Out with the old, in with the new: How to achieve the perfect spring cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming – it's the perfect time for a fresh start! The annual spring-clean is more than just getting rid of dust and clutter. It's an opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air into our living spaces and our lives.

In our blog post, we share practical tips and tricks on the topic of spring-cleaning. Additionally, we reveal which Einhell devices can assist you in cleaning and decluttering your home.

In our post, we guide you through the step-by-step process of spring-cleaning and highlight the Einhell devices that can assist you along the way.

Everything you need for spring cleaning

At the beginning of the new year, it's always worthwhile to tidy up the old year. So, it's the perfect time to get your household back in order. Before you embark on spring cleaning, take stock of your cleaning supplies. It's advisable to work with the following useful tools:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dust brush or dust cloths
  • Cleaning cloths and dry towels
  • Bucket and mop
  • Various cleaning agents (glass cleaner, descaler, oven cleaner, etc.)
  • Rubber gloves

Once you have all the items in the house, you can start with the spring cleaning. The 'Golden Rule of Tidying Up' states that everything not in daily use should be put away. So, it's best to start with decluttering and organizing. Things you no longer need are better off being thrown away instead of just moving them from A to B.

Whether it's a dust brush, cleaning cloths, or a mop, all of these items are useful during spring cleaning.

Declutter & Organize

Planning and system are two crucial concepts you should follow here. It's best to create a to-do list before starting the spring-cleaning. When decluttering or organizing, it's important not to try to do everything at once. Start with smaller, less cluttered rooms and then work your way through each room in your house. Whether you're sorting through your clothes in your wardrobe, rearranging your refrigerator, or simply folding the blankets on your couch, creating space and putting away old things are like balm for our souls. You can also either discard or organize cosmetics in the bathroom and old documents in the office. This not only creates order in the home but also frees up space in the mind.


For items you'd like to store in the attic, basement, or garage, our Einhell E-Case System Carrying Cases are excellent choices. The E-Case Tower, for example, offers maximum flexibility. With its rubberized wheels and telescopic handle, it can handle up to 120 kg for convenient transportation and storage.

Cleaning Windows & Dusting

After completing the initial household tasks, you can start with the actual cleaning. Begin with the windows. In a separate blog post, we've already detailed how you can clean your windows streak-free step by step. You can review our guide here. In short, work from the outside in, starting with the window frames and sill, and then clean the glass itself. Our Einhell Cordless Window Cleaner BRILLIANTO is perfect for this task. The window cleaner uses its one-piece subber lip to suction dirty water from the wet window after cleaning the glass with the spray bottle and microfiber pad. This ensures consistently streak-free clean windows. This is also the ideal time to wash all the curtains. Over the winter, a lot of dust, distributed throughout the entire apartment by the warm heating air, has accumulated in them.

With the windows clean, the light of the spring sun can finally illuminate the entire house. Afterward, you can start dusting. The rule here is to work from top to bottom. Both bookshelves and door frames, window sills, plants, radiators, lamps, screens, and other surfaces and shelves should be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth. You can effectively remove dust from wide surfaces, for example, with one of our Einhell Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Use the included upholstery nozzle for this purpose, and you'll have dust-free surfaces. Afterward, you can go over them again with a damp cloth.

Cleaning Floors & Carpets

While dusting, dirt often ends up on the floor again, which is why you should start cleaning the floor only after dusting the shelves. It's best to begin by vacuuming the floor. Whether it's carpet or hard flooring: with our Einhell Cordless Stick Vacuum, you can free all floor surfaces from dust and dirt. After vacuuming, you can mop the entire apartment.


Wooden floors such as real parquet or laminate are very sensitive. Therefore, a small amount of water should be used when mopping. Otherwise, wooden floors can swell or warp. Our Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner CLEANEXXO ensures the ideal water supply when cleaning wooden floors.

Not just for wooden floors: our Einhell Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner CLEANEXXO is perfect for any type of flooring. If you want to quickly forget about mop and bucket, it's the right choice for cleanliness in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Hard floors like tiles, PVC, or linoleum can be easily cleaned with its 400 ml fresh water tank.

Carpets can initially be freed from crumbs and other dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Then, a cleaner can be used to remove deeper-seated dirt. Steam cleaners are also particularly suitable for carpeted floors.

With the Einhell Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, you can effortlessly remove all dirt from hard floors.

Cleaning the Kitchen & Bathroom

Some rooms require a bit more care during spring-cleaning, and this certainly includes the kitchen and bathroom. The steps mentioned earlier apply to these rooms as well, but a more thorough cleaning is needed here. The following things are unfortunately often neglected during weekly vacuuming, tidying up, and mopping:

  • Drains in the shower, bathtub & sink
  • Refrigerator & freezer
  • Extractor hood
  • Oven & microwave
  • Washing machine & dryer
  • Toilet including toilet brush

The sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are cleaned more regularly due to the quick buildup of lime and other dirt – for aesthetic and, above all, hygienic reasons. For the kitchen and bathroom, we have a very practical helper for you:


Cordless Surface Brush PICOBELLA 18/90

With various brushes ranging from hard to soft and diverse cleaning pads, the Cordless Curface Crush PICOBELLA 18/90 is the ideal addition in the household or workshop to bring sinks, ceramic hobs, as well as pots, pans, garden furniture, or car rims back to a new shine. For the kitchen, the green, rough kitchen pad is excellent. It removes coarse dirt such as rust or lime from robust surfaces like cast iron, uncoated pans, or hardened glass found in ovens. For more delicate surfaces such as countertops, ceramic hobs, glass shower enclosures, or sinks, the blue microfiber pad is the best choice.

However, drains are often forgotten. It usually becomes apparent only when water can no longer drain properly. Spring cleaning is the right time to clean all drains thoroughly. In many cases, a simple drain cleaner is sufficient. If you prefer a more thorough cleaning, we have a Cordless Drain Cleaner in our range. With the Power X-Change battery, the 7.6 m long spiral is automatically pushed into pipes with a diameter between 16 and 55 mm. The cordless drain cleaner effectively clears even stubborn dirt.

With the Einhell Cordless Drain Cleaner TE-DA 18/760 Li, even stubborn dirt can be removed from clogged pipes.

Cleaning the Living Room & Bedroom

A beautiful and clean home also includes a cozy bedroom and living room. The most frequently used room in the house is probably the living room. It's where we relax on the couch after work, watch movies, or read a good book. Therefore, it's important – not only during spring cleaning – to occasionally shake out the pillows and regularly put the covers and couch cushions in the washing machine. The sofa itself can be either vacuumed or cleaned directly with a damp cloth.

In the bedroom, it's advisable to change the bedding at least every two to three weeks. Due to the warm and humid climate in our beds, a lot of mites, fungi, and bacteria accumulate. Typically, cotton bedding can be washed at 60 °C in the washing machine without any concerns, effectively eliminating all unwanted guests. Don't forget the mattress. Regular vacuuming and stain removal should be sufficient.

Time for a coffee break

Spring cleaning can be very time-consuming. All the more enjoyable when you can relax in your clean home after the job is done. We have a small reward for you: take a break, sit on your terrace or balcony in the rising temperatures and warming sunshine, and make yourself a fresh cup of coffee – right on your table. Without a cord. It's possible! With our Einhell Cordless Coffee Maker TE-CF 18 Li. With the 2-in-1 machine, you can prepare both classic drip coffee and coffee from coffee pads in just a few minutes. The 240 ml water tank is sufficient for a large cup of coffee that you truly deserve.

The perfect helpers for your spring-cleaning:

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