Rotating Sander

TC-RS 425 E

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  • Robust, powerful rotary sander for a wide range of tasks
  • Speed electronics for material- and application-appropriate working
  • Finest grinding with high grinding performance thanks to the eccentric principle
  • Easy, fast sandpaper change thanks to micro hook and loop fastening
  • Safe and pleasant working thanks to Softgrip
  • Active dust extraction ensures a clean working environment
  • Both integrated and connection for external dust extraction
  • Incl. sandpaper (1xP60, 1xP80, 1xP120)
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Article description

The Einhell rotary sander TC-RS 425 E is a powerful and robust tool that is used wherever not only even, but also odd surfaces made of wood, wood-based materials or painted surfaces are sanded. Thanks to speed control electronics, its sanding performance can be optimally adapted to the material to be processed and the respective task. The rotary sander impresses with high abrasion and fine grinding. The 425 W TC-RS 425 E is equipped with a 125 mm sanding disc with micro hook and loop fastening, so that sandpapers can be changed in seconds and rest against the sanding plate without crumpling. The rotary sander operates with a large oscillating circuit of 2.5 mm and oscillating speeds between 12,000 and 26,000 per minute. Thanks to the ergonomic grip surfaces with softgrip and the additional handle, comfortable handling is guaranteed even during longer work assignments. For clean, dust-free work, the device has an integrated dust extraction system with dust bag and a 35 mm extraction adapter, to which a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can be connected. The 2-metre-long mains cable offers a large range of action.

Technical details

Amount of 120 grain sandpaper1 pcs
Amount of 60 grain sandpaper1 pcs
Amount of 80 grain sandpaper1 pcs
Power cable length2 m
Product weight1.69 Kg
Sanding pad diameter125 mm
Suction adapter diameter35 mm
Vibration circuit2.5 mm
Vibration rate max.26000 min^-1
Vibration rate min.12000 min^-1

Practical helpers for demanding sanding jobs!

Unlike conventional orbital sanders, rotary sanders have a rotating grinding disc with a round grinding plate that oscillates in a circle at the same time. This unique double movement produces excellent grinding performance with improved removal. Wood, metal or stone structures can be processed to a professional standard with the rotary sander and corresponding sand paper for a perfect sanding result.


Adjustable speed

You can adjust the speed of the grinder to suit the surface. The vibration rate ranges from 12,000 to 26,000 per minute.


Strong hook & loop connection

The sandpaper with a diameter of 125 mm can be changed quickly and easily using the micro hook and loop fastening.


Clean working space

To keep the workplace clean, a dust extraction unit is included, as well as an adapter for connection to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.


Optimal handling

The grip surfaces, which are coated with softgrip, ensure a firm grip even on complex and force-intensive projects.

Delivery with accessories

Get started right away with the powerful rotary sander!

With its 425 W motor, the Einhell rotary sander TC-RS 425 E is a powerful helper when it comes to the processing of wood and painted surfaces. So that you can get started with your first project straight away, the device is supplied with a sandpaper in each of the the grains P60, P80 and P120. Thanks to hook and loop adhesion, it is easy and quick to change between the different sandpapers.

What sanding can be carried out using a rotary sander?

The rotary sander is suitable for sanding straight or curved surfaces. It can even perform sanding with significant material removal.

Can the rotary sander also sand curved surfaces?

Yes, sanding curved surfaces is possible with this sander.

What materials can be processed with the rotary sander?

The rotary sander can be used for sanding various different materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, paints and varnishes.

What shapes is a rotary sander suitable for?

A rotary sander is particularly suitable for sanding coarse, even or curved surfaces.

Can rotary sanders work on hard-to-reach places?

No, this device is suitable for sanding surfaces, not for working on hard-to-reach places. A multi sander or delta sander is suitable for this.

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