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We cordially invite you to consciously and actively shape your entry into professional life. It is an important decision that will have a significant impact on the rest of your life and should therefore be made carefully.

Our mission is to awaken and encourage your passion, motivation and commitment. We want to offer you an excellent apprenticeship where you can gain valuable experience and have fun at the same time! We also offer you a great future in a leading company in the industry after your apprenticeship.

Find out more about the different opportunities with us here - be it an apprenticeship, a dual study program, an internship or a holiday job. You're sure to find the right thing with us!

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Travel allowance + payment of bus and train tickets to the vocational school
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Up to 50% on all products
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Incl. Vacation and Christmas bonus and profit sharing
600 Euro tax-free benefit in kind
Internal lessons + support with exam preparation
Work - Life - Balance
Flexitime and mobile working
Allowance for capital-forming benefits + company pension plan
Healthcare Management
Sports courses and counseling services
Secure workplace
Internationally successful employer with regional roots
Einhell Academy
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Catering offers
Company restaurant, meal allowance, and more
Optimal support
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Our dual study programs:

We offer dual study programs in the fields of: Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Business Informatics.

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Vacation jobber (m/f/d)

Are you looking for a vacation job and want to supplement your pocket money? The requirements for a vacation job are very simple: you are at least 16 years old and have at least 3 weeks to spare!

Student internship (m/f/d)

You're not sure whether the apprenticeship you're aiming for is right for you or you just want to gain your first experience of working life? A one-week student internship at Einhell Germany AG will definitely get you ahead! 

Impressions and Insights:

Discover our diverse corporate divisions.

IT - Services
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IT Services

The IT Service department at Einhell is responsible for the headquarters in Landau a.d. Isar and for the 49 subsidiaries worldwide. Its tasks include maintaining the IT infrastructure, managing systems and applications, ensuring IT security, user support and training as well as data management. He is also responsible for content management systems and websites. The selection, purchase and introduction of new programs and software are also part of the job. The IT service area plays an important role in the provision and optimization of technological resources in order to ensure the smooth running of business processes.

The IT service area is divided into the departments IT Core (Frontend & Backend Support); IT Content Factory & Domain Applications; Website Team; IT Business Software (Microsoft Navision, SAP 4HANA, Business Cetral) and IT Business Analystics.

Marketing and Sales
four Einhell employees with einhell devices in their hands


Einhell's marketing department plans, develops and implements marketing strategies and activities to promote the company's products and increase sales. This includes market research, product marketing, advertising and promotion, online marketing and event planning. Cooperation with well-known partners or agencies is also an essential part of the marketing task. These include the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team and FC Bayern Munich.


The sales department at Einhell takes on various tasks in order to sell the company's products. These include customer acquisition, product presentation, negotiations, customer support and market observation. Sales at Einhell plays an important role in increasing the company's turnover and building customer relationships. Sales is divided into three areas: Garden, Tools and E-Commerce.

Finance & Controlling
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Financial accounting is an important part of company accounting and includes all postings and payment transactions that occur in the company. It is divided into the areas of accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

In addition, Group Accounting (Treasury) is responsible for preparing monthly/quarterly and annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS. Other tasks in this area include the preparation of the annual report, the implementation of new IFRS standards and Group planning. 


The Controlling department is responsible for supporting Einhell Germany AG, ISC GmbH and KWB (German companies). It is responsible for cost and cost center accounting at EAG/ ISC. In addition, Controlling prepares monthly profit and loss statements, plan/actual comparisons for the previous year and ad hoc evaluations.

Logistics Systems
a woman sits on a forklift and two men stand next to her

Logistics systems

The logistics systems at Einhell are represented by dispatch, goods receiving/goods recording, the sample warehouse, the spare parts warehouse and the high-bay warehouse

Shipping, for example, is an important part of warehouse and transport logistics. This is where the produced goods and merchandise are packed, picked (i.e. compiled according to order and prepared for dispatch), labeled and loaded. The same happens in the spare parts warehouse, except that here the spare parts for the respective products are dispatched to the end customer. The high-bay warehouse is fully automated, but the goods still have to be checked before they are stored and retrieved.

Category Management
two girls with Einhell devices in their hands

Category management (Product Management) 

Category management is also known as product management. A category manager develops the product range further and looks after his/her product areas throughout the entire product life cycle. As a specialist for their products, they create marketing concepts, competitive analyses, presentations, sales documents, market research and much more. He/she works closely with other departments such as Marketing, Technology, Sales and Purchasing China. He/she also assists with product training for our subsidiaries (i.e. on an international level). 

Category Management at Einhell is divided into the areas of Tools, Garden and PXC/USA.

