Cordless angle grinders in use: The practical check

Whether you’re working with metal, stone or ceramic: With a handy cordless angle grinder from Einhell you can grind and cut even the hardest materials – without any annoying cables. In this blog post, we’ll present practical application options, give you tips on safe use, show you the best models and tell you what makes Einhell cordless tools so special.

Why do you need an angle grinder?

An angle grinder goes by many names among DIY enthusiasts. But whether you call it a cut‐off machine, multigrinder, a side grinder or a disc grinder, the handy machines have one thing in common: You can use them to process hard materials quickly and effectively. These universal tools are particularly important for metalworking. Sparks literally fly here!

A powerful motor inside the grinder drives a rotating disc. It is used to cut or grind your material. The highlight of the devices: Due to the compact design and the rotating disc, they not only work particularly cleanly, but also get into corners, burrs and angles. However, the angle grinder got its name for completely different reason: the angle at which you place the tool against your workpiece determines the function of the angle grinder. The steeper the angle, the coarser and more intensive the grinding result, right up to cutting. More about this in a moment!

The angle’s what counts! Depending on the angle of approach and the selected disc, an angle grinder can cut, rough or grind.

Battery-powered or corded - what's the difference?

Angle grinders are available in many different versions, from particularly compact cut‐off machines for handy use to large machines with enormously high power. Einhell also offers angle grinders with battery as well as mains operation. Let’s take a brief look at the differences:

Cordless angle grinders

No more tangled cables: battery‐powered angle grinders offer cordless freedom for all projects. The advantage of these models is clearly their ease of use. You don’t have to worry about extension cables, nor do you have to worry about accidentally cutting the cable during use. In addition, modern cordless angle grinders can now keep up with corded devices.

Angle grinders with mains connections

In contrast to models with a rechargeable battery, cut‐off machines with a mains connection often offer more power for even more demanding tasks. Especially for projects where strong materials, such as T‐beams, have to be cut, large machines with mains connection are usually currently more popular.

The advantages: Ergonomic, low‐vibration, quicker disc changes and up to 33% more power.

The advantages of the Einhell cordless angle grinder

The cordless angle grinders from Einhell are true high‐tech devices. The models belong to Power X‐Change, our universal battery system for more comfort and flexibility. A powerful lithium‐ion battery provides enough power – even for demanding work with metal or stone. We have summarised further advantages for you here:

Perfectly ergonomic

With their extremely slim design, angle grinders from Einhell offer maximum ergonomics and the low dead weight and additional handle ensure tireless working. Thanks to the decoupling of motor and gearbox, you benefit from very quiet running and low vibrations while working.

Brushless motors

All Power X‐Change devices have state‐of‐the‐art motors without carbon brushes. This innovative brushless drive technology not only provides more power, but also longer battery life and a longer service life.

Power meets safety

Overload protection, soft start and restart protection guarantee maximum safety for the user and a long service life for the angle grinder.

Quick disc replacement with quick-release nut

The cordless angle grinders of the AXXIO series and models with the suffix „Q“ in the designation are equipped with a quick‐release nut. This enables a quick, tool‐free and safe disc change. 

One battery - over 250 devices

As members of the Power X‐Change battery system, the Einhell cordless angle grinders are part of a battery platform for workshop and garden that comprises over 250 devices. The special feature: After using the angle grinder, the batteries can be used in the next garden tool with just one click. The cordless angle grinders from the Power X‐Change series are therefore available either as a complete set consisting of grinder, rechargeable battery, charger and accessories, or separately if you already have rechargeable batteries or the matching accessories at home.

The top cordless angle grinders from Einhell

Find the perfect cordless angle grinder for your application now. Our models wow with many practical features and an excellent price‐performance ratio!

These are the possibilities cordless angle grinders offer you

As already mentioned, cordless angle grinders are universal tools that make it easier for you to work with metals, iron and stone. Let's take a closer look at the individual functions:

Cutting with the cordless angle grinder

Let’s start with the most important function: Cutting metal and other hard materials. The rotating cut‐off disc of the Einhell cordless angle grinder is ideal for effortlessly cutting and separating even stone and iron or aluminium. Depending on the model and disc circumference, a cutting depth of up to 40 mm can be achieved. So you can even shorten pipes, profiles or mouldings to the perfect size.

Roughing/grinding with the cordless angle grinder

You have ugly weld seams on your workpiece? Then the roughing function of the angle grinder is the perfect solution! Choose a roughing disc that matches your material and requirements and you can simply rough away the weld seams. Make sure that the angle of the tool to the workpiece is correct to achieve the desired result.

What you should pay attention to when using them

As with all work with powerful electric tools, proper preparation is also crucial when using a cordless angle grinder. Pay particular attention to:

  • suitable protective clothing: When working with the angle grinder, it produces a lot of sparks. In addition, parts of the material to be cut are often whirled through the air. This makes suitable protective clothing made of flame-retardant material and high-quality safety goggles all the more important.
  • the right accessory: To achieve perfect results with your angle grinder, you should look for high-quality accessories from brand manufacturers that suit your application. The choice of grinding discs is particularly important. There are universal and special discs that you should choose depending on the application. Also important: Thin cutting discs must never be used for roughing!
  • the right battery: The angle grinder is a very power-intensive device. With the cordless version, you should therefore make sure that you select a battery with the appropriate power. We recommend batteries with 3 Ah or more.
Important when working with the cordless angle grinder: The right protective clothing and accessories.

Summary: Once angle grinder - countless application options

Angle grinders are particularly popular in metalworking. Whether roughing/grinding or cutting: The range of functions of these handy devices is impressive. So if you often work on hard materials such as metals, iron or stone and don’t want to be bothered with cables, you should invest in a good cordless angle grinder and high‐quality cutting or roughing discs. This way you benefit from cordless freedom for all your projects. Become a real enabler now!

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Written by Monika Aigner
Published on 08.11.2020

Monika Aigner is a Project Manager for Media & PR at Einhell. Through regular internal product training, she possesses extensive knowledge of the functionality and application of various Einhell tools and garden equipment. Combined with clear instructions, she imparts this knowledge in her blog posts.