Sawing a circle with your jigsaw: Let's get started!

Your work is calling! Have a wooden board or other workpiece you want to cut a circle into using a jigsaw? Of course, you can do this with a jigsaw von Einhell. from Einhell. We've already covered how you can make straight cuts with a jigsaw. And now you can find all you need to know when sawing a hole with a jigsaw – and we'll share the easiest way to get the job done. You can also find tips and tricks on the best tools, workpieces and accessories for the perfect sawing result. We'll start with some general information:

Round sawing with a jigsaw: What you need

No one just wants to work in a straight line all the time! There are various ways of using a jigsaw to cut a round hole in wood, metal or other suitable workpieces. Here we'll show you our personal favourite variants in more detail. No matter which method you choose, you will definitely need a few tools and different equipment to work with the saw.

Round sawing with a jigsaw: Your preparation

The right jigsaw: The best price-performance ratio with Einhell

First, you need to decide on the right saw for you. At Einhell, you'll find two different cordless jigsaws that are perfect for a round cut. In addition to the fine cut, both saws are part of Einhell's extensive Power X-Change battery family. This makes cordless jigsaws even more flexible and practical to use. Perfect for DIYers who want to achieve good results quickly and easily. We compare the two models in our product overview. You can also find the best offers and prices from Einhell dealers near you.

The right saw blade: How to make a circle

As well as a powerful cordless jigsaw, when it comes to making round cuts, the right saw blade is also very important. Here a simple rule applies: The thinner the saw blade, the easier it is to form a circle, even in thicker materials like wood. On the other hand, a circular saw is not suitable for cutting a round hole, as the round saw blade is much too wide. You'll also find that other saws aren't great for cutting holes.

A drill: For pre-drilling

You need a drill to saw a small hole in your board, into which you can insert the saw blade to get started. For wood, it's best to use a large wood drill.

The right workpiece: Wood or plastic?

You can't work on all materials using a jigsaw. You'll get the best results using solid wooden boards, chipboard or plywood. You can also work easily on plastic with a jigsaw. It's best to ask your local hardware store or specialist dealer whether your material is suitable for working on with a jigsaw.

Protective equipment: Gloves and googles

Wisdom from the craftsman: Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall. And this also applies when it comes to sawing with a jigsaw. So that you're properly protected from splinters, you should wear suitable gloves and safety goggles when working with a saw.

Cutting a hole with a jigsaw: Lots of variants – one circular goal

Do you have your tools, your board and protective equipment? Then it's time to get started! Of course, there are many options when it comes to sawing a round hole with your jigsaw. We have tested a few variants and decided on these two methods:

As well as a powerful saw, when it comes to making round cuts, the right saw blade is also very important. The thinner the better!
This is how you cut with a template

Variant 1: Cutting with a template

The simplest and quickest way to cut a hole is using a template. To do this, you'll need a pencil and a suitable stencil. Around the house, you'll find lots of practical items that can be used as templates for a circle.

  • Step 1: Whether you pick a bucket, pot, plate or cup: Simple find an object that best matches the size and shape of the hole you want to saw.
  • Step 2: Now clamp your workpiece to the workbench. Lie the pot, bucket or cup onto the board so that you can draw around it accurately with a pencil. Now you have your circular template, and you just need to cut it out. Now place the drill inside your sketch and drill a hole large enough to accommodate the saw blade of your saw. Be careful not to drill outside of the circle you've drawn.
  • Step 3: Now set up your cordless jigsaw – for safety reasons, the battery should not yet be connected to the device. To do this, first insert the thin saw blade carefully and straight into the holder. When you hear a click, the blade is securely anchored. Now you can attach the battery.
  • Step 4: Now you can get going! Position the jigsaw so that the saw blade dips into the drilled hole. Now saw along your outline with little pressure and a lot of sensitivity. Ideally, you should use both hands and press the saw gently onto the board. Once the hole is complete, the inside of the circle should simply drop out. Make sure you wait until the jigsaw has come to a standstill before pulling out the saw blade.
Sawing a circle with little pressure and a lot of sensitivity

Sawing a circle with your jigsaw: Alternative options

As we've already mentioned, there are a number of other ways to cut a circle into a board. If you cannot find a suitable template, you can also use a circular jig. You can fix this in the centre of the circle you want to work on using a nail. The circular jig then guides your jigsaw around the hole like a compass.

Another option, which is particularly suitable for smaller holes, is to use a hole cutter. You can purchase these in different sizes from specialist retailers. Simply place the hole cutter in your Einhell drill, place it vertically on the board and let it rotate until the hole is cut.

You have these options when sawing a circle with your jigsaw

Summary: Become an Enabler!

You can easily cut a circle with a flexible cordless jigsaw. As well as a thin saw blade and a good quality jigsaw from Einhell, you can find everything you'll need around the house. With a bit of practice and a steady hand, you can create perfectly round circles in your board in no time. So... Charge up your battery and let's get started!

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Published on 12.08.2020

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