Supply Chain / Group Mgmt.
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Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management is responsible for the smooth running and optimization of all value and supply chains. It takes care of the entire process: from the procurement of raw materials, production and logistics to cost calculations and deliveries to the end customer. It is also responsible for supporting and negotiating contracts with service providers such as sea freight, warehouses, road and parcel services. In addition, Supply Chain organizes training courses and training on our systems for our subsidiaries (e.g. Demand Planning Tool or Warehouse Management System). 

Group Management

Group Management acts as the point of contact for our 49 subsidiaries worldwide. The Group Managers act as the first point of contact, particularly for questions relating to the sale of our products and finance issues.

Technology and Development
two men with earmuffs on cutting something with a table saw

Technology and Development 

The (further) development and research of our products takes place at our headquarters in Landau an der Isar. For this reason, many departments work together here, such as technical product management, electronics development (for our Power X-Change batteries), the technology laboratory (testing prototypes), quality assurance and category management. The production and purchasing of our products is handled by our largest subsidiary, Einhell China. Accordingly, our technicians are in close contact with them.

Commercial Management
a man and two women behind the Einhell world

Commercial management 

At Einhell, commercial management refers to departments such as Purchasing Germany, Internal Sales, Export, the Technical Office and the Returns Office. They all ensure that business processes run smoothly. The returns department, for example, is responsible for processing returned or defective products. The Internal Sales department processes incoming orders from our customers (DIY stores, online stores, etc.). The Export department processes orders from our international subsidiaries and partners.

Human Resources
a man sits at a table with a laptop

Human Resources

The personnel department (or HR) is the department in the company that deals with all personnel issues and questions. It is the point of contact for all employees, managers and, if applicable, the works council and ensures that they are deployed and promoted in the company in the best possible way to ensure the company's success. The HR department is also responsible for training and further education, health management and occupational safety at Einhell. HR is also responsible for recruiting new employees for the Landau a.d. Isar site, which has around 700 employees.

Customer Services
a woman sits at the table with headphones

Customer Services 

At Einhell, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Various departments ensure that the standard here remains high. Our service center, for example, answers all customer questions and concerns about our products. The repair department repairs a defective product and restores it to working order.

Factory outlet

The factory outlet offers our products (2nd choice products due to minimal defects or damage to the cartoon) at a lower price. Sales staff advise customers and also deliver the goods. The factory outlet also has an online store.

Do you still have questions?

We have the right answers!

How do I apply for an apprenticeship/ dual study program at Einhell?

You can only apply online via our application portal. Simply click on the "Apply now" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to our job portal. Search for the right apprenticeship there and start the application process. Please note, however, that our apprenticeships/dual study programs are not advertised all year round!

When can I apply for an apprenticeship/ dual study program?

We start our application period approximately one year before the start of training (during July). We do not have an application deadline: as long as we have vacancies, the apprenticeship is advertised on our homepage.

How does the application process work at Einhell?

After you have sent your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. We will then check your application. Please note that the application process may take a little longer from time to time, especially if we receive a large number of applications. If your application is reviewed positively, we will contact you and invite you to an interview.

What can I expect in a job interview?

The purpose of an interview is for us to get to know you and you to get to know us better. It should therefore be a relaxed conversation. We have a few questions for you, but you can also ask us questions at any time during the interview.

What can I expect on my first day at Einhell?

On your first day, you will receive general information from us about the coming weeks. You can expect a varied induction week with various training courses, excursions, lunch together, a tour of the company and much more. You will also have your first work assignment in the department.

How long will my training/studies take?

Depending on the training occupation, the apprenticeship lasts 3 - 3.5 years. It is also possible to shorten the course if your school performance is good and you already have a permanent department to work in. 

The dual study program (with in-depth practical experience) lasts 3.5 years and is divided into 7 semesters.

How is my training/study structured?

During your apprenticeship, you will change departments every four months (this can vary depending on the apprenticeship occupation). You will also attend vocational school. 

During your studies, you will be at the university as normal during the semester. During the semester break (February-March & August-September) you will work at Einhell and be assigned to different departments. 

Our aim is to give you a lot of experience in different departments during your training/studies.

What working hours can I expect during my apprenticeship/study?

Your working hours depend somewhat on your apprenticeship. However, the standard at Einhell is a 40-hour week with flexitime. Flexitime means that we have no fixed core working hours and you can organize your working hours very flexibly. 

The same applies to the practical periods during your studies.

What prospects does the company offer me after completing my training/studies?

You have a very good chance of being taken on by us after your training/studies. We also offer numerous further training opportunities in which we provide you with individual support.

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