Einhell is on tour again!

Fair of the IT-School Plattling

Only 3 days after the training fair „Bleib hier‟,  we took part in the in‐house fair of the IT school in Plattling to tell IT enthusiasts about the opportunities at Einhell Germany AG. Andrea Sporrer, Fabienne Karl, Jakob Furtner and Tobias Glashauser were our representatives in Plattling on 26.10.2021. At this point, a huge thank you to Jakob Furtner, who agreed to accompany us as an IT expert and answer questions from the students!

It was immediately visible – Einhell Germany AG really has something to offer for everyone! Both for the students who decided to train as IT specialists for application development and for the IT specialists for system integration, there was some interesting information about the respective areas in which you can be employed. In this way, we were able to convince many interested visitors that we are an attractive employer and that we have a large IT department with a wide range of tasks. We are sure that we will see some familiar faces in the applications for the internship in the last year of training at the IT school!

AuthorTobias Glashauer
Reading time5 minutes