The multifunctional tool test: The best models from Einhell at a glance

The multifunctional tool under test! We take a look at why Einhell's multitools are the perfect machines for working with plastic. What features make the devices so special? What should you look out for when buying and using them? From sawing to sanding to scraping: In the practical test for multifunctional tools, we examine all the details and features of the devices in great detail - and reveal which models are the best multifunctional tools for your larger and smaller projects!

The best multifunctional tools from Einhell under test.

The best multifunctional tools: Test and features

Multifunctional tools are the compact all-rounders when it comes to working with wood and metal. From sawing to sanding, you have everything under control with these small machines - quite literally!

Under the robust plastic casing of the Einhell multitool lies a powerful motor that oscillates a variable tool head. You can attach many different attachments to it, such as a cutting saw, a plunge saw, or sanders with different grain sizes. It is important that there is enough power for a high oscillation frequency. This is achieved only by the best multifunctional tools from well-known manufacturers. We will now show you the features we are particularly proud of at Einhell in the multifunctional tool comparison.

Einhell cordless multifunctional tools

The Einhell cordless multifunctional tools are part of the practical Power X-Change system, which we have developed as the manufacturer. Here you will find particularly compact and lightweight devices designed for flexible and handy use. With the cordless freedom, you can use the cordless multifunctional tools throughout the house and garden without being tied to a socket.

A modern lithium-ion battery with full 18-volt power provides the necessary power. Particularly practical: The Li-ion batteries and chargers of the Power X-Change system can also be used with all other Power X-Change devices. This means you don't have to buy different batteries for your tools, but can always rely on the high quality and higher performance of Einhell's batteries and chargers. A real advantage, which is also available in a set.

The Einhell multifunctional tools with battery.

Multifunctional tool with tool-less attachment

Another advantage of some models from Einhell in the multifunctional tool test is the quick-release mechanism with tool-less attachment! With this feature, you can easily and quickly switch between the various attachments. Whether it's a saw blade, delta sander, or scraper, the magnetic tool holder makes working with the accessories much easier, as you don't need any additional devices or tools. This allows you to work even more efficiently and comfortably with the oscillating multifunctional tool – cleverly made by the manufacturer!

Multifunctional tools with mains connection

Of course, they cannot be missing in the test: corded multifunctional tools from Einhell with mains connection. The devices are just as handy as their related models with a battery, but offer maximum power for particularly difficult sawing and grinding tasks. A whopping 300 watts of power provide up to 40,000 oscillations of the oscillating device. This makes the corded multifunctional tools the most powerful devices in the test - ideal for ambitious DIY enthusiasts who regularly carry out heavy and versatile work on wood, metal or plastic.

Working with the multifunctional tool

The multitool is the perfect device for smaller and larger jobs around the materials of wood, metal, and plastic. In the test, we are particularly impressed by the versatility of the machines. Because whether sawing, sanding, or scraping: the multitools are powerful all-rounders that no DIY enthusiast wants to miss. We reveal which functions have impressed us the most in the practical test.

The multifunctional tool is a universal device. With the appropriate attachments, you can work on most materials, from wood to metal.

Cutting with the multitool

The saw is probably the most important function of the multifunctional tool. What's special about it is that the saw also has various functions, making it flexible to use! The crucial factor is which saw blade is mounted on the device.

Most devices come with two saw blades in the set, one for cutting and one for plunge cutting. With the oscillating motion of the tool head, a multitool can perfectly execute both functions.

Included in the delivery of the multitools are various saw blades for diverse applications.

With the cutting saw, you can easily cut boards, pipes, metal bars, or nails. With the plunge saw, on the other hand, you can create particularly deep and clean cuts. Rectangular cutouts, recesses, and holes in wood, plastic, and even iron-free metals are no longer a problem!

In addition, the multitool can also be used to adjust door frames and perform minor repairs on parquet or floorboards. As you can see, a real saw all-rounder! But the multifunctional tool can do much more!

Grinding with the multitool

With the tool-free attachment change, you can turn the saw into a powerful hand-held sanding device in just a few seconds. The advantages quickly become apparent in practical testing: With the handy device, you can easily access even hard-to-reach areas and use the triangular sander to sand corners and edges perfectly.

The fast, oscillating movement of the triangular sanding plate with up to 40,000 oscillations per minute ensures particularly fast and clean sanding results on wood, plastic, and even metal. With the multitool, you can achieve perfect results in no time!

