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Whether you're building a home, want to renovate your home or need to do minor repairs. Over time, in your own four walls, tasks arise every now and then, which you can do yourself with a little manual skill and our detailed instructions and save yourself the cost of one or the other craftsmanship. How can you lay ground yourself? What must be considered when cutting tiles? How can you hang the blanket? And what to do if the tap drips? Our experts will show you in step-by-step instructions how to do these and other tasks yourself in do-it-yourself fashion.

So be a possible enabler and take things into your own hands!


Which Tools for your first own apartment?

You moved in you first apartment? We give you an overview of the tools you need in a day to day...

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to Install a Water Line

With our tips you can savely install the water line of your washing machine/dishwasher on your own.

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

Shorten Pleated Shades

Sun protection made to measure! With this guide, you can easily adjust your shades to your window.

Patrick Jung
House & Apartment  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Neatly cut tiles with the tile cutter

If you want to renovate your bathroom and lay new tiles, you can’t avoid the use of a tile cutter....

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  5 Reading Time (in Min.)

Touch up silicone joints

Old joints in the kitchen and bathroom are a nightmare to clean. They get more difficult to be...

Frank Rath
House & Apartment  •  7 Reading Time (in Min.)


On cold winter days there is nothing better than to feel the comforting warmth of a wood-burning...

Silvana Muhr
House & Apartment  •  12 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to Care for Laminate Floors

The laminate is laid and now? Anyone who has just laid a brand new laminate floor or let it be laid,...

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  8 Reading Time (in Min.)

How to lay laminate

This blog is dedicated to the topic of laying your own laminate flooring. You can find all the tools...

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  6 Reading Time (in Min.)

Checklist for laying laminate

The days when carpeting was laid in German living rooms have long gone. Laminate has now become the...

Hauke Leweling
House & Apartment  •  10 Reading Time (in Min.)