Jobstarter trip 2021 to Bodenmais

On 6 September 2021, the time had come again: The annual trainee and student excursion of Einhell Germany AG went into the next round – this year’s destination was the Silberberg in Bodenmais. A long, exciting day lay ahead for the fellow travellers. Punctually at 8:15 a.m., we set off by bus to Bodenmais. The atmosphere during the journey – despite the existing Corona regulations – was once again wonderful.

The travel group arrived as planned at half past nine in Bodenmais and this marked the start of the hike to the Silberberg. In a joyful mood, our trainees and dual students marched off and headed towards the summit.

After a good hour, our trainees took a short break. Some trainees took advantage of this break to fortify themselves with a snack and a drink and to talk to the new job starters.

But many others also used this break to take a deep breath. 

After a good 15 minutes, our young trainees continued and so we hiked for another 2 hours before reaching the top of the Silberberg. The climb was definitely worth it for the breathtaking view!

At the summit, our trainees and dual students not only enjoyed the beautiful view, but also a restaurant, the so‐called Bergmann‐Schänke. There we could fortify ourselves with a warm meal and get to know the new job starters better through extensive conversations.

At 2 p.m., the next item on the agenda was a guided tour through the nearby mine. There we were told how people used to work in the mines and what tools they used to do this work. In the process, our trainees were able to look at the „grandfather‟ of the hammer drill and even test it! After a good 45 minutes, the extremely exciting but also somewhat cold tour (the temperature in the mine was about 5°) came to an end.

After the tour, our trainees made their way back downstairs and got back on the bus at around 3:40 pm, which took us back to Landau.

We were back in Landau at 5 p. m. and all in all it was another nice excursion that further bonded our trainees and dual students!

Conclusion of the day:

hours of hiking
metres in altitude
photo of Tobias Glashauser
AuthorTobias Glashauer
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