This is how grinding with the multitool works.

Scraping with the multitool

Let's move on to the third function of the multitool: scraping! Unlike sanding or sawing, scraping is a gentle way to remove even stubborn material residues from wood, plastics, or metal. Adhesives, paints, silicones, or stickers can be quickly removed with a scraper, without damaging the wood or metal.

The special feature: With up to 40,000 oscillations per minute, the scraping attachment does the work that would otherwise have to be done laboriously by hand with a spatula, file, or plane. This way, the multifunctional tool removes most residues within seconds. Simply slide the scraper under the residues and let the device work for you!

Scraping with the multitool? Here's how to do it!

Multifunctional tool: Which materials is it suitable for?

The multifunctional tool is suitable for almost all materials. From wood to metal, plastics, and even gypsum, you can work with all the materials that are typical for DIY enthusiasts using the appropriate attachments.

It is important to always choose the right attachment for the job. For example, you need a saw blade specifically designed for metal to be able to cut nails or pipes. There are also many different sanding pads available with varying levels of coarseness for working with wood, as well as plastic.

Accessories and attachments for the multifunctional tool

To get the maximum performance out of your multifunctional tool, you need the right attachments. There is a wide selection of attachments available! Some attachments, such as cutting saws, plunge saws, triangle sanders, and scrapers are included as accessory sets in Einhell models. In addition, you can make your multitool even more versatile with batteries, chargers, and many other attachments. Let's take a closer look at the best accessories:

The scraper of the electric multitool.
The different attachments of the multitool

The different attachments of the multitool

With the multitool, you have two options for sawing: the cut-off saw and the plunge saw. For each function and the material to be sawn, there are suitable saw blades available in stores. In addition to the material, the size of the blade is also crucial. Before buying a saw blade for the multifunctional tool, you should plan exactly what kind of work you want to do with it.

Grinding attachments for the multitool

With the grinding attachments, the principle is similar to the saw blades. The accessories are also available in different sizes and designs for wood, metal or plastic. However, it is crucial to choose the appropriate grit for your project! For example, a coarse grit can be used to remove paint and coatings. To make boards or woods smooth and even, you need sandpaper with a fine grit. It's best to research in advance or get advice at the hardware store on which grinders are best suited for your project.

Scraper for the multifunctional tool

The scraper attachments are also available in different sizes and versions. Since they do not damage the workpiece itself, the material choice is less important here. However, there are still some differences. Scrapers made of stainless steel are particularly durable and efficient. They are well suited for removing paint or adhesive residues, stickers, or prints from wood.

Batteries and chargers for the multifunctional tool

What good is a cordless multifunctional tool without power? Even though the batteries from Einhell are particularly durable and provide a lot of power, you should always have a charged spare battery on hand. This way, you can continue your work at any time if one battery is already empty.

In the fast charger, the batteries charge particularly quickly and gently. A worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to work wirelessly regularly.

By the way: The battery-operated devices in the multitool test are also available as a set with charger and battery. Our tip for the best price-performance ratio!

Safe operation with the multitool

As with any machine and electrical tool, safety should also be taken into account when working with the multitool. Before using the machine for the first time, read the accompanying instructions from the manufacturer thoroughly and pay attention to proper handling of the device.

In addition, we recommend that you only work with safety equipment. This includes sturdy gloves, protective eyewear, and flame-resistant protective clothing. You can also wear earplugs for sensitive ears.

Safety is a top priority when working with the multitool.

The best multifunctional tools from Einhell

Conclusion: These advantages are demonstrated in the Einhell multifunctional tool test!

Our practical test shows that Einhell's multifunctional tools are at their best. We are still impressed with how flexible and versatile these powerful devices can be used. We were particularly impressed with the cordless multitools from the Power X-Change series. We didn't expect such power from a cordless tool! As is typical of a manufacturer like Einhell, the multitools are of high quality. This means you will enjoy your device for a long time - and at incredibly affordable prices. The Einhell multifunctional tools are true price-performance winners in our practical test and in the entire market.

photo of Tom Weber
Written by Tom Weber
Published on 17.02.2021

Tom Weber is a product specialist at Einhell. In his blog posts, he not only shares his in-depth expertise in using various Einhell devices but also provides inspiration and instructions for DIY projects that every home improvement enthusiast can tackle at home.