Where and How to Use a Compressor

A compressor is basically nothing more than a compressed air supplier for different tasks and tools. But what are the advantages of the compressed air drive and which tools can be used? And what should you look for when buying a compressor?

Before we get to the points that are important for a purchase decision, I list the task areas of the respective tools.

Check inflation / pressure

Whether bicycle tyres, car tyres, air mattresses or balls, with the right tool this is not a problem. Most tyre inflators are equipped with a manometer to monitor the air pressure. In addition, there are various attachments to inflate balls or paddling pool.

Cleaning purposes

It is very useful to blow out tools, workpieces and air filters as well as hard‐to‐reach corners in the workshop. With a blow‐out gun you get to places that are not accessible with the vacuum cleaner. In addition, there are blow guns with extra‐long nozzles for even more targeted cleaning.


Both rotating, disc or delta sander can be operated excellently with compressed air. In contrast to the electrically operated devices they are usually lighter and due to the simple mechanism also more durable. Cable breaks are e. g. excluded due to lack of cable …


Especially in the automotive sector, air‐operated impact wrenches are common. Why? Pneumatic impact wrenches are significantly more resilient than electric impact wrenches and do not tend to overheat.

Staple / Nail-gun

The classic in the home improvement workshop. Stapling, pinning, clamping - all this helps with woodworking and crafts and saves time and nerves. Baseboards or moldings can be pinned excellent without the nail appearing too strong. Upholstered furniture can be reupholstered with clips. To be glued components can be fixed with pins and then easily screwed or held with the clamp without something slipping.


There are reasons why professional painters only work with compressed air. The main reason, of course, is the danger of explosion when using electric spray guns in conjunction with flammable paint mist. But it is also true here that compressed air spray guns are relatively lighter than most electrical substitutes.


Similar to a paint gun, a blasting medium is shot by the air pressure on the workpiece to be cleaned. The most thorough way to prepare workpieces to be painted.

Drilling and chiseling

This is also excellent with the electrical substitutes. Nevertheless, the compressed air is also justified here, especially in the case of potentially explosive areas.

What should I consider when making a purchase?

Because each tool has different requirements in terms of air pressure and especially the required air volume, you should consider what you want to work on and what tools you want to use for it.

In the following i summed up all the important facts, you need to know:

Air pressure or maximum operating pressure

This factor indicates how much air is available in compressed form. Most compressors offer 8–10 bar, which is absolutely sufficient for most home improvement applications. The working pressure can be adjusted on the pressure gauge. Compressors like the TE‐AC 270/50/10 have a controllable (for special tools) and an unregulated connection, e. g. for a blow gun. This is very convenient, as it saves you the constant tool change.

Power output in liters / min

Much more important, however, is the output (in liters) being delivered per minute. Some tools, such as rotating sanders for example, require a high power output in order to function properly. The information about the requirements for compressed air can be found on the packaging of the respective air tools.

Mobile vs. statonary

Most compressors are equipped with wheels and are easy to roll. Nevertheless, you should ask yourself the question, where you want to use the compressor mostly. This also results in the size of the boiler and the question of whether it may be due to space reasons, perhaps still a standard device.

Ideal for on the road: Hybrid‐Compressor

For many applications around the house and garden is also recommended a hybrid compressor. Hybrid in this case stands for the ability of the compressor that you can operate it with both battery and power cord. In battery mode this type of compressor is e. g. ideal for traveling or where there is no outlet nearby: for example, to inflate air mattress at the lake, to check the tire pressure of the car and bike and possibly refill and much more. Equipped with a suction function, you can also vent the air mattress, bath island and Co. by the way.

No matter which device you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a really useful tool, and with a little care, you’ll also have it a long way.

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Published on 27.06.2019

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