In our article you can find out how the devices impressed in the test and what you can use them for.

Whether eradicating weeds, watering or disinfecting: You can find out why the cordless pressure sprayers are so versatile in the blog.

What are pressure sprayers used for?

Cordless pressure sprayers are mainly used in the garden. There they are used to water plants, apply plant care agents or to eradicate weeds. The battery-powered pump sprayers are also diligent assistants when it comes to pest control, because chemical agents reach even the smallest corners and cracks with their help. However, the sprayers are not only used in gardens and greenhouses, but also indoors. Here, liquid disinfectants can be sprayed onto frequently touched surfaces such as post boxes, tables or door handles to free them from viruses and bacteria. Pressure sprayers are also often used for certain cleaning or renovation work, for example for easier removal of old wallpaper.

Suitable liquids

Before you get started, it is important to read which liquids are suitable for your cordless pressure sprayer. In principle, the compositions to be sprayed should always have water-like consistency. Some sprays will have to be diluted before application. You should always use the concentration specified by the spray manufacturer. The following substances are recommended for use with the Einhell cordless pressure sprayers:

  • water
  • plant protection products
  • herbicides
  • natural oils dissolved in water (e.g. neem oil, rapeseed oil)
  • fertilisers dissolved in water
  • liquid disinfectant
The Einhell pressure sprayers transform the liquid from the tank into the finest spray mist.

How pressure sprayers work

All pressure sprayers operate according to the same principle: Pressure is generated inside the sprayer by a pump that drives the liquid out of the container via the spray lance and the nozzle. With the Einhell devices, this brass nozzle is adjustable, so you can regulate between spray mist and a targeted jet.

Distinction can generally be made between two types of pressure sprayers which differ from one another from a technical point of view. In manual devices, often referred to in simplified terms as garden sprayers, the pressure build-up is generated by active pumping movements. In the case of other pressure sprayers, the pressure build-up takes place automatically by means of the integrated pump. The pump for the Einhell cordless pressure sprayer gets the necessary power from the Power X-Change battery.

Einhell cordless pressure sprayers in test conditions: Here's how they performed

We have subjected our pressure sprayer models to the intensive Einhell test and can tell you how they got on in practical use.


An important factor in the pressure sprayer test was the ease of assembly. The Einhell pressure sprayers are ready for use in just four steps. First, the spray tube is screwed onto the pistol handle, then the hose is plugged in and fastened with a nut. In the third step, the hose is screwed to the housing. Finally, the only thing missing is the charged lithium-ion Power X-Change battery – just click it in and you're done.

If you want to wear the pressure sprayer for more time-consuming work in order to distribute the weight better on your body, depending on the model, you can hook in the practical shoulder strap and adjust it to the individual length. Thanks to the special carrying straps, our cordless pressure sprayer GE-WS 18/150 Li can even be worn on your back like a backpack. The tank for this backpack sprayer holds up to 15 litres of liquid, which you can comfortably carry on your back during use.

Depending on the model, the battery pressure sprayer can be worn on your back or hung over the shoulder like a bag.


Depending on the size of the surfaces to be sprayed, you will need different amounts of spraying agent. So that you don't have to constantly refill, you should pay attention to the maximum capacity of the tank when making a purchase. The tanks in the Einhell models are equipped with a fill level indicator, which shows how much spraying agent is left in the tank at any time.

When filling, it was important for us during testing that the tank can be opened easily. While our cordless backpack sprayer has a large twist lock for filling, the smaller pressure sprayers can be conveniently filled through a filling opening on the top using a watering can or hose. The closure for this opening is a practical measuring cup that can also be used to precisely dose, mix or dilute the spraying agent.


An easy-to-use pistol handle, the automatic pump and low device weight are some of the points that make using the pressure sprayer enjoyable. The adjustable spray jet is also helpful, and thanks to its brass spray nozzle it can be regulated from a point jet to a fanned spray or to fine spray mist. This works very easily with our devices by turning the spray head clockwise or anti-clockwise.

If the spray lance of the two pressure sprayer models GE-WS 18/75 Li and GE-WS 18/35 Li is too short for you, they are telescopic, so you can simply adjust them. To do this, loosen the locking nut as described in the operating instructions, pull the spray pipe to the desired length and fasten the locking nut again.


Once you've finished working, the pressure sprayer should be cleaned so that no spraying agent residue remains in the container. The easiest way to do this is to fill the tank with clean water, close it and shake it. Then spray the water to remove residue from the spray lance and the valve. The spray head and nozzle can also be removed and cleaned with water and a fine wire. To prevent moisture from remaining, you should allow the container to dry in the open state.

Tips for using the pressure sprayer

We've collected some important tips to look out for:

  • Never leave the sprayer in direct sunlight.
  • It is best to keep animals away if you spray substances other than water.
  • Wear close-fitting clothing or (depending on the spraying agent) a protective suit.
  • Wear a face mask and safety goggles to avoid irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.
  • When working overhead, head protection may be useful.

Disinfection made easy

Regular cleaning is important, not least because of the pandemic. Although pressure sprayers are generally used more frequently in the garden, the two handheld models GE-WS 18/75 Li and GE-WS 18/35 Li are also practical aids for quick and thorough disinfection and cleaning of surfaces that are touched a lot. You simply need to make sure that you use liquid disinfectant that has a water-like consistency. To prevent irritation, it is also advisable to wear safety goggles and a mask.

The Einhell cordless pressure sprayers are also suitable for disinfecting various surfaces.

Summary: More versatile than you would imagine!

Try it for yourself and discover the qualities of the Einhell pressure sprayers – because in addition to their fantastic price-performance ratio, they also offer numerous other advantages! They are easy to transport thanks to their carrying straps. Using the Power X-Change batteries, you can move around wirelessly and flexibly. With high spray quantities of up to 102 litres per hour, the spray is applied evenly and quickly to large areas. Another important aspect of the practical test was the simple and comfortable handling, which is ensured by the low weight of the pressure sprayers, the adjustable brass nozzle and the easy-to-use pistol handle.

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Written by Marina Liefke
Published on 08.06.2022

Marina Liefke is an Online Editor at Einhell, where she deals with virtually all texts related to tools, garden equipment, and accessories. She acquires the necessary know-how through practical product training and close collaboration with the Einhell product managers. Her favorite tool is the PRESSITO cordless compressor because when the air is running out, it pumps it right back